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How does your setting do angels? Most people either do humans with wings, BE NOT AFRAID, or just glowy lights, but I'm curious about further variations. If a god isn't much like the christian god they would probably make way different angels. Like a sea god of impartial justice might make giant sharks that implacably hunt sinners with their shark powers and devour them while leaving innocents alone, or a god of the earth having angels that are life-size mountains of white marble fighting a millennia-long geological war with heretical continents.

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Genemodded low-G flyers with fluffy wings because that's my fetish

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>It's like saying 'the Pope of xy non-Christian religion'.
Nice job disproving your own point you stupid faggot.

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Did you seriously just say a fantasy source doesn't count in a /tg/ thread?

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Swords sticking out of their backs. Glowing tattoos. Only speaking in telepathy. Always staring straight ahead like their eyes are face even though they can clearly see everything around them. A lack of a mouth. Lack of eyes.

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>Swords sticking out of their backs
Could we actually use said swords in battle?

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Weathering Edition

WIP Condensed OP Pastebin

>Grimdark Compendium tutorials

>Making some awesome banners

>Recasting with Blue Stuff and LEGO bricks

>4 EASY Chipping Tricks For Beginners
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku4comhKHJM&feature=youtu.be [Embed]

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufP8ka3KGno&feature=youtu.be [Embed]

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxWgsqSf74s&feature=youtu.be [Embed]

>The Bloody Hand will point the way!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQGiFWwZJno [Embed]

>WIP Secret Santa 2020 Album

>Previous Threads

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Painting it at the end of the month

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Apart from using auto primer (lel) I'd recommend trying a base other than black if you want the best paintjob. Black is dark and edgy looking and hides missed areas well but thin paint won't sit on it for shit, meaning you'll end up having to cake on multiple layers of thick paint to actually cover it. It's a real beginner's trap and mostly just a holdover from 40k players who didn't know better. I'd recommend trying white primer instead (and not one for cars).

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Grey > white

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Also sand your minis a bit. The rougher surface will capture paint better.

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Halfway there! Still trying the commic style of paint. Its back-breaking, but I think he will look pretty cool once done!

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#Epic Warhammer moments

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Holy shit, that's a gigantic fucking grudgin' if I've ever seen one. It'll go right next to the grudge for killing King Stonebeard.

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Okay where is Epic? looks like retarded american cartoon from 90s

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That one where Lelith Hesperax woke up in the Eye of Terror, reveled in her psyker powers, went to sacrifice someone to the lord of pleasure then fucked a slaaneshi lesbian daemon prince.

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>"Epic Warhammer" moment
>moment is neither 40k nor 6mm scale
0/10, would not eat again

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No, he is not stromcast, we got that confirmed, Felix is stuck somewhere else.

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>the D&D list of actual trademarks is extremely narrow
>many other fantasy games/franchises are free to use nearly everything within D&D, except for a list of about 15 monsters, a dozen spells, two items, the names of the outer planes, and a handful of other things

>you could make a D&D-esque fantasy movie without needing any of the D&D rights
>you could even have people roleplaying, using d20s and assorted other dice, with wizards and paladins fighting goblins and dragons, and as long as no one says "dungeons and dragons" you can just say they're playing one of a hundred of other similar (to the point of being near-identical) games, without having to pay a dime to Hasbro

Do you really think D&D fans would need the D&D logo on a movie to see a fantasy adventure set in a kitchen sink world with sorcerers casting fireball and devils carrying bags of holding? That they've been holding out, showing little to no interest in fantasy films (aside from LotR and HP), waiting for the official D&D film because they're unwilling to settle for any substitutes?

Is anyone expecting the upcoming D&D movie to be a quality film because of the D&D license?

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Work on your art

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There was a D&D film and it sucked.
Shitty thread btw

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Imagine missing the point of bringing up Riddick in regards to how it pertains to this thread. Imagine thinking you need to watch Riddick to know its origins. Imagine not being able to enjoy unpretentious, cheesy schlock that never tries to be anything else

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because it's just a marketing gimmick to bring attention to the movie, being mad that it doesn't "represent the franchise" is like being mad with a lunchbox because it doesn't represent the franchise

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"work on your art duurrrr get modded ribbonfag durrrrr"

Is that all you fuckes can say?

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I've been on a huge Charles Stross binge lately and found out that there is a RPG based on his Laundry Files series. Anyone played it? Is it any good?

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it's BRP, so it's good. the system will work great and make sense. looks like the author was involved and it's faithful to the source

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Thanks, I didn't know about this either.

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I binges on Laundry Files when I found the series. Well written, and I did enjoy it.
By the end though, the darkness really started to come through. The violin, the civilian casualties, the compromises made. That there's humor too made better at first but worse at the end.
Long way around to saying I don't know now hat I'd do with a Laundry Files rpg. Play it straight, as the doomed bureaucracy only delaying the inevitable? Change it up to heroes who win after all? Gloss over all the collateral damage, or run with it?
Played straight I think I'd find Unknown Armies a less dark game. At the least the scale of suffering is smaller.

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Why are GW customers like this?

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I only had two stinkers at the shop where i worked back in the day, and they stank only because they worked at the local factories (and showered after their shift but there is no fucking way to avoid the smell even with fresh clothes in the lockers) and lived too far away to go home and change their clothes to visit after the shift. So i just offered to keep their fresh clothes in the shop and let them use our shower.

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You can make soap by hand, and it has been used by humans for thousands of years. Inherently, there's nothing nefarious about it.

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> Conditioned
Do you have to ring a little bell in order to get her to drop to her knees?

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Pictured: Homosexual rituals

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the daycare centre thing is too true. during 5th edition 40k, we had some sweaty spergy kid getting dropped off down the road, hed turn up with his dads janky old 3rd ed ork codex, and a bunch of his dads old models. not even a coherent collection. but hed turn up to our beginners games on saturday morning and just fucking hang around til closing time, because he had nowhere else to go.

in some ways, i didnt have a problem with him being there. it was his dad i had the problem with; dropping your 12/13 yr old off in a city centre with only enough cash for a greggs sausage roll until you pick him up at 6 in the evening is shitty.

the bigger problem was the people who called themselves "veterans" as if buying an army 10 years ago and playing a few games entitled them to a table every fucking night. theyd constantly clog up your time, and waste your day, then put off new starters with their "advice".

in some small way, i totally get GWs approach now, which is to just sell people the game and get them the fuck out of the door.

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Chaos ruined WHFB, and is ruining WH40K

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why would people play chaos guys they are mean and want to do bad things :(

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Not true. It's Space Knights vs Space Skellies now. The Height of Marines vs Spikey Marines was back in 6th and 7th. Just look at intro boxes to see what GW thinks sells best.

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I mean not really. Chaos is pretty dope as a concept and in WFB they are the faction i’m most interested in because they are giga chads in plate armor fucking shit up. And while i’m more drawn to Space Marines and Necrons in 40k, I do think Chaos if fuckin dope too.

The problem is that GW are being tards on how to handle it. Abby’s overrated and even when they try fixing him they keep making him look like a fucking joke. WFB had it better but fucked it up when they pissed on their fans during End Times.

Only thing I think makes Chaos fucking dumb is the “undivided” variety. I hate how they all look like Black Legion fags and miss the old less chaotic heads with the cool horns and shit.

>> No.77879234

but GW sells more models than any other company

>> No.77879281

Warriors of Chaos were cool. Chaos Space Marines are gay.

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movies that would make for interesting settings, filename is the most important skill

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>best system for an rpg about us gals chattin over some home cookin

>> No.77871301

Alien vs. Predator

>> No.77871359

There was a game like this made by the oregon trail devs

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Having to deal with some kind of gonzo military escapade during the last remaining hours of civilization would be fun as a one-shot

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Underrated movie.

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>as the dark ritual reaches its climax, one man stands up brandishing his sword and badge issued by his majesty the king
>he was sent on a secret mission to infiltrate the evil cult
>soon every other cultist reveals that they are investigators sent by their own lords
>even the naked painted woman on the altar and the priest holding a dagger are detectives as well
>the one actual cultist was just lonely and hoping to make friends

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The difference between the alphabet plants and the real KKK members is that the plants pay their dues. The real members are too broke or lazy to do so.

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Quoted By: >>77867407

Didn't something like this actually happen and a fistfight broke out?

>> No.77867407

During the Cold War 2/3rds of the British communist party were government agents

The remaining 1/3rd was on their payroll and frequently turned into informants

>> No.77868409

This is basically Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday (which I highly recommend)

>> No.77868786

Does the KKK even have real members anymore?

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What domains would a god of civilization have? War? Knowledge? Justice?

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Law, family, agriculture and industry, and trade.

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Civilization, Culture, Justice.

>> No.77868410

Law, infrastructure, some representation of theocracy to match your government (i.e., monarchy would be divine right)

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In 5e? war, order, peace, knowledge, forge. It depends on the type of deity.

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>1. Choose a Race
If you are playing a game where this is the first step of creating a character, you cannot whine about "my party is full of tieflings and firbolgs". Good games assume you are playing humans, other races are either classes or sets of points you buy.

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Name five good games that are human only.

>> No.77868968

I know this is obvious bait, but:
1. Non-human races aren't necessary in a good rpg system, but it's not necessary to NOT have them for it to be good either.

2. Race-locked classes are stupid; it's restrictive and that's what CCP chinese scum use in shitty MMOs.

3. Points buy for races that aren't human implies that they are better options than humans--and if they're going to have trade-offs that put them on par with humans (because that's how you balance a game if you have other races), then what's the point of spending points if it isn't an overall improvement? It would be a waste of points, and it's better to have all the race options cost nothing in character creation. If you're intent behind this is to keep out freakshit character players, then grow a backbone and keep them off your table. It takes the most basic form of human interaction.

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>... other races are either classes or sets of points you buy.
What did he mean by this? The races as classes sounds like what they did in older editions of D&D where the Dwarf and Elf were their own classes while you your fighter, magic-user, and thief be played by humans. The "set of points" thing is something I haven't before unless it's like how you used to become a Dragonborn where you made a pact or something and transformed into one.

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doesnt matter, doesnt affect you, nothing wrong with this at all
only reason you cant complain is that YOU choose to play with the people you play with
the existence of people picking a whole party of freak shit never has and never will be a problem
your choice of friends/players is the problem, it always has been and will continue being so forever until you stop being a pussy

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Quoted By: >>77866125

Assuming a strangelet comet crashed into a sun and its individual particles used their unusually strong gravitational fields to overwhelm the star's ordinary matter and break it down into strange one, then started ejecting small bits of itself into the cosmos to infect other celestial objects, would it qualify as some sort of 'star virus'?
Would such zombie stars fall under Nurgle's purview?

>> No.77866125

>Would such zombie stars fall under Nurgle's purview?
Probably, as the strangelets would be melting everything into the same goopy strange matter stuff.

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Quoted By: >>77866372 >>77866458

Has your party ever made friends with an antagonist?

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Todo clapping Mahito's hand to activate his technique was the absolute greatest moment in the manga and if you don't think so you can get our of my face

>> No.77866458

Yes. We were hunting a calculating warlock who stole our wizard's spellbook.
Everywhere we went, we heard how people actually really liked this guy. His men respected him, and he created a home for the homeless. We eventually hunted him down, cornered him, and beat the shit out of him. Turns out he was a pretty good guy, but he made a deal with a elder evil and needed to collect spellbooks as a sacrifice.
I offered him repentance. If he disavowed the elder evil he served, he could join me in service of Sune. He agreed, and Sune (or one of her servants, idk) removed the elder evil from his body which killed him.
As our cleric of Kelemvor performed funeral rights on him, I resurrected him with Revivify. This absolutely pissed of the cleric of Kelemvor, but the "warlock" was now free of his curse.
That guy's name is Jakob and he now travels with us. He is indebted to Sune, and I am trying to teach him how to become a proper cleric of the goddess of love.

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Quoted By: >>77869455

What mango

>> No.77866972

My party has done an excellent job at seeing that the villains may not be as bad as they let on, or at the very least could provide more information about the real dangers that are present beyond them, before immediately killing them and pushing themselves closer to hidden threats.

>> No.77869455

Did that happen before or after he got fucked? I recall him saying his technique was inactive

Jujutsu Kaisen

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Not Orks v Sisters edition


>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
[YouTube] Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Speeder Strike, Bike Attack &Marine Heavy Assault from Games Workshop (embed)

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread:

TQ: Why do you continue to have greytide?

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I understand why people like this, but it usually produces something hilariously unbalanced.

I wish GW would find a better way to make it clear that yeah, WE berserkers are you best way to run berserkers. Etc.

>> No.77869985

I want terminator looking necrons, yes I know normie, but is leadbelcher + nuln oil the best easy paint scheme for that?

>> No.77870136

>this entire post

>> No.77870231

>Shitty manlet models

Paint an intercessor or a bladeguard ffs

>> No.77870324

The execution. Literally it jumped from him staring it down to the head being ripped off. There was no action, no fight, no struggle. Just unearned badass pose.

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Have you considered the advent of Woke Paladins?
>Detect Thoughts, Sense Emotions, Zone of Truth,
>Are you using the correct pronouns in your mind?
>Are you a believer? Or a heretic?

Someone brought up in another thread the fact that torture works in a fantasy world like D&D's because of magical spells that allow "the truth" to be verified. It occurred to me that any orthodoxy can be enforced through magic.

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Quoted By: >>77867167

And the people who lose their job to the woke hatemob raging about someone with a penis not pronouncing the, "X," in womxn.

>> No.77867167
Quoted By: >>77867991

So upper-middle class hipsters, marketing people, and two miscellaneous persons.

>> No.77867991

I can't help but wonder what you even have to gain by downplaying this?

>> No.77869110 [DELETED]

>2014 - D&D 5e is published, wherein paladins can be atheist, so long as they are idealistic
That's how they worked as far back as 3e, maybe earlier. Unless you're playing in Forgotten Realms, where atheism is double-evil.

>> No.77869127

>2014 - D&D 5e is published, wherein paladins can be atheist, so long as they are idealistic
That's how they worked as far back as 3e, maybe earlier. Unless you're playing in Forgotten Realms, where atheism is double-evil.

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Do you have any characters who ended up as a clone of Sorshen because of that one trap?

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Quoted By: >>77869435

... isn't this the lady that built a giant statue of herself, completely nude where the city of Korosova is?
We are supposed to believe she would be wearing this much clothing at any point?
> in his new body
gender bending again.Of course when it comes to getting a female clone body, Paizo will be going exclusively with 'he'

>> No.77869435

She also had huge badoozongerakoos.

>> No.77869655

>players made a deal OOC over who gets to trigger the trap since we all knew it was coming.

>> No.77869669

>The new body does not alter the character’s statistics in any way, with the exception that the character’s race becomes Azlanti.
that seems weird. The clone body has the exact same strength score as my old one (aside from a small racial bonus)? it would make sense if they were like "your mental statistics remain the same, but here are Sorshen's physical stats:"

>> No.77869709


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Quoted By: >>77872049 >>77872864

What is the most generic possible fighter backstory?

I'm playing Gerald the Generic Fighter in a newfriend 5e group and I've been asked to come up with a backstory for this Battlemaster Soldier I expected to die in the first session.

Post your most generic backstories.

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>> No.77872028

That's perfect then. The goal is to be generic. Unfun was never stated, and it's probably best to assume we want to avoid things that aren't fun to play.

You're mistaking generic for boring.

>> No.77872049

He formed one day out of the grease and piss on the tavern floor, just in time for a passing group of adventurers to stop in for the night.

>> No.77872113

In any respectable setting, the mercenary companies must be full of these guys.

>> No.77872774

Why are normalfags like this?

>> No.77872864

Proud son of a warrior, grew up surrounded by a culture that valued strength of arms above all. A wizard slapped his mother's ass right in front of him, then teleported away. Now his honor hinges on bringing that bastard's severed arm home as justice.

File: 317KiB, 1920x1053, dota-2-patch-7-28-hoodwink.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>77866205

Are the Squirrelmen a credible threat to our county, m'lord?

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>> No.77866205

You'd have to be nuts to think so!

>> No.77866302
Quoted By: >>77866517

I love playing as Twiss because she lets you effectively ignore combat unless you really want to or have to pick a fight. I hate playing against Twiss because she ALWAYS takes my fucking best item.

>> No.77866517
File: 37KiB, 242x219, 20210303_135021.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77866664

Twiss is the bane of my existence gameplay wise (because i am a magna or thane main). I pump up my magic just tongrt the spell to down her....

>> No.77866664
Quoted By: >>77867143

Isn't Thane one of the characters most equipped to kill Twiss since he can burn swords for piercing?

>> No.77867143

I do not know. I only play as thane when magna is taken in pub games.

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Quoted By: >>77869080 >>77869232

Do you think prestige classes are a good idea in concept, if not in execution? I think they are better than archetypes because they let multiple classes access the same iconic concept for interesting combinations.

>> No.77869080
Quoted By: >>77869207

D&D3: So this is where true prestige class begins (Unlike the bard from AD&D and Kits from AD&D2). From a game design perspective, I think the designers were going for this trade off - sacrifice portion core class power for more specialization, and allowing GM to give Players a moment of tactical thinking in their level ups with the combination of the feat, skill, multi-class system (note: the first Prestige classes were in the DM guide, not meant for players).

However, as time went on this concept of trade offs were kinda lost on everyone, and it kinda degraded into more power to add onto the core classes. For example, by 3.5 you got classes like the Archmage and the Hierophant which is like a natural progression of a wizard and a cleric; it doesn't really penalize your choices as like the Arcane Archer would.

So what I'm trying to say is that it really depends on design of the class.

>> No.77869207
Quoted By: >>77869955

I think Prestige Classes were actually meant for DMs, to be given as a reward to players or to flesh out the setting. But the design worked against this, since level progression worked on strict XP values, and there were highly specific and unnatural requirements.

>> No.77869232

I like PrC better personally. Part of PrC was you had to earn them, and they were alignment locked. With archetype, you just grab it and go. I like the idea of either earning the specialization or just sticking vanilla. I also felt like them making PrC that generally aren't just for a class means every time they have a neat idea they print it. With archetype I feel like they have to try and keep a parity of options for all classes.

>> No.77869955

I kinda agree that most PrC with more liberal requirements, for example the Dwarven Defender or the Assassin is lot more useful for both GMs and Players. One problem with PrC of the 3rd edition era is that they had compete with a growing list feats that were really customizable, and were more useful as GM reward for players.

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>"why does most old wizards look like dandy silver foxes? really slowing aging is pretty hard but lessening the effects of age and being even refined by it is way easier up to a point"
>"believe me or not, I was kind of ugly as a young lad"

>> No.77864968

i know a guy just like this irl
he's a retired dentist and people sometimes ask him to play santa or random wise old men in student movies

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Quoted By: >>77865421 >>77865451

Are the concepts the Warp embodies shaped & defined by the thoughts and emotions of sapient beings, or the other way around?

>> No.77865356

At first, it was sapient beings that influence the warp. With the warp becoming turbulent enough during the War in Heaven, however, simple intelligences formed out of the chaos itself and began to accumulate. As they became more powerful, they were in turn able to affect material space, and thus affect sapient beings.

>> No.77865421

it's both.

>> No.77865451

Both. They symbiotically feed off of eachother. The Immaterium in its current form is part Jung's Collective Unconsciousness part Plato's Theory of Forms.

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Why don't you play an armored spellcaster?

Trigger warning: this is a DnD thread

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>> No.77864530

No idea, i stayed on 3.5, and i think clerics are the most broken class possible if you have the right domains and build, such as Red Knight cleric with planning domain, which is ridiculous once you get Time Stop.

>> No.77864542

Because it's a villainous aesthetic.

>> No.77864574

Because I like to let the martials have their fun

>> No.77864599

All it takes is one level in fighter and you're all set.

>> No.77864612

>I cast Heat Metal
One of the most cancerous spells in the game, and one of the many, many reasons I have decided to abandon ship

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Cringe collection Edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database
>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>Thread question
Will Broken Realms Morathi be the only good one, or will Teclis be the only boring one?

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>> No.77871500
Quoted By: >>77871611

no, this is people (perfectly justified to be) bitching about how the existing lumineth stuff is so much better than stuff that costs even more points

>> No.77871588

Yes. If the rules work on a per unit basis, you act accordingly.

>> No.77871610

yeah, you can also do more creative stuff with the command impliments, like cut off the hornblowers horn and attach it to his saddle, or cut off the banner bearers banner and attach that upright to the back of his saddle or even strap it to his back samurai style, and then you could have command models that still weild their ironfists and clubs.

if theres any army that encourages converting, its certainly ogres.

>> No.77871611

In other armies? Oh, yeah. Shit yeah. LRL aren’t just powerful, they’re basically designed to auto win against entire factions. Oh you have a Bloodsecrator, or a Warchanter, or some other hero you are forced to over rely on by your tome? Well they’re fucking dead, without LOS, from 36” away.

I know some retard is going to say “but lol just do X and win!” and honestly, go fuck yourself preemptively. Everybody knows it’s absurd to one-shot key pieces from the other army without LOS, and no risk to yourself. Everybody.

>> No.77871634

This is the correct answer.
40k strats have this down

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Your party must defeat this demihuman band.
What is your plan?

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>> No.77874403
File: 397KiB, 598x598, Post-human-archer.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You called?

>> No.77874420

We challenge them to a rock-off !

>> No.77874641
Quoted By: >>77874663

Rolled 14 (1d20)

I roll to hit

>> No.77874663

your penis just penetrates his ac. your tip has just forced its way past his anal ring, what do?

>> No.77875211


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