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> Fug it

I want Spooky setting stuff! Images, ideas you've had, campaigns you've run and played... or just things you like! It doesn't have to be fall for a thread like this!

Discussion need not be limited to WoD or Ravenloft either, any spooky setting or vibe will do, but both are very welcome!

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I've run a few horror campaigns that my playerd have said they liked. Happy to share stuff that worked and stuff that didnt with my players but its such a wide genre with wide appeal and tastes, I'm sure plenty of people have positive stories about what works.

>sci-fi Deadspace game. Players are tasked with responding to a rescue call from a lost ship. They end up trapped and have to deal with necromorphs and cultists alike
>80's crime-gone-wrong turned investigation. Players are all seedy characters who were hired to beat up a boxer before a big fight end up trapped in a gym that is being overrun with strange flora and fauna.
>aztec horror adventure. Players are Spanish military tasked with a delicate operation that almost immediately goes wrong. Sepearated from their crewmates in a strange land, they need to survive and escape.

Sci-fi setting was kind of fun since you can have some fun ways to fudge early deaths . One of my players totally fucked up fighting the first enemy in the game and bit into his head for lethal damage. But because these characters are in full suits of goofy scifi armor, it was an easy DM call to say no, your helmet is instead horribly damaged, and you need to get it fixed in the engineering wing asap.

Currently I'm working on getting a campaign done using the A Wizard module, which someone linked in these threads some time ago. Pretty fun ideas in it.

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>Party gets tasked with rescuing a noble heir who has been taken as a slave.
>It turns out that he was purchased by monstergirls as a breeding slave.
>When he gets rescued, he's hostile and wants to be returned to what he calls his wives and daughters.
What would your party do?

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As long as i get paid extra for bringing him his wives and daughters it's not my problem

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Simple, we just need to wash his brain in warm water and bend it back to how it was before it was broken.

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1: skirting the edge of pedo shit with that pic there
2: admonish him for breeding with subhumans
3: return him to the nobles.

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That's for the family to sort out. We're adventurers, not psychotherapists.

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Do I look like I care why he wants to be reunited? If he's paying, we'll get them for him.
Besides which, who are we to judge? Grolg over there has a thing for the recurring drow lich villain just because she kept coming back after being killed.

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I've never been too into the Divinity series but I keep hearing people talk about Divinity 3: Baldur's Gate, so I was wondering if it's any good? What's the subtitle "Baldur's Gate" referring to anyways? Is it set in the Sword Coast?

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Very subtle troll but it's /v/ shit regardless so go away.
No, I don't give a shit about commander keen rules.

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Oh, my bad, that's a good point - I'll ask there.

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Absolutely, better than that utter rtwp shitfest on rails called Baldur's Gate I & II. Now go back to the appropriate board.

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idk about baldur's gate but I tried playing original sin 2 and after the first 3 levels I could not stand that game.

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How do you kill a heavily optimized Fighter 40/Monk 40/Psion 40/Rogue 40 Demilich Half-Fiend Paragon Pseudonatural Tarrasque Greater Deity of Death, Evil, Magic, Psionics, and War? My DM has put one against the party and it is wicked. Our party consists of a group of 5 demigods of magic and war. All Monk/Sorcerers. All level 50-60. 3.0 D&D.

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since we're using anime logic: dick

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You don't. You just render it inert. A demilich is a lich that has given up most of its physical body because the mortal plane no longer interests it. They are typically just a skull that acts as an anchor point for their skull as they explore the infinite multiverse via astral projection.
This is why Demilichs build powerful and dangerous dungeons like the tomb of horrors: to act as protection for them because it could be decades, even centuries, before they remember to check back in on their physical body and its best not to leave yourself vulnerable.

Destroying the lich's phylactery will set off warning alarms and you'll have a fight on your hands. Destroying the demilich without getting the phylactery first is pointless. Instead, find the lich while they are off doing multiverse shit and put it in a box that blocks astral travel. You have now safely trapped the lich outside of its body and it cannot return so long as it is contained. You'll never have to fight them and it will be years and years before they even notice that they've been blocked from returning. They might not even care that much, honestly, so long as they don't feel like they are in danger of being destroyed.

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When our GM threw that at us, we figured out pretty quickly that it had like 6 Charisma and we were able to incapacitate it pretty easily with some Charisma damage.

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Madara Uchiha et. al.

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Read it some Nietzsche to prove it can't exist

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What's the best class for a skeleton character, /tg/?

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I'm partial to barbarian. Having a very lean and most definitely boney barb is a nice change of pace from the usual tower of muscle, not that there's anything wrong with those.

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That is a man, not much of a man. But indeed the owner of a penis.

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a skeleton wizard is just a wizard who realized that flesh serves no purpose but to slow you down and attract a bunch of sluts who swarm you and disturb your studies
better to get rid of it and have a truly timeless look

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>the owner of a penis.
Not for long

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Race as class.

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>fighter 9/swordlord 2/scaled fist 1/vivisectionist 3/duelist 5

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Drown yourself, incel

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Most people that actually play that make builds do them as loose outlines and take notes on stuff that needs to be discussed with a prospective GM.

But the vast majority of buildfaggotry are by nogame autists with too much time on their hands, engaging in white-room theorycrafting. The overwhelmingly cast majority of games do not reach even level 15, and long-term open campaigns can on for years without getting to it.

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Our group's other DM is a fucking weeb and as a result we end up with epic level games fairly often.

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I only play metallic Dragonborn because I'm a good person :)

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Tards like >>77899507 >>77899530 >>77900058 >>77900327 >>77902279 don't play and just make shitty threads like this

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Triarch edition


>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread:

Who has the worst color scheme?

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Pretty literally in my experience, it was like the golden age of tinder people were horney as fuck

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Yeah, sure, NON CE NÉ COVIDDI was absolutely not to blame at all. In Milan there was a 100 person Warhammer tournament literally the weekend before the second lockdown.
>it only accelerated our downfall to a greece like state by 50 years
We are a country of morons ruled by a combination of vultures and morons, we absolutely deserve that.

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Aus here what's covid?

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nice sink camo

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Great job I recommend dragging a modelling knife around the base to return it to black, it'll look much better that way

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Fighter Plane Friday, an offshoot of Mech Mondays
Post discussions, stories, homebrew, and questions about Aerial Dogfight TTRPGs

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Yeah, I can see it. Better than every dude in previous threads (this has come up a few times in /swg/ over the years) who insist on it being some absolute piece of crap like the SB2 or Stuka. Heaven forbid something other than the X-Wing actually do well.

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>the nascent idea of mechanically powered military flight faces stiff resistance from the entrenched dragon-riding cavalry elite

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>two engines/booms
>fast and heavy
>bombing capabilities
The Y-Wing is a P-61.
Hell, the turret on both is remotely operated too, it really is a perfect fit.

>> No.77914094


That’d be the Resistance (BTA-NR2) Y-Wing, which is essentially 2nd Gen (or 3rd Gen depending on how you look at it)

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Y-Wing = P-39
Z-95 = P-40
X-Wing = P-47
A-Wing = P-51
B-Wing = B-25H/J

TIE Fighter = A6M2 Reisen
TIE Interceptor = JM2 Raiden
TIE Defender = N1K1 Shiden
TIE Bomber = D4Y Suisei or B6N Tenzan

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How do you put puzzles in an environment that's supposed to be in the wild and far from civilization? It (kinda) makes sense to have puzzles in a dungeon built by someone, with statues and riddle engravings and whatnot, but can it also be done in, say, the middle of the forest or deep in a natural cave?
I'm trying to design a gem-themed cavern dungeon and while I can easily place various crystal-themed monsters, I have no idea on how to put puzzles in there.

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You can have natural barriers. Multiple solutions to solve - for example, when trying to cross a ravine, you could jump (high risk, but simplest option if your skill is high enough), push over a dead tree on the cliff to make a bridge, or use the items in your inventory (an actual reason to bring a grappling hook and extra rope).

The reward for passing and not just walking all the way around is that you might get somewhere significantly faster (beating a competitor that wants to get to the same destination), you're able to loop around a camp and get the drop on them (element of surprise ambush bonus sort of deal), or maybe you find an alternate entrance to a dungeon that bypasses traps at the normal entrance.

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the fairies did it

>> No.77901272

There are all sorts of natural environments that lend themselves to this sort of thing. Navigating a bog (functionally a maze), using tracks in a forest that are all over the place to determine the most likely direction to the dragon's lair, finding a safe route through a mountain pass.

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How do you design a war between humans and giants where both races have a chance to win? Picture roughly represents the difference in size between humans and giants.

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Unless you SnK it and make giants unnatural, nearly immortal psychos that exist to exterminate human kind then they're going to have a hard time at winning a war on any scale larger than a small medieval kingdom. Action economy is deadly on the tabletop.

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Reflect scale by making all attacks area attacks. Giants fail because they overheat and haven't the numbers to reliably switch out with fresh reserves, that and their society is fragile due to reliance on human slaves better adapted to living in the human scaled world.

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Assuming they're not all lumbering idiots and they have the tools (magic) available to them, a giant society should be able to come up with ways to circumvent issues like overheating. Maybe their clothes, armour or bodies have runic symbols that keep them cool, or they're reliant on a specific brew, the ingredients to which are a carefully guarded resource, that keeps them from falling for all downsides of being realistically "giant." Hell, maybe they're the sons of gods or whatever your players will buy and they just work (TM).
Also why assume that giants would see the world as anything other than giant scale?
They want iron? Dig a pit mine?
Need a castle? Tear down a mountain and say goodbye to worrying about hitting your head on the ceiling.

>> No.77900577

Farming regular crops is still better achieved by human slaves and pit mines can ruin otherwise valuable agricultural land which giants need to boost their population. Levelling mountains is still a smart play though even if magic implies air support is a thing which can get over the walls.

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Pike and shot tactics would work wonders against giants

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You often see fantasy settings with some big old "evil empire where the vast majority of the population is enslaved or otherwise in brutal and tyrannical conditions."

But how frequently do you see a fantasy setting wherein such an "evil empire" has already been toppled, and every citizen has been emancipated, at the cost of an immense upheaval of social order, and the new regime struggling to contain the chaos of mass unemployment? I can think of, say, Tyr from the 4e version of Dark Sun, but even that gives only lip service to the idea that the society's entire paradigm has disintegrated overnight.

Do you think that dropping PCs into such a post-emancipation "evil empire," and having them troubleshoot the sheer bedlam, would make for an interesting adventure arc?

For an upcoming game, I was thinking of going all the way with this and playing up the fantasy elements. I am thinking of an empire that, for entire centuries, bound the vast majority of its population into hiveminds to strip away all individuality and maximize productivity in the workforce. After years of struggle, a lesser god (demigod?) of freedom and this god's divine champions managed to overthrew the telepathic rulers of this vast empire, but now they are at a loss on how to deal with the populace; free will is a foreign thought to the citizens, and they already miss the unity and clarity of purpose offered by being tightly bound inside a psychic collective. How do champions of freedom restore order while respecting freedom?

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Quoted By: >>77901340

It sounds like there will be a plethora of successor states popping up in an attempt to fill the void. A mix of opportunists and genuine philanthropists endeavoring to create new collectives (psychic or otherwise).
To properly champion freedom in this situation is to cleave tightly to freedom of association. There's nothing inherently wrong with being a part of a collective (after all the god and his companions are themselves together a collective) but it IS wrong to compel people to join against their wills.
So the best next step is to establish a network of communities that can all agree to a mutual non-aggression pact, and to establish protocol for individuals who wish to leave, join, or start new communities. It would also be imperative to establish a class of individuals who are sovereign unto themselves, either as nomads or yeoman farmers. The rugged individualists will serve as a counterweight to centralizing tendencies of the new communities.
tl;dr become druids (in the historical sense) and groom the various tribes into believing that they're all of one nation

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No, really. This kind of social engineering feels too condescending.

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>This kind
All social engineering is fundamentally condescending, because it hinges tricking people into conforming to the whims of a secretive group of kingmakers.
But without it, you'll see a succession of strongmen and brutes seizing power, until one of them is successful in his own social engineering campaign that allows him to establish his own evil empire.
Social engineering is intrinsic to society.

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stormtroopers are more akin to U.S. marines. the reason they feature so heavily in the movies, is because the heroes are not raiding locals guarded by the army, but hitting locations that have marines on hand recall that the president is guarded by marines, not army or navy or air force. there is a bit of ceremonial distinction and prestige attached to the marines over the other branches. all the imperial army that is seen is armor division, guys driving walkers and shit. the army is used to garrison rather than invade. and army garrisons always include stormtrooper legions for active combat operations and ceremonial/publicity duties.

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i dont get the problem which you´re reffering to.

problems only exist if you´re too lenient on old nobility, and let em fuck around.

Imagine LOTR where the mouth of sauron gets a place on king Aragons round table.

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RPG and tabletop game makers keep falling to politics when journalists accuse them of political bullshit. They can do this because they have an opening to inject their politics from women making up only a small part of the traditional games sphere. There are too few women as those that try get fucked by the defenses against tiddy streamers and their ilk. But tiddy streamers can only exist because of simps paying them. And simps paying them gets money that could have gone to more games allowing them to flourish better.

Therefore, the tiddy streamer and women are not your enemy. It is the simp that enables the former and allows politics to come in because of the latter.

Do your part to protect your hobby.

Shame the simps.

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Reject Polotics return to fractured states HRE superior all time.

>> No.77899231

I don't know what drugs you are smoking but good god tell your dealer he has the best shit on earth

>> No.77899291

Rise up Gamers

>> No.77899393

>open rulebook
>begin reading
>default is "he"
>buy everything
ACKS is very solid.

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>I grabbed this image from another thread a minute ago after it inspired me.
What are some good examples of blending traditional fantasy elements into a modern setting, or modern elements into a fantasy setting?
>Also I want more art like this.

Bonus points for not mentioning an already made setting.

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>Grrr im so mad!

There happy now?

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This is literally just Harry Potter, retard.

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Quoted By: >>77915006

I wasn’t unhappy to start with. You were the one throwing a shit-fit.

>> No.77914918

This. Nothing worse that running setting immersion because some fag wanted to be "quirky".

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30 ft base speed
+10 from 5th level Barberian
+15 from Elk totem
+10 from mobility feat

That's 65 feet of base speed for my minotaur -- suck it, losers!

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Maybe for something like the Giantslayer series, where there are big creatures with big maps and lots more space, the Speed Cow will really shine?

>> No.77912056

It's from greek mythology, It's your own fault if you didn't expect that

>> No.77912233
Quoted By: >>77912621

For raw speed, yes, but plantigrade offers greater stability and pedal dexterity. The latter isn't very relevant, certainly not as compared to our dextrous-footed arboreal primate ancestors, but the former is pretty essential for our locomotion as upright bipeds. It's not biomechanically sensible for a humanoid not to have plantigrade feet -- even with other features like a tail that might assist in balance, the creature's stance would probably be very unstable and prone to tripping or falling when in motion. Of course, minotaurs and other hybrid monsters don't need to make much biological sense in the first place, so I guess the question of what their anatomy is "supposed" to be like is generally pointless regardless.

>> No.77912621

Hmmm. Interesting point on the stability. Yeah, I like that, in a fighting stance sense and for ranged weapons, plantigrades are the way to go. There aren't a lot of bipedal animals really... primates (essentially), and birds have a number. Kangaroos are bit of a unique one. Bears less than primates but their hips make them far better as quadrupeds. Kangaroos and boxing, yo. think about it.

If you think of a "bull rush", that's a really stable attack... well, not really. People wrestle charging bulls (? a small heifer) to the ground, I think at rodeos. I guess the danger in a bull rush is the force/weight behind the attack.

>generally pointless regardless
It certainly is, but it's fun to think of the little things.

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Your tiny 1ftx1ft battle mat is absurdly far from the norm

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Welcome to "The Myth of Normalicy" edition of /bgg/.

Previous thread /bgg/: >>77849116

The pastebin: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2ze8

> Who makes up the membership of your regular gaming group if you have one, friends, co-workers, family, randoms from a gaming meetup?

> Is your regular group mainly comprised of one gender or a mix?

> Is there a specific genre of game or game mechanic that your group routinely picks as the game to play, or are their choice of games more varied?

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The Gale Force 9 version of Dune is the only version that matters now unless you already own the old one. They're the same game except GF9 Dune is slightly updated based on how Dune's tournament scene evolved over time (with most of GF9's changes matching the tournament scene -- and some, like their ornithopter ruling, openly defying it).

Keep in mind that Dune: Imperium is a completely different game and is absolutely not what I'm talking about.

>> No.77914314

Fuck off man we had this all last thread.

>> No.77914412

We had this all last thread too. Just filter for fuck's sake.

>> No.77914416

Hey thanks for this anon I had absolutely no idea there was a third game in the sequence.

>> No.77914929

i only own the base game
how is it diferent from the dice version other than needing less people to play

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ITT: DnD stories of horrible runs of bad luck
>PCs are fighting big monster boss
>been building this up since the previous session
>a wizard has been raising skeletons to terrorize a town for months
>the wizard is an absolute pushover without his skeleton army backing him up
>the "real" boss fight is a gigantic ogre skeleton backed up by small human skeletons using advanced tactics because of the wizard
>PCs decide to take out the boss first and pick off the stragglers after
>goes fairly well. Not too easy, but not too difficult.
>wizards dead, only gotta mop up the remaining spookies
>only a couple skeleton mooks left
>PCs all gang up on one mook that was especially annoying when fighting the boss
>suddenly, everyone starts getting absolute shit rolls
>like, at least two nat 1s kinda garbage
>how the fuck is this happening
>this singular skeleton mook is holding its own against a full party
>manages to bring two PCs to low health all on its own
>before long somebody manages to get a semi-decent roll and finish it off
>party morale shattered
>from now on bad rolls are blamed on the "spooky curse"
>many jokes are made about this apex predator skeleton throughout the campaign
>currently thinking about throwing out my current BBEG and having him get gannondorf'd by this skeleton making a dramatic return

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Quoted By: >>77899225

I have one character in my campaign who literally can't roll above a 5. Checking out DnD beyond logs for the past 4 sessions, here are her rolls

Not including ability mods, it's
1, 6, 1, 2, 2, 8, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 17, 12, 18, 12, 3, 1, 7, 7, 3, 9, 4, 5, 20, 2, 9, 4.. and I'm too lazy to keep looking. But like for the rest of the session, it's an abnormal amount of 1s and under 10s.

>> No.77899225

Law of large numbers suggests great things in her future.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77894569

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Quoted By: >>77904835

>Double standards

>> No.77904835
Quoted By: >>77905008

They are not double standards because I have never subscribed to the idea that guys and girls are the same or equal faggot.

>> No.77904986

That is not true at all. Unless you are taking an arbitrary definition of complete that does not mean "ready for doing it's job properly" because if so the body only stops developing
and changing once you die.
I which case sex should be illegal and anyone having sex should be immediately arrested.

>> No.77905008

That is exactly what double standards are about. You can shut the fuck up until men and women are not equal under the law.

>> No.77905768

Keyed shitting poster.

File: 169KiB, 970x545, 225CFCC9-3FDE-4893-B7A3-8138238ECCE7.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898616 No.77898616 [Reply] [Original]

Did Orion make the right choice of leaving Critical Role early?

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>> No.77900837
Quoted By: >>77900900

Wait they're all swingers?

>> No.77900859

Actually believable

>> No.77900900

2 of them probably a third most likely and the rest maybe. matt and marisha and talisan are probably.

>> No.77900974

Out of interest, are you trolling or did you fail science at school?

>> No.77900993

Why would I give a shit about Critical Role, and who the fuck even is this faggot?
Take your e-celeb simping somewhere else.

File: 42KiB, 460x511, aBK1n62_460s.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898454 No.77898454 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77899388 >>77899710

>Yes, I placed all the monsters in one group
>Yes, they rolled 21 Init
>Yes, I focus fire

>> No.77899388

It really is the smart thing to do.

>> No.77899710
Quoted By: >>77900278

>all one group
Well obviously, I'll not roll initiative for every single one of those fifteen gnolls you're fighting.
>21 init
That's how dice can work??
>focus fire
Makes sense if there is only a single threatening target. Otherwise, formations and splitting enemy groups would make more sense so the gnolls are not being flanked.

>> No.77900278

>>21 init
i assume he does group initiative

File: 69KiB, 489x405, 96yearoldwithmicropacemaker.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898411 No.77898411 [DELETED] [Reply] [Original]

>install pacemaker
>become cold, calculating machine person only capable of seeing the rest of mankind as a teeming hoard of instruments for the delight of my posthuman depravity

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>> No.77899213

>That's Alzheimer's buddy,
No it's dementia.

>> No.77899230

Spotted the cripple who wants to be a robot to escape reality

>> No.77899232

That aspect is absent from modern games and fiction, because you just made it up. Congratulations, you're a better writer than the people who wrote the foundational cyberpunk rpgs, too bad you can't travel back in time to do it better.

>> No.77899247
Quoted By: >>77899268

The main difference is people who try to be sarcastic about Lovecraft usually out themselves as having never read a book in their life.
Whereas it's impossible to overstate how retarded Humanity/Essence mechanics are.

>> No.77899268

Cthulhu got btfo by a steamboat lol, muh sanity

File: 2MiB, 3126x3024, gipf.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898364 No.77898364 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77900905

GIPF Project edition

>Resources: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2ze8

Previous thread: >>77849116

Do you own many abstracts?
Which do you play the most?
Have you played any games in the GIPF series?

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>> No.77900654

Bump for interest

>> No.77900905

Zertz is a masterpiece. I am not familiar with the others

>> No.77901390

I have most of the GIPF project.
Tzaar and yinsh stand on top
Dvonn and GIPF are really good
Lyngk is good but far from the simplicity of its predecessors

I never played Zertz and Punct

My favourite abstract has to be Hive though. I have the pocket edition with all the expansions; it's portable durable and i love the "boardless" concept

I really like backgammon and chess though the latter is too technical to play at high levels

I know a ton of other abstracts what's your fave guys

>> No.77901522

Splotter games are overrated.

>> No.77901738

What does /bgg/ think of AuZtralia? Cthulhu shittery aside.

File: 3MiB, 1401x1200, DND Campaign Map Uploadable Factions.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898317 No.77898317 [Reply] [Last 50] [Original]

Post maps! Either maps you've drawn, used, or that you just really like. I sketched up this one for a game I'm running. There are more cities and such on it, but those are handled on Roll20 to make revealing, moving, and editing easier.
You DO draw your own maps, right gm?

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>> No.77914113
File: 260KiB, 1891x2009, Hong Kong.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>77914407

Well, it's city that grew a lot over time. That island in particular is actually the original territory of Hong Kong; it was basically a nothing little islet that we nicked from the Chinese so that we could trade somewhere that wasn't subject to their laws. And then, because they weren't happy about that and tried to push the issue, we pushed back- all the way onto a little bit of the mainland. There was no city at the time; that grew up around the constraints of the territory. Here's the map i used as a referrence, for... well, for referrence.

>> No.77914377
File: 450KiB, 1162x1600, Skull-Island.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Gotta love jagged coastlines

>> No.77914407

based ausbro, come on down to cenno tomorrow if ya wanna collab cuz

>> No.77914677
File: 326KiB, 1501x867, Nifelsaga Worldmap Post Age of Storms 20210219.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Here's my blatant North and Baltic Sea inspired setting. There's a lot of Scandies and Slavs here and a couple Dutch.
Also, Furries.

>> No.77915433
File: 1MiB, 3708x4320, dem_render_compress9.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Aussie here - I once subconsciously made a map that looks like the eastern half of Australia (pic related).

File: 59KiB, 768x960, 1610018062256.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898246 No.77898246 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77901665 >>77901733

How is that possible? Doing what you want instead of what is rightful and good is pretty evil

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>> No.77901460
Quoted By: >>77901648

Your breakfast practice evocation where forbidden

>> No.77901483

Yes. The purpose of civilization is to overcome it, not wallow in it

>> No.77901648

Having a scavenger hunt working as a guard

>> No.77901665
File: 963KiB, 1280x1280, 1613201232244.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It is about pursuing good through any means you think is necessary including breaking laws that may seem justified like the ones against theft or murder and by murder, I mean unauthorized killings outside of self-defense and outside of due process.

This chart is a reference to the manga Boy's Abyss. I highly recommend it.

>> No.77901733


Allignement is retarded, but if you really must use, just grok that law is being predictable and chaotic is, well, being upredictable.

File: 130KiB, 739x1023, Lord_Cypher.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77898219 No.77898219 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77899084 >>77899584

Has GW yet specified what the FUCK his problem was?

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>> No.77898904
Quoted By: >>77898932

He's Alpharius

>> No.77898932

No, he's Omegon

>> No.77899084

There's three factions involved in the Dark Angels. The Inner Circle, who are Luther's traitors that seized control over the legion after Lion's fleet was wiped out by the death of Caliban. The Fallen are the Marines that fought alongside the Lion during the Horus Heresy and returned with Lion to Caliban. They were cast through time and space by the warp-powered death of Caliban. The Fallen are themselves two factions: Cypher's loyalists, and those who fell to Chaos after Caliban. The Inner Circle has, over 10,000 years of cryptic deceit, forgotten the truth of it's own creation.

When you see the truth one thing is evident: Cypher's problem is fake friends.

>> No.77899584

During Luther's Rebellion, each side thought they were the Loyalists, The Lion's fleet was attacked because Luther lied about it, saying that they had turned to Chaos. Remember that the recruits of Caliban had never even met the Lion. So both sides thinking the other is evil fight, Luther is defeated & the Lion is fridged. The time warp also males things more chaotic. So both factions walk away leaderless & thinking they are the real Loyalists, the Fallen & the Unforgiven. Cypher is Alpharius who has been in deep cover as a Fallen & then during the time warp also joined the Unforgiven. He has walked both paths & as such is the only one who knows the truth.

>> No.77899625

I hate what this fanbase has done

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