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Is there any interest in westerns these days? What are the best games set in the old west?

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Deadlands is the ur-example.

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get D6 Adventure and make your own perfect-to-your-tastes western.

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Aces and Eights is insanely based

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My group I'm DM'ing for are getting fairly high level (highest level player being level 6) and i'm thinking about sending the group into barovia and play through curse of strahd. Were a 3.5 group and i do like the adventure they written and have begun to rework it for 3.5

That being said after reading through the module I noticed Strahd isn't that evil or unreasonable especially compared with his replacements and some would be "allies" the players can work with. My group is pretty varied in alignments so it's entirely possible they end up working for him (or they split off and do so on their own) and the module says for me to flat out punish them for doing so.

Outside of the opening of the book saying "Strahd is bad and should be hated" what can I do as a GM to make Strahd more compelling to work against without making him become stupid evil? And if players do end up working with him should I let them do so without "punishing" them like the module suggests?

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ther eis an english prince right now who is also a duke but everyone calls that faggot prince.

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You can still make him absolutely hated by the players while still retaining evil cunning and subtlety.

It was to my understanding going over the original module that they didn't emphasize the reasons why the players should hate strahd, He's prideful and the traps in the castle are annoying to parties sure but that doesn't make him anymore unlikeable then any other big bad it's the outside material like I, Strahd and COS that makes it this way. Maybe they do in the 3e rendition (i'm going over it now) and regardless of whether im adapting the COS or not for my version I do want that to be a part of it for the players to be happy they finally killed the bastard but I also want to be smart about this since this isn't strahd's first rodeo against adventurers and he's been playing this game a long ass time.

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We suggested Tatyana commit suicide and then mocked Strahd when she actually did it

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Right but he did not say "call me duke" now did he? he did not take the title he was given it.

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That would be hilarious to have in a flashback or add as some old journal excerpt of one of the original servants.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77898686

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please do

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Magical guns are gay! Magical swords are superior!

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Either my phone/computer or my plushies i have been too obstinate to let go of them. (Including the lost ones as i miss them too)

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t. Tok

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JUST edition

>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

>Join the lichess team:

Previous thread:

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>had to work pretty hard to get my rating up to 1400, know it's still bad but feeling like I'm playing almost competent chess for the first time
>play someone 20pts higher rated who has like 650 games
>they blunder a piece on move 4 and then play even more stupid shit from then on
Well now I think I'm still miles away from leaving the blundering idiot zone

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Lads, dont forget about the rapid tourney its starting in 2 and a half hours.

Password: JeromeGambitOP

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weekend players are weaker than weekday ones of the same rating from what I've noticed
No actual data on this but it's an observable phenomenon in other games too

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yes, he mentioned it when talking about orthodox christmas

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does anybody in here play on chess24? Is the subscription worth it? How are the learning materials?

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Stormtrooper > Scion Edition


>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXP8OZ4zS74 [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread:

How much homebrew do you allow in your games? Are you a straight-by-the-book-fag?

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I just ordered myself a Mortian tank, looks good. What am I in for?

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ordered from alph, SPTKS, Z and a few others recently and alph was literally worse than Z

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Already trimmed the top of the spike and glued it, learning experience.

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i'd just paint it super weathered at that point

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It fits well with primaris marines

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should I write my session recaps in present or past tense?
Session 10: "The Group went to the dragons lair where they found a hoard of treasure, but it was trapped!"
Session 10: "The group goes to the dragon's lair, but finds a trap!"

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No reason to. I gave up on writing session summaries because no one fucking read them and I had to do session recaps verbally at the beginning of game night anyway.

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having it written down helps me do the verbal recap, personally

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I used to write football recaps, and sometimes you're writing as if in the moment, "he follows his blockers around the right, cuts back, bounces off a tackle. HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY! He scooooores!". But then the next paragraph is where you waited until after the game and to see some defensive stats, and you write it as past tense, "The defense had problems all day. When they were giving too much against the run, the brought their safety into the box, but every time, it seemed that's when the quarterback went over the top to burn them."

You end up going back and forth between past and present tense, and if you are good at what you do, you notice the change and get irritated by it. So you know what? You should just make a note of it at the top, that the tense changes depending on the immersion and emotion, and leave them both. The important and fun thing is that you did it.

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I do it in the style of “FRIENDS”

> ex: “The session where Damon gave a group of guards proctology exams with a +1 Sword”

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no you idiot, make the players do it. have the elevator pitch to jog their memory, then let them describe how they saw your game, as well as being able to correct any misconceptions they had. plus their trite and shitty retelling of your bs stories will remind you that you're not a storyteller, but a ref and setup man.

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When exactly did /tg/ become so god damned horney for Goblin Women?

and why?

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Congratulations anon. You awakened.

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Nah, a lot of it starts to drift into fetish territory after a while. I have closed these threads mid-wank after seeing things that make no sense. I still like this goblin though

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I'm not sure, for Kobolds I feel it had to do largely with the lore stating "kobolds shamelessly reproduce" but it also states that their females choose mates based on practical measures rather than lust or love. I don't know if this had any obvious effect when it was released back in 2006 when we didn't have a larger internet presence as we do now or when the Kobold look wasn't so colorful or soft.

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I think it’s a socioeconomic thing, people feel resource-insecure because of being precarious proletariat in a collapsing system so their breeder-brain flips the BIG FAT TIDDIES switch

I can only get off to well-written erotica

>> No.77906224

I'm not asexual lol I'm as horny as any other guy

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Is going for clichés and obvious ripoffs a better alternative than trying to make an original setting? It might not be as fulfilling but it seems easier to tell someone "oh this place looks like that zelda dungeon put is filled with monsters that look like from demons from game X".

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I flip-flop on my preference constantly, I just love both novel weird fantasy and tropes and cliches and classic fantasy aesthetic

>> No.77905084

No, it's just easier.

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some tropes are actually archtypes.
others are media garbage

>> No.77905220

There's room for cliches in an original setting. Original doesn't mean totally unknown and drastically different from all fantastical media. The Elder Scrolls setting might be quite off the wall, but there was still the backstabbing nobility of Daggerfall, the not!Roman Emperor and his legions, the quintessential Paladin character (being a robot from the future is irrelevant), a pantheon of gods, vikings, araby, and many other easily digested bits that are enough for even the most unfamiliar players to make a character for.

Your example is bad. Obviously, but there's a way to compare it to something without being so basic. Let's say you have this complete and total Yharnam ripoff. You'd actually describe it. Sharp spires dot the skyline like the canopy of a pine forest, the streets are fashioned of impressively laid cobblestone and rest far above any natural ground. Laying across the sidewalks are caskets and hearses, most of them strangely empty save for an aroma of death which still lingers. Something like that. It's totally Yharnam, but you don't say Yharnam. It could be Prague during a Plague, or something like that. You just don't say it's Yharnam, because that would make the whole experience feel as shallow as the references you're making.

>> No.77906164

there's nothing original, clich´s work for a reazon
don't try to invent black thread

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>technology is used as a channel to use electricity instead of mana to power spells
Any ideas for decent technobabble on how that would work?

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Its called Vril and its all around you.

>> No.77912983

Read the Laundry Files by Charles Stross. Tl;dr: Math is magic, and computers are real good at the more esoteric calculations.

>> No.77912994

Magic must obey the conservation of energy, if you want to produce a fireball you must find or harvest an equivalent amount of energy from something else. The part that makes it magic is that it can bend or break other physical laws, and doesn't require mechanism or chemical reaction to be produced.
Electricity and means of storing electricity become useful because they can be compact sources of incredibly concentrated energy. So say you're in a siege and you want to ignite the defender's wooden fortifications, or hurl exploding balls of magical napalm over their walls or something like that. Normally what you'll do is start up a huge ass bonfire from which your siege mages can draw their power from, or, once you've figured out electricity, you can use a huge ass battery. Or visa-versa, summon magic from a source to convert it at 100% efficiency into electrical potential, or use the very rare font of natural magical energies to transform into electricity to power civilization, or the reverse, turn huge amounts of natural energy like lightning strikes or forest fires into concentrated magical power.

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Quoted By: >>77914838

>Magic is a product of something moving in particular patterns through a particular medium.
Interesting, so, could you create a magical circuit by arranging the plumbing in certain patterns then?

>> No.77914838

Yeah, thats why steam power was a thing. But water impurities and pipe corrosion/failure can fuck up your spell, so it got a reputation of unreliability. Wire works better, but not checking it for wear and tear can cause issues.

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we need to go back

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Sometimes I forget that 90% of Ultramarines should not wear golden trims on their pauldrons.

>> No.77914852

This guy gets it.

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He looks much better now.

>> No.77914977

Back to the past
Samurai Jack

>> No.77915003

>Taste this objectively shit

I'm sure you love the new hasbro art

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This is the best SW ttrpg in existence if not the best system, period.
You cant tell me otherwise /tg/

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They never admitted it. But there was at least a couple of articles where they basically advised you to use X-Wing instead.

>> No.77907891

Having played that one, West End, and the FFG one, I like FFG the most.

>> No.77908082

>blocks your path

>> No.77909612

Ffg games fucking blow. EoE is souless tripe

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I kejiggered this into a D&D system with the five core classes being Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Mage, and Adventurer. Prestige classes were Arcane Archer, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spellblade, and Wizard.

Then I made a Kingdom Hearts splat that added the Keyblade Wielder and Dragoon prestige classes. Dragoon was fun as fuck, it’s core mechanic was very simple: any movement you made could be horizontal or vertical. Simple as.

The Kingdom Hearts campaign I ran was fun as Hell, too. I crossed it over with a bunch of non-Disney stuff; the main villain was the Pagemaster, who was also Rasputin.

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Quoted By: >>77906060 >>77907883

Anybody has any experience in playing this ? I've been trying to run it as a DM because I needed something quick and easy for tactical combat to run as a boardgamey thing.
However, I've grown steadily more disillusioned with it, and pretty fast. There are some problems I have with the way the game scales, with enemies not scaling and you as a DM only being able to scale the number of enemies to match the powerlevel of the characters (which makes fights extremely long and not particularly fun), but what I really want to talk about is the balance. I've had issues with a player doing two builds, one being a chains of calamity focused ardent and the other being a Hex : Antagonize focused Invoker. Both these builds shit out outrageous amounts of piercing damage, killing normally very durable mobs in two rounds and sometimes even one with party synergies, essentially turning combat into rocket tag. Anybody has ran into these issues with this game ? How did you address them ? I'm this close to giving up on it, it's not very fun the way it is now.

>> No.77906060
Quoted By: >>77907671

never heard of it but the art is enough for me to pass.

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Anon, There's something you should see...

>> No.77907883

Stfu bro the kickstarter is over, no more shill k?

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Quoted By: >>77915238

All reptilians should be objectively evil and players encouraged to kill them at all times per the tradition of sword and sorcery.

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Virgin detected.

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>*s*ng *st*r*sks m*k*s m* c**l

>> No.77914971

Because you're a faggot.

>> No.77915197

>Howard was straight up 'I will judge you on your actions rather than your being' to the greatest extent he could be

Ah, see, that's meritocracy, and that's rayciss and huwite supremacist because for neomarxist CRT fucks, hard work doesn't matter, only skin color does.

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Jellico Cat edition

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-Homebrew Collection
-PDF Collection

/stg/ Other RPGs (Previous Licensed, Unlicensed, and Third Party)

Star Trek: Attack Wing
-Official WizKids Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Fleet Captain
-Official WizKids Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Ascendancy
-Official Gale Force Nine Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected

/stg/ Homebrew Content

Thread Topic: Why are the Maki always fifteen minutes late to work?

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>two images imply avatar use
>still trying to hook off failed bait

>> No.77912764
Quoted By: >>77913017

It's fine. During the war a Breen patrol detected human lifesigns and one-shot nuked it from orbit. No survivors.

>> No.77913017

I like to think that they tried to hold things together but without their cult leader they grew dissatisfied, the people became unruly, and eventually a Starfleet mission to check up on them discovered fifteen corpses crammed into the box in a last ditch attempt at maintaining order and discipline. The survivors weren't prosecuted, rather they were given grief counseling because that's the Federation is about mercy, yo. They later heard about these Maquis dudes making a go at the hard life and joined up just two days before Dukat signed the paperwork joining the Dominion and the Maquis were introduced to the Jem'Hadar about 36 hours later.

I mean same net result and there's a lot more steps here, but it's somehow far more satisfying and frankly realistic since few cults of personality can survive the removal of the personality. I mean I heard that one sex cult Nexium or whatever still had the chick from Smallvillle setting up shop near the prison and supposedly former cult members have been rumored to gather there, to be near their glorious prophet, etc etc.

>> No.77914054

Everything including and after the cage clipshow 2 parter is not canon

>> No.77914647

To be fair, when applied reasonably it’s not a bad idea, exposing primitive cultures to 24th century tech before they are ready could result in catastrophic culture shock and trying to affect an internal conflict based on, what? A 5 minute exposition dump and half a day of observation? Yeah, that could easily end with you making things even worse and on top of that drag more star fleet resources to go fixing your ill-informed decision and likely make even more poor decisions in the process. Sometimes it’s just better to let these people work it out themselves and come back when their house is in better order.

It’s really only the episodes where they follow the prime directive dogmatically that it gets infuriating. Especially since better episodes have shown that there is room for discretion in unusual or extreme situations. Like, averting a natural or cosmic disaster that the natives have no way of stopping themselves is one case where risking culture shock is acceptable because then it’s a choice of “altering their civilization” and “watching their entire species go extinct” even more so if the disaster can be averted without direct contact with the locals. Or meddling in a civil war when the participants are actively dragging starfleet into it, like kidnapping starfleet officers or attacking federation freighters. Then you should have some latitude to use your best judgement.

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Hey worldbuilders,
If anyone is interested in a Wiki-like worldbuilding tool, I just released Nebulous v3.0 (www.patreon.com/nebulous_interactive) and now it is completely free!
With Nebulous you can:

Create and shape fictional universes

Organize your ideas in a visually pleasing medium

Navigate the lore through Auto-Highlighted Links

Import your current works with ease (.xls import)

Compile your creations into a book (.doc & .xls export)
Hope you enjoy it!

Also, feel free to ask for new features, I'd like to develop it further.

Content Credits in the demo: HP Lovecraft & lovecraft.fandom.com

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>> No.77910201
Quoted By: >>77911372 >>77913638

Nice OP, this looks really promising. There aren't a lot of locally stored options for this kind of thing, I'm currently using Zim, which has all the features I could want, but the presentation is pretty lacking. I love the overall layout of the UI and the way pages look with your tool.

Something I feel it is missing (although, I'm basing this on using it for about 5 minutes, so if I'm wrong about anything, my bad) is a lot of text formatting options. Things like bold, italics, etc, but more importantly the ability to change text size to use as paragraph headings. Being able to use bullet points and indentation would be really useful too. Another feature that I'd love to see is the ability to create tables.

>> No.77911372
Quoted By: >>77913638

Scanned it with several malware detection tools, no pings. Looks safe, but check for yourself before trusting me because I'm anonymous, obviously.

Usage is fairly intuitive and I like the ergonomic colour scheme and UI. Automated hyperlinking is very helpful, and export tools are a nice touch.

I like it. Only thing I can think of to make it better is some better text formatting like >>77910201 said.

>> No.77911414
Quoted By: >>77913638

being able to nest categories would be nice.

>> No.77913638
Quoted By: >>77914497

OP here, thanks guys, the prominent hook so far seems to be the UI desin, cool!

And I noted the following requests:
- Nested categories
- Local text formatting (might be hard to reconcile with global font & color settings, but I shall try)
- Option to place images in between the text

?t might be a while but, be on the lookout for v3.1

>> No.77914497

No worries dude, you done good
One other thing: Being able to caption images, maybe.

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Quoted By: >>77913188

>the local lord (demon) knows that she can't win in a fight against the party and values her life more than her pride and dignity
>so she promises to surrender if you find a way to make her harmless that doesn't killing or imprisoning her

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>> No.77909600

Passchendaele(2008), it's a Canadian war movie about that battle

>> No.77909705
Quoted By: >>77911774

>has all her powers
>simply waits until your party is in mortal combat
>goes mental mode and finishes you all off

>> No.77911728

You can't be evil and harmless at the same time. Evil requires you to do evil things.

>> No.77911774

If it's going to kill us, it will kill her.
If tired party can make her fear for her life, well rested party will as well.

>> No.77913188
File: 43KiB, 600x821, boner is out of control call an ambulance.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Enslave Demon
>Dress her up as a maid, and make her fulfill her "full" duties as such

File: 555KiB, 1127x1600, 9CEDA35F-DEDB-49E1-8680-6B94ABCEF496.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>77905558 >>77909012

What are some good DnD oneshots from dragon magazine?

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>> No.77905558

you just know?

>> No.77906430
Quoted By: >>77907155

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites by the look of it.

>> No.77907155

Yeah, it’s good, there was even a Hellboy crossover.

>> No.77909012


Our favorite was "City Beyond the Gate", I think it was Dragon #100

>> No.77910121

Fascinated by how much you fucked up this name.

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So besides Kobolds, Goblins, and Orcs, are there any other fantasy races that would likely rely on swarm tactics to defeat their adversaries?

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>> No.77904668
Quoted By: >>77904720

Gully Dwarves, anon. From Dragonlance?

>> No.77904720
Quoted By: >>77904836

>Gully Dwarves
Ah! Okay.

>> No.77904836

See, like goblins, they don't have much else going for them. I never understood why gully dwarves got canceled, is it perception of prejudice against the mentally challenged?

>> No.77905112
Quoted By: >>77905676

You could make a homebrewed Myconid race that grow exclusively from rotting flesh. They range from the height and size of a dwarf's leg to an ogre, and are composed of the remains that they grew from like a frankenshroom. Fairly weak alone, infact an entire level 3 party could take on the biggest the species has to offer without a problem, but you have to completely destroy the fungus with fire or else they just start breaking off into smaller Myconids.

>> No.77905676

>You could make a homebrewed
Well that comes next, but first I wanted to see what already existed, as reference.

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What's to stop an evil wizard from teleporting rampaging elephants in the midst of an enemy formation, or behind enemy lines for that matter?

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>> No.77906219
Quoted By: >>77906906

Have you ever played a wargame?

>> No.77906906

no, because I want to win

>> No.77907219

>You need a very powerful wizard that is deeply versed in the arts of teleportation
>you need to prepare the teleportation ritual without teleportation circle (takes time)
>you have to correctly pinpoint the location where they are supposed to appear, without anything but a vague visual indication
>no other spellcaster must notice you, or they could counterspell

For the sheer amount of effort, time and skill required, it simply isnt worth it.

>> No.77907459
File: 69KiB, 1152x623, DnD Spell.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Or, you know, you could just use the spells that are already there

>> No.77909046
File: 7KiB, 175x289, scipio africanus.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Gaps in the line hidden by carefully placed maniples of skirmishers.

File: 428KiB, 915x1000, 636252776953634777.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77903173 No.77903173 [Reply] [Original]

I need minions for an ettin fight.
What little creatures could fill out a fight against a CR4 monster?

players are lvl 3, so only a few, very very weak enemies

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>> No.77909495

why isint this in the 5e general?

>> No.77910011

Bouncing off this idea, it has goblins that are tied together, three legged race style. Should any one goblin die or get untied, the Ettin will see it as an enemy.

In addition, clever players can tie themselves together to avoid its wrath.

>> No.77910072

Take something smaller and about the appropriate challenge, switch its abilities for a weaker version of the ettins, and have its little brother visiting.

>> No.77910165

if your fine with the minions being more "tactical" 2-4 hobgoblins would be good minions, they have decent gear and are fairly smart would make sense for them to work with a ettin to accomplish a goal requiring brute force.

>> No.77910581

Do they necessarily have to be his minions?
What if he is hunting something to eat and the party stumbles upon the ettin and some other creature quarreling, and both turn their gaze on the adventurers?
And that way if the ettin gets to be too tough you have a conditional ally in that the thing the ettin was already fighting will spare the party once it realizes it's no threat to it but the ettin still is.

File: 945KiB, 1250x675, crystal street.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77903165 No.77903165 [Reply] [Original]

Are your markets and bazaars cool?

File: 304KiB, 512x455, CCain.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77903013 No.77903013 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77913225

>Be second lieutenant, Imperial guardsman aboard the Enduring Justice above the tomb world of Wolimox 5.
>Just finished getting my fellow guardsmen lined up in the staging area before we were to be deployed as a supplementary force to assist a team of tech priests to retrieve some long lost relic.
>Thats when I saw the man himself, Commissar Cain.
>Rumor was the lord commander himself had insisted the commissar oversee the operation on the ground given his past exploits and reknown leadership in previous campaigns.
>Supposedly the commissar had insisted that he wasn't worthy of the honor but his lordship insisted harder to the contrary. That Cain sure is humble bastard.
>That was when the men behind me began to chant, as they'd just caught sight of commissar themselves.
>"CI-CI-CIAPHAS CAIN! HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!" The chant rang loud, competing with the idling dropship engines.
>This outburst caught the ear of commissar and he turned to face my regiment. Usually one might fear a reprimand for speaking out of turn let alone calling out to a commissar in such an undisciplined manner.
>Yet, the commissar merely shot the men a salute and continued on his way towards his personal dropship.
>The men let out a cheer at the commissar's aknowledgement and I had little doubt that if given the order the men would have happily charged an ork warcheif if the commissar had commanded it.
>One thing I noticed, the commissar had been shaking as he'd given the salute. One might have mistaken such a tremble for fear but we all knew it was not fear but eageness to fulfill the emperor's will.
>If only I were as eager and brave in the face of death as him...

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>> No.77913194

Good video but I can't go back to tts anymore. The whole Warhams streams they did killed it for me. Warhammer's fun and all but I can't keep up with the the crack addict internet humor anymore that the current community is full of

>> No.77913225

Drop dead TTS faggot

>> No.77913337

What? This is exactly how the books read out. You aren't even a secondary.

>> No.77913368

Cain does have genuine moments of heroism, he's just so absorbed in the lie he's living that he doesn't notice it himself.

Flashman, from what I've heard, is actually just a prick in comparison.

>> No.77915289
File: 90KiB, 500x494, 1603541126393.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Y?mei ai hedateru kudasai

File: 2MiB, 1360x962, Shingeki-no-Kyojin-what-is-hallucigenia-and-how-important-is.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77902930 No.77902930 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77915282

What is your policy towards explaining magic/fantastical elements, powers/abilities or aspects of your setting?

Do you go by with just the "God/Wizard did it, It's fucking magic" line of explanation, or do you try to offer some sort of actually rationalized reasoning to why magical shit happens?

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>> No.77914633
File: 18KiB, 600x450, tully monster.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77914669


Just google cambrian creatures, there are all kinds of strange things.

>> No.77914636
Quoted By: >>77914643

>However, the reveal that the powers originated from a god damn worm infecting Ymir thousands of years
the what now? I stopped following that show when it was still about taking back some walls.

>> No.77914643

I am not even joking. The latest chapter involves Reiner fucking FIGHTING the worm thing lmao :DDDD

>> No.77914669
File: 80KiB, 640x452, image_544_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This one looks like a pokemon

>> No.77915282

Well, there is this thing called the Reflection, which is a conduit for thoughtforms to become realized in the material world, which allows for the existence of gods and the practice of magic. It was created by an ancient race which also created humanity itself as well as most sapient species in the setting-either directly or through creating their evolutionary ancestors. The Reflection isn't normally easy to access or to use, but on the planet on which my campaign takes place an event made the separation between reality and it very thin, thus creating an environment where spellcasting is possible and various supernatural phenomena occur.

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77902848 No.77902848 [Reply] [Original]

2E tiefling are the only tieflings. That other crap is just WOTC furfag fuckery.

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>> No.77904552
Quoted By: >>77907648

>I just headcanon that tieflings can come in all variants instead of being rainbow horned people
that's how it used to be, a full on rolled table of every possible weird tiefling appearance but colorful horned people were so popular and overrepresented in the art that it got whittled down to what they are now

>> No.77907648

I like to think of the "default" tieflings as descendents of Asmodean pacts while the randomly mutated tieflings are the descendants of rando fiends

>> No.77908037

his position is less self-evident than his being a fag. he is OP after all.

now, he is stating his opinion, and he must, in good faith, offer a reason. however, there is no discussion here, just as there is no discussion regarding his incessant need to suck cocks.

>> No.77908075
File: 92KiB, 767x1024, 1598934661674m.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77908364

4E unified background Tieflings > other Tieflings

>> No.77908364
File: 725KiB, 767x1024, 4e is bad and you're bad for liking it.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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