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Is supposed correct way to play warhammer of "forging the narrative" really just slamming your toys together and making fanfiction out of it?

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no the original is making fun of the people who believe it's turning kids into fascists

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The original was about Gundam.

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even the message of buy the toys is exactly the same kek

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the best way to play warhammer is to intentionally mismatch your forces and houserule your own scenarios and objectives.

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True. 50%+ of the people here don't even play 40k, they exclusively read 40k fanfiction

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>Me: In my spare time I want to craft an excellent thread that gets lots of upboats

>DM: Ok roll for it

H-h-here we go...!

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Wow, OP is crazy hetero

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violently homophobic then. possibly worse than being gay.

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Rolled 20 (1d100)


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Not here in Uganda

>> No.77872954

NAT 20!!!
Oh it's a d100

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Mole Edition

>UA: Gothic Lineages

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>77863637

How do you roleplay a character with unusual vision (tremorsense, UV/IR vision etc.)?

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Also finally the healer feat is about 50% stronger when it is used, so the inspiring leader feat might be 8.5 temporary hp at level 5 (user either has +3 or +4 in their stat) and the healer feat does 12.5 temporary HP.

So for healer to ever overtake inspiring leader you need to either not have time for 10 minute shit or you need like 10 encounters in a day, or about 6 encounters in a day if hit dice resources are strained.

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>in the 'heal' phase if players have taken damage and aren't short resting but will continue on to fight monsters.
Right, if you haven't taken damage inspiring leader is meaningless too.
>in the 'short rest' phases if players ultimately run out of hitdice
You use it instead of hitdice, because it's a resource that refreshes per short rest.

>Note that if you didn't need to use your inspiring leader on a 'heal' phase, you can use it before the short rest and have it back after the short rest while everyone is on full temp HP.
Are you actually saying inspiring leader is better in case your party takes literally no damage during an encounter? You've already used inspiring leader well before the heal phase, you don't get another use of it until the next short rest.

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>So for healer to ever overtake inspiring leader you need to either not have time for 10 minute shit or you need like 10 encounters in a day, or about 6 encounters in a day if hit dice resources are strained.
No, it doesn't matter how many encounters there are because it is identical for both inspiring leader and healer when they refresh. Which is on short rest.

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I hate to make 3 posts but correction
>you need like 10 encounters in a day, or about 6 encounters in a day if hit dice resources are strained.
I'm wrong on that
>2 uses of healer feat = 3 uses of inspiring leader at typical playing level
>need 3 uses of healer feat versus 4 uses of inspiring leader to overtake, or 2/1 uses versus 2/1 uses
>This means that if hit dice resources are strained and there is time for 10 minutes you need at least 4+ encounters during which players spend all their hitdice and between which players need healing

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>You apply inspiring leader in the mornings (remember, players spend 8 hours sleeping and can only march for so many hours, players almost always have time to prepare in the mornings and recharge inspiring leader, so not only will players have temp HP but your inspiring leader will still be usable), always. So you always get one use of inspiring leader.
At this moment you also regain your uses of the healer feat, meaning you can heal whenever you need to. If you didn't need to heal before the next short rest, guess what- you didn't use those inspiring leader temporary hit points either- your use is wasted. I really don't follow what you're trying to say here, because whenever you'd have inspiring leader available, you'd have healer available and vice versa.

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Go to https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html

Give your current game a Novel Cover

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Game 2

>> No.77874575


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No non-frens Zone Edition


>Current meta, complete with deck list

>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

Your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters


What under the radar cards do you think will emerge in the new meta?

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Why would they throw rocks if being called rock throwing is shameful or offensive to them?

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Shit taste.
Have you ever considered that the problem is people that have a problem with that?

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You have no idea.
I run a server, the amount of trons that dm me asking for pronouns roles, or rules or "friendly reminders" to the members to add their pronouns to their names is increasing by the month.
I normally tell them it's up to the user and that giving people pronoun roles is disrespectful to genderfluid users and that's been keeping them at bay for now, but eventually one of them will address it out in the open and I'll have to navigate that fucking shit.

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Unban soon?

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Ah yes, the age old debate. Who is the problem, the shitposter, or the one who gives them (you)s? If you remove either there would be no shitposting.

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Dont let the thread die Edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database
>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>Thread question
What new or returning faction would you add to your favorite Grand Alliance

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That's what I mean though. It'll probably be quite fun, worth a go for a few hours, but it's unfortunately probably not going to break 40k into the mainstream and redefine GW in the eyes of the public or anything "massive" like suggested.

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>well made shooter
Lol no it's subpar in every regard but visuals

>> No.77878572

BASED retard. Those are the 'mirror' ones.

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Weapons were impactful, mission layout was fun, it was good with friends. It was as close to 40k L4D before Darktide. As I said, the issue was weapons. Plus not enough variety of opponents. Music, visuals, sound, weapon feel were all great. But each their own.

>> No.77878648

>Weapons were impactful
It's literally the opposite. What game did you play? Do you even play other video games and have no point of reference to compare shooters to?

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>Raphael and Michael show up all the time
>Ezekiel shows up sometimes
>Metatron shows up never, and no humans are named after him

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>Accepting Adam
It's more to do with accepting the fact that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity would assume a human nature over an angelic nature and in turn rule over the angels as King with His human mother as Queen. It is the greatest imaginable injury to pride for a being that is the highest on the "natural" hierarchy (why Jesus calls Satan "the Lord of the World") to be ruled over by something that is infinitely inferior according to the human nature. It is as if you yourself were told that an ant or an earthworm is your master, king, and creator whom you owe complete allegiance and servitude.

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You trolling?

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I thought the whole rebel angels thing was made up in Paradise Lost and therefore non-canon. Or is this one of those things that just bled in to canon cos everyone assumed it was?

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Satan is a different entity. After the fall of Man from Eden he is the demiurgical figure that was given control of Earth & tasked with keeping humanity. All the floods & pillars of salt are him trying to get humans to do the fight thing by force. Then Jesus comes to make salvation straight forward & easier cause humans are terrible are following rules (just look at Moses). Basically Satan's job given to him by God to prove/disprove if Humanity is worth it. Sort of like a literal Devils Advocate for Lucifer

>> No.77879238

Satan is actually just a guy named Stan from the quality control department. Someone misspelled his name in a memo.

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Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Belli where real men don't play by Anime Rules

>Last Video:
https://youtu.be/4_jSjpt_USI [Embed]

>All the rules are for free. Buying books is only relevant for fluff:

>General FAQs (read this if you want to try this game):

>Rundown (game and factions):

>Semi-unofficial catalogue of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Unit Dossiers Archive

>Plebian's video on how to play by intent:
https://youtu.be/Nu1tLHGGDp4 [Embed]

>Rules Wiki

>Infinity N4 Rules
>CodeOne Rules (Infinity-lite for beginners)

>Official Army Builders:

>Terrain 101 (new and improved!):

>Hacking Helper

>released RPG books (+ a couple of rulebook scans)

>Comlog, missions app

>New ITS Season 1
missions and rules:

Previous Camo Marker

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Nah, onyx.

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>Anyone excited for Kosmoflot releases whenever they come out?

Kosmosoldat is Cheese with a capital C, so I can't wait for their sculpts. Varangians are also high on the list and I hope they don't screw up the scots. Kosmoflot could reignite my interest in Ariadna after a lackluster TAK release, so I'm hoping for the best.

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Quoted By: >>77879090

Tak>cosmotrash, faggot. Stick to nomads.

>> No.77878918

Only two things in Flot that deserves waiting are Zenit and Kosmosoldat.

>> No.77879090

you can't go more wrong than that

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>the local goblins have decided to begin recording their obnoxious public harassment against everyone
>when pressed, they insist that it is only a prank and everyone is taking it too seriously

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Fuck you, that river is better than ever now that skin has been introduced into the ecosystem.

>> No.77872615

I'm going to assume that's was a typo and call you a dumb bastard anyway

>> No.77873062

Are you serious? That river will never be the same, and no one can enjoy it now. Not like that.

What they did was a crime against nature.

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Fuck them up, no one messes with my skub, I'll even stab a few myself

>> No.77875185

Where did they even get their hands on that horrible stuff? Fucking wizards just always leave their shit lying around.

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Is there any bigger mistake with a new player than expecting them to make their own character?

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I mean, I sometimes like to purposefully gimp myself in games where I COULD powergame, but would rather not.
Like if it's a system I know well, and would rather just mess around and have fun than try to be any good. Like D&D, I could care less if I'm good at D&D and if I get bored, I'll just try to get killed with them.

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He wants to play it because it sounds fun to him. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. Interrogating someone's fun is a long road that takes you nowhere fast

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>Why yes gentlemen, I make all my new players go through a process more vigorous than a job interview before they can join my illustrious campaign
>They can make their own character after they EARN that right. Until then I have a selection of male human fighters to choose from
>I should also mention that my original setting is humans only and very historically accurate. >But don't fret, there are still fantastical creatures, they're all evil though. None of that anime monster girl bullshit
>What system you ask? Well I ah, started in Pathfinder, but I've um, been working on a 5e port
>How's the game going? I mean, you uh, know how it is. I gotta filter through the rabble before I can get things started for real. My roommate said he was interested a few months ago, but I had to turn him down cause he wanted to play an Orc, fucking freakshits...

>> No.77875260

If you have an entire group of players new to a system, a one-shot with premade characters is a no brainer. Anything else is asking for trouble, and you can always just keep going with the premades if people get attached to them.

>> No.77875941

Sure. Being OP of a weak bait thread

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What's the most foul, just downright disgusting magic of all?

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>> No.77878850

Jewish qabbalism, with its torture of infants, etc.

>> No.77878870
Quoted By: >>77878965 >>77879084


Wouldn't shit be a pretty poor material to make a golem out of what with it being flammable and uneven in quality to make a consistent entity out of

>> No.77878965
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but imagine how it would affect the enemies morale
they will be too busy trying not to puke to attack the golem

>> No.77879084

Golems don't feel pain, so before it dies you still have a flaming shit golem trying to give you a great big hug.
I don't know what burning shit smells like, but I can't imagine it's a nice smell.

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Quoted By: >>77871597 >>77872298

Why is “modern” fantasy almost always set on IRL earth? It nearly always seems to be

>Our world + Superheroes


>Stereotypical fantasy fast forwarded to our world

>> No.77871597

It probably has something to do with readers and viewers being able to relate to the human element of the story. With out Earth, there’s no humanity, and without humanity, why should we care?

>> No.77872298

Because it's really difficult to construct a believable modern fantasy world due to the immense impact that ubiquitous magic and fantasy species would have.

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Have you ever played tabletop with your parents? How did it go?

I did it last night and had a surprisingly good time. It was chaotic and unfocused, but fun.

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>> No.77877515

>if you think they weren’t great players
I don’t, I had a great time running a game for them, that’s why I made this thread.

>> No.77877730

Man, this sounds fucking cozy. Your dad was great.

>> No.77877731

Did you inherit his chest? I wish my dad just did his god damned job of raising my sisters and I.

>> No.77877894

I did and its shit. My dad is terrible with game rules and basically the only game he can play is chutes and ladders. My mom will bitch and moan that something is too complicated because its not clue or monopoly and accuse you of cheating even if you explained that you can do the thing before. For me its not worth it.

>> No.77877933

You are blessed and your dad sounds amazingly based. I hope this is a true story, man.

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Quoted By: >>77878064

Can we have a Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok thread?

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Doesn't the game actually kind of suck? I haven't heard good things.

>> No.77872708

That font is godawful but the art is gorgeous

>> No.77874871

bump before going to bed.

>> No.77877193


>> No.77878064

A long time ago I stripped the watermarks off of this.

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>Tiny Dragon King charges Tiny Dragon Knight to slay a normal sized human that's been attacking the peasants livestock and now has kidnapped the Tiny Dragon Princess.

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Quoted By: >>77871362

Yes. He also wears a wingsuit and uses lighters and bug spray to simulate firebreathing.

>> No.77871362
Quoted By: >>77871388

why are humans such massive jews?

>> No.77871388
Quoted By: >>77871436 >>77871489

Only chromatic humans. Metallic humans are based.

>> No.77871436

>Chromatic humans
>Metallic humans

>> No.77871489


but to me, all humans are the same. (would the equilivent of tiamet have 1 black, 1 white, i east asian, 1 Native American, and 1 west asians representing the chromatic colored humans?)

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A simple fun thread I might do every so often just to get my own creative juices flowing. Basically, I'll post about a series of potential mechanics that other anons can post suggestions for while other anons argue if it would be "fun" and I'll compile and write them down. Next time I do this thread, I'll post our glorious results. Ready?

Game topic this thread: Wargame

First Question: What is the setting and what type of dice is it going to be based on (d4, d6, d10 etc. etc.)?

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It should have the option between alternate activations and I go you go
Probably an action you can do is a move, an attack (long ranged or melee), a charge, and a call for reinforcements at the end.

>> No.77872177
Quoted By: >>77875600

early, mid, or late 19th century russia, and what part of russia? those are all very different settings.
I vote for somewhere in the russian countryside during the mid century, you play as either an agrarian populist or a slavophile competing to organize the obshchina

>> No.77875600

What about the eastern parts of russia? The frontier, colonizing the lands of the steppe people.

>> No.77875654

what kind of game are you supposed to play in the cold motherland? if combat is a big part of the game then why? do we expect characters to hunt? fight people? fight the supernatural?

>> No.77875709

I’m about 3/4 of the way through War and Peace right now so this is VERY interesting to me

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Do you use Facebook for /tg/-related needs? Apparently swapping wargaming bits, finding RPG group members, etc is pretty popular on there. But, not being a boomer, I stopped using the site a decade ago. Is it worth getting back into? Have you used it for anything helpful?

pic is most recent Facebook image I could find on my HDD

>> No.77871167

Without Facebook I'm not sure how to even find local wargaming groups. Discord maybe?

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>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

File: 200KiB, 730x400, Bill and Ted.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77870719 No.77870719 [Reply] [Last 50] [Original]

Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77868509

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>> No.77878090

The elf furry is androgynous but looks less like a girl than Misurn, only his human form is manly desu.
Most female elves look more obviously like women too.

>> No.77878093

New Thread

>> No.77878105

Damn... you're right. Guess I love western cartoon art style now.

>> No.77878148


You guys have just bumped Dungeon Menshi up to the top of my list.

Just have to finish Dorohedoro first and then Children of the Whales and BLAME! can wait.

>> No.77878881

I've made an honest attempt to grind through its entirety but boy, am I tired after page one. Not sure if it's the content with all the rules and lexicon being relatively demanding to brainpower, or me being a readlet, or mostly just tired.
So far I'd go with Internal Refinement - Indolent Dog - Combat Experience. Essentially the plain RPG trope, but at least there are no surprises, you're in control of the cultivation pacing, and the downsides don't seem that jarring. Guess I'll check out the rest and make a proper build some time later.

File: 6MiB, 1x1, Jumpchain.pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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>> No.77876656
Quoted By: >>77876736

>shilling yourself

So you'll let us turn the whole moon into a rape camp, yes?

>> No.77876681
File: 480KiB, 1625x1632, The local level of amorality is getting too high.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77876736 >>77876783

Man that is gonna be great. I really love the book.
And bringing Plagueis with me will also be really fun, bringing him to places like bleach has been really stuck in my head since i found this pic and now both jumps i need to do it will exist.

>> No.77876736

That's your prerogative, Anon. Try not to invite anyone who will have you killed before the prosecution offers a plea deal

That's almost as horrific an idea as the EpsteinAnon's I just responded to, but I wholeheartedly support you introducing the two of them. Make sure to writefag about it

>> No.77876783

Now I want to see a team of them, jumper and six others like them doing wonderful things.

>> No.77876840

Are there any resurrections spells or potion in the Disgaea jump?

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What type of character would you guys make from this picture? I’m really like this picture for whatever reason and have been trying to think of ways I would put it into 5e, because that’s the only thing my friends will play. My first thoughts are a war forged wizard, with one level in fighter for heavy armor and martial weapons. I’m curious what other would do though.

>> No.77870798

keep it simple OP, either warforged eldritch knight or, if your DM will allow it, warforged bladesinger. also post this in the 5e general next time

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Yesterday I was going through random pages on 1d4chan and ran into this https://1d4chan.org/wiki/DnD_God_Creation_Table and thought it was rad but the fact it only had seventy domains instead of a clean one-hundred bothered me so I made this PDF. After that, I realized it was pointless if I kept it in a PDF instead of sharing it (You). It also hasn't been rolled on yet, so if you guys want to be the first, can you give me a 1d6 for our deity's number of domains?

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>> No.77874362
Quoted By: >>77875171

You mean brilliant. You made my ripoff nine-page PDF into an /aesthetic/ one-page table, and I can't thank you enough.

Man that's cool. I really appreciate it dude, I'll share it in the other thread. I hadn't realized there was one, otherwise I would've posted the PDF there instead of starting a new thread entirely and sliding the catalog.

>> No.77875171
Quoted By: >>77875508

Np, always a pleasure to help my roll table bros

>> No.77875218
Quoted By: >>77875508

Thanks, what about one for pantheons as a whole?

>> No.77875508
Quoted By: >>77877707

You're a legend M8. I started a quest on >>>/qst/ using it as the OP and taking the results rolled for in that thread if you might be interested, but I don't dare to post a link to it anywhere here.

That's a really good idea, maybe I should do something like that. I remember this
which isn't quite the same as a roll table.

>> No.77877707

>That's a really good idea, maybe I should do something like that
I am glad that you think that the idea was good, and hope that you do so please.

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Finally a rank and flank game that does not just try copying Warhammer Fantasy for once.

How does /tg/ feel about Conquest?

>> No.77871121
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How's the main manual? does it has cool illustrations and lore or is it all rules and shit?

>> No.77871416

I'm currently learning this and will try to have my first game soon.

The rules are free and the rule book has illustrations.

I was iffy about the model scale at first (the average trooper is a little taller than a primaris), but having larger details makes things easier to paint, so it's kinda growing on me. It does mean that proxying/converting is harder since very few other minis are in the same scale.

The materials they use are good. Quality white resin and good hard plastics. I will leave you to form your own opinion about the sculpts themselves.

Maybe I will talk more about the game if this thread is still up in a day or two and I've played a proper round.

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Would you play in an all-Leprechaun party? What sorts of adventures would you go on? What system would capture the feel of Leprechauns?

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Pic related is a sourcebook for basic dnd which has stats for Leprechaun PCs as well as a dozen or so other woodland creatures like brownies, faeries, selkies, treants, pookas, hsiaos, dryads, and more

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