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Post any good stories

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Begone, Brand. You're a pale shadow of the prior setting (and the original adventure) and your upcoming book looks worse.

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It need not be so. How you play a game need not be the easiest mode, nor even the most PC friendly one.
You can have body horror, dread, brutality, you can really make people feel uncomfortable and push them to face the difficulty of facing against a near demigod.
You can force players to hunt clues on weaknesses, give them literally blood stained notes with strange ciphers they must crack, legitimately. You can provide them notes using invisible ink which are layered into plainly visible notes.
Have monsters that brutally rend flesh from victims, consuming of people's brains to puppet bodies, deal with the deaths of children, rape, the consequences of unsafe abortions on both child and parent plus their souls... Bring fear for one's safety into the game and make it creep outward.
The books are a starting point, not the be all and end all.
I have the old Ravenloft stuff at my disposal, and the Tomb of Horrors, and everything else... The world is mine to craft - as horrifying as I want it to be.
My shit is so racist with the Dusk Elves and Vistani, they're only a step away from being monsters, with the only thing separating them from monsters is their level of intelligence.

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What are some scenarios or situations in your Games that have made you feel Nage?

Personally, I've experienced Nage in these ways:
>Players called out last second and I have 15 minutes to construct an entirely new session one-shot because a new friend came over to play
>One of my players Legend Lores something I had very little written about but now must provide ancient and specific details about, within moments.
>Players are all excited for next session and I secretly have been completely derailed.

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Instead of making up new words for combinations of multiple emotions that no one is familiar with, why not just list the simultaneous emotions instead like a reasonable person?

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>When the party encounters that fancy nobleman who gave them some money that one time.

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It's kind of like the state of mind the romans described as 'cerebrum irrumabo' or 'skatá enkefálou' of ancient greek mythology, If you prefer your gay philosophers to proto-pizza-guys...

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>I can't describe it in modern language, yet I'm sure it's described perfectly by people who died two millennia ago whose languages I can only understand by relation to modern language anyways because their entire cultures are long dead
You're such a pseud

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Because I thought the face and fictional emotion were both humorous and interesting. I saw it and thought "When have I experienced something like that?"

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How effective or capable is your average Skitarii without Techpriest support? How do the Skitarii stack up against mankinds other styles of infantry?

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What if i said the little antenna on her pack looks cute?

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>Try to woo coggirl
>Audio and visual cues picked up by every other skitarii on the network
>Subjected to scans showing body heat, differences in chemical levels, possible brainwave patterns, ect
>Analysed by squad commanders, with occasional feedback from the assorted memories of other Skitarii
>Final outcome is determined
>You are a horny bastard, and thus, are wasting precious seconds of the war effort's time on biological pursuits
>She smacks you upside the face with the butt of her galvanic rifle, the most efficient response; blending disciplinary violence with no net loss of wartime resources
>This all happens within a second of your flirt
>Across the warzone, the head Dominus is laughing his ass off, and sends the data feed to the enginseer closest to your platoon's Commissar

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She looks at you, her mechanical eye flashing as she checks up on human interaction protocols via the noosphere, before turning away slightly and saying "Thank you. It is my duty and my honor to keep my wargear in top condition at all times, for the honor of the machine-spirit."
She's pale enough that the blush is obvious however.

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>"sorry Commissar, i was surprised by her cuteness and it just slipped out."
>"yes mommy- i mean Commissar Lydia."

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Tummy edition


>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
[YouTube] Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Speeder Strike, Bike Attack &Marine Heavy Assault from Games Workshop (embed)

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread:

TQ: What army wouldn't you like to fight against, and why?

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it you really really aren't into painting and just wanna play go ahead but I'd recommend playing a better game

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no the first wave of primashits was definitely worse

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I'm assembling this, and wondering if I should glue all the stories together or keep them separate and stack them when game time comes around

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This. I don't mind how they're doing it now. You get more mechanical benefits for being mono, but soup will always let you get units that supplement your army's weaknesses. Of course, it's a fine line of balancing so GW will probably fuck up at some point.

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I wanna get that dude and convert him into Jupiter King.

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Can we have a /tg/ book recommendations thread? Been reading this recently and am looking for more stuff with interesting approaches to magic and worldbuilding.

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Scoot Joseph, you've been rumbled for starting a thread about yourself. This is Long-gang territory now.

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Post hog

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somebody hasn't listened to him at all

Subjective appreciation and objective evaluation are not in competition

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I swear to god every DM I played with read Malazan, decided to run their own epic fantasy game and it fizzled out couple of sessions in.

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vs as in comparison. Not as in rivals.

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Are playable flashbacks the best form of exposition?

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>I got better.

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>game turns into family guy

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That entire segment of the game, I was saying to myself I'm getting exp for this, right? Some super cool item? Some gil at least?" I was obviously disappointed.

If you do this awful thing, make it move the plot forward, be engaging, and last only 15 minutes.


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I just pictured this with our own BBEG and I'm dying over here

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ITT post only the most badass quotes to sum up your character

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Not exactly a quote but I have an oath of the ancients paladin who's like don quixote. We found the ring of the nibelung and I wrote his response:
>"This is a relic of a bygone era, forged in the belly of a great wyrm by three legendary dwarves. A band hewn of hellish earth and wrought of abysmal steel. For the war of the gods; to fight ragnarok. The end of days. Upon us all, the end of an era... The end of days."
And the geriatric man-whose moss kissed flesh sank as an ancient wind bellowed forth from his satyr like nostrils; whose once heavenward crown of brambled chitin drifted low and the curtains of his dew soaked eyes shut close- creaked low to the earth and pearched upon the grass, all the while his feet seemed to barely sustain the once statuesque body above them- as if his body weighed twofold. "Just once... I could kill the sun of this day and pull out the heart of old from it, restoring a moment in the past... But it would bring about an uncertain future."

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>Naked Bar+5lbs

Unless that was your point...?

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Yo that was cringe as fuck. I'm verbose and wordy, but this excerpt is horribly worded and terribly banal.

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yes he is asking if people think the "mostly aesthetic" guy is weak

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this is lame as fuck and makes no sense with the context of the movie.

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Look who’s back

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back again

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hey that's my card

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Retro Edition

Previous thread: >>77815653

A thread for discussing the 'Star Wars' franchise and its various gaming adaptations.

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Latest FFG news:


Return of the Kenner

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Ive heard people here talk about the nu Thrawn ones pretty positively overall. I did hear the phasma book was much better and they did her dirty in film

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Childhood is preferring Genndywars because TCW didn't exist yet.

Adulthood is still preferring Genndywars for being superior.

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All flash, no substance

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I liked the first and last arcs of TCW S7 more than Rebels
The middle is bleh
Overall TCW was more consistent (even if it had its lows) while Rebels was a quality roller coaster (high highs but really low lows)

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All buzzword, no explanation nor argument.

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How would you name an AI turned sentient specie ?

Some are humanoids, some are god-like, some are like animals.

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Todd Howard, is that you?

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If there's no player character as them, I'd call them "Them" to portray a sense mystery before the players meet them. You might see them all about doing various things, but as far as anyone is concerned, it's "One of them" until the players take enough curiosity to investigate.

Then based on their inquiry, build the background on that.

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Geth, men of iron, whatever, just create a word.

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>Your party encounters a female adventurer with an Orc shota tagging along.
>Somehow, your party finds out that after her attempts to get "raped" by orcs have failed, she is now raising an Orc.
>She wishes he will grow up to pound her senseless as if she was just a sex toy and breeding sow.
What would your party do?

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You will never be a real woman, and you need to go back.

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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade - less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about. We'll be happy to help you get started on this playstyle.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:
http://pastebin.com/9fzM6128 (embed) (embed)

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Being called a FOE (False OSR Enthusiast)?
Report, hide, and ignore. Don't give those people (You)s.

>Previous Thread

>Thread Question
Most memorable random encounter?

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>If you have to go very far away you'll face an enormous amount of checks
Well, I roll checks on a day by day basis. Even if the players get extremely unlucky and face 4 encounters a day, That’s part of the fun of wilderness exploration. I don’t roll checks for multiple days at once, just one day at a time

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Ok, I can tell you’re butt flustered about something and looking to drag me into some dead troll war. I’m out this thread. Peace

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I sort of like it, but something in me wants to cry out 'heresy'

>> No.77879566

You were doing well until you outed yourself. Just woke up, huh? See you in about five hours as always.

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I’ve actually combined both modules. I replace the Keep with Hommlet, and I’ve put the Moathouse in B2’s wilderness map, on the south area where it says there’s a chance to find a bandit camp. I’ve actually run two sessions of this campaign so I don’t know how it played to the players, but it actually does fit really well.

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>The party is told that a half-orc has mindbroken the Elf Princess, such that she lets him lead her along by a leash and is already pregnant with their first child.
>Unfortunately, she is hard to directly go against in her court, being a powerful mage.
>The party is tasked with killing the half-orc that mindbroke her.
>It turns out that the half-orc is a shota.
>The truth is that she's scared off all the elf suitors with talk about how many children she wants, left to go on an adventure to find her ideal male and came back with him.
>The leash part is just her fetish play where she pretends to have been forced into being a breeding sow.
What would your party do?

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Tell her to match the payment already received.

>> No.77860654

Leave the table, obviously.

>> No.77860761

Didn't read, masturbate before posting, you don't play.

>> No.77860848

Protip: post a less in-your-face topic first, wait a few posts, THEN jump into a Green like this.

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Ask for a drawn visual novel of their previous adventures.

That or hand over the shota now!~

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How do you guys use fodder races in your games? (Goblins, Kobolds, Zombies, etc.)

I'm running a game that involves players searching for a city of druids in the desert (Frighteningly original, I know) and I use goblins and kobolds as little Mad Max impersonators. They've tamed coyotes and ride them around like motorcycles in search of caravans or adventurers to steal from.

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Rage of the champions!

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How would you state these lads as D&D 5E races?

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Neanderthal is more like:
+2 Str, +2 Dex -2 Cha
-Dis nigga good at football

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Lots of people throughout the world do stupid things. The fact that a few small, isolated tribes are able to survive by barely supplementing their food intake with meme hunting in the newbie zone doesn't mean humans are evolved for it.

>> No.77863843

The opposite actually. WotC is saying most differences will be cultural rather than biological.

>> No.77865364

so the erectus looks like like some random african with more hair and the neanderthal looks italian. nice to see that we let less developed species into society

>> No.77868999

Niggers get very minor heat resist, same with whites but for the cold.

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I have a question?
I know that many fantasy and sci-fy TTRPGs have many known and loved classes. By I don't think modern setting have somthing like that.
My question is, how to make a good class system for modern day setting?

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Quoted By: >>77861504 >>77861575

>Still playing class-based games
>Still wanting to make more class-based games
What fucking for?

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>> No.77861504

I mean, for a good modern incarnation, PbtA based stuff usually handles "classes" pretty well (or at least the good ones do, which is a bit of a tautology but w/e).

>> No.77861575

I have a bad expiriene with classless sytems.
Only one I actually like is Chronicels of darknes.

>> No.77861578

I wonder why this is not mainstream. Sounds really good.

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>The party is tasked with rescuing a Princess kidnapped by the Demon Lord.
>It turns out that the Demon Lord did so to try to court her and his affections are genuine.
>The Princess isn't as averse to his feeling as she claims. When exposed to a placebo that she is told is an aphrodisiac, she pins the Demon Lord down and fucks him silly.
What would your party do?

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Quoted By: >>77866554 >>77870145

Depends, did she eat any food from the demon lord’s kingdom?

>> No.77866554
Quoted By: >>77870145


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Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

>> No.77866794

>When exposed to a placebo that she is told is an aphrodisiac, she pins the Demon Lord down and fucks him silly.
Rape by fraud is still rape.

>> No.77870145

Eat all the eggs

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>The party is tasked with rescuing a Princess kidnapped by the Demon Lord.
>It turns out that the Demon Lord did so to try to court her and his affections are genuine.
>The Princess isn't as averse to his feeling as she claims. When exposed to a placebo that she is told is an aphrodisiac, she pins the Demon Lord down and fucks him silly.
What would your party do?

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Why are there so many sexual deviants in /tg/?There are already boards for sex and fetishes in 4chan.

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Because those boards are for porn and don't want to discuss games.

This here board is for games and it's okay if some people want to spice up their games with ERP.

>> No.77860634

/tg/ is short for /TransGender/, chud

>> No.77860636

because it gets (you)s
the ultimate endgoal for any lifeform.

>> No.77860656

Welcome to 4chan.
Enjoy your complimentary soda and eleven year old

>> No.77860659

Because /tg/ has always been a place for them. It used to be even better, before jannies paid attention to this board.

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Quoted By: >>77877215 >>77877307

How do I change Strahd to make him badass and not just a pathetic simp?

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Quoted By: >>77877168

I'd rather they take a tremendous check list of things to put them down.

>Stake through the heart.
>Burry it at a crossroads
>rose on the coffin
>Maybe just drop a shit load of rice everywhere just to top it all off.

>> No.77877168
Quoted By: >>77877194

We're talking 5e or at least D&D here, right? A crucifix isn't a thing in the official settings I know and letting any holy symbol kill or incapacitate them might be a bit much. I agree it should do something though, maybe give the Vampire disadvantage.

Decapitation and staking should just work on vampires that are already down. It shouldn't be an in-combat thing though.

>> No.77877194

You gotta be more forward thinking. I don't want some asshole cultists bringing this faggot back in a hundred years to mess with my grandkids.

>> No.77877215

this is not /pol/

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File: 3MiB, 1x1, The Real Devil Strahd! A CR27 Version of the Devil.pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I did a few things for my home game.
First, only make him appear once every 3 sessions at most. When he fights your players while they're underleveled have him be a smug prick about it, especially as they run away. Play him as if the players are nothing but a mild inconvenience to him (you know the whole hates not the opposite of love, it's apathy thing)
And lastly use the CR 27 Real Devil Strahd stat block.

File: 6MiB, 1x1, Jumpchain.pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>Brutus' Drive

>DriveAnon's Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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>> No.77869942

I thought those were all common assumptions?

>> No.77869946

Wait, so Aizen killing Tousen was genuinely him doing his friend a favor?

>> No.77869969

>he just had to feed Ichigo some bullshit and he could probably get some captains killed for free
Yeah, no, that's never happening. Especially after the Aizen arc and/or if Isshin or Urahara get involved in literally any way.

>> No.77869973

>not handling communications/navigation support
>not suiting up and being a super cute battle couple
>not being the planetkiller weapon she inevitably has to use yet again because it's not a Metroid game until there's one less habitable location in the galaxy
You're probably right, but there's still ways to be there for her if you're willing to make the effort.

>> No.77869977

It's not that Taylor is worthless. It's that she's a colossal fuckup who makes life harder for herself. You could absolutely make something worthwhile out of her, if you're willing to deal with her bullshit for a bit until you've smacked some sense into her. Reed Richards absolutely is a worthless fuckup, though.

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Almost correct OP edition

>GURPS is a modular, adaptable system, capable of running a wide range of characters, settings, and play styles with level of detail varying from lightweight to completely autistic.
Optional rules allow you to emulate different genres with a single system, even switching genres within a single game.

Erstwhile on GURPSgen >>77755815

A nearly complete trove of GURPS books can be found by those who pay attention to file extensions.
A genre guide can be found in the trove, under Unofficial > GURPSgen. It tells you what books and articles you need for many common genres.

Thread question: have you ever tried to stat yourself in GURPS? How many points are you worth?

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Quoted By: >>77877828

Being unaffected by your own attack is not a nuissance, it's a convenience.
And if it's not persistent, you don't need the safespot - the Aura already covers it.

>> No.77877828
Quoted By: >>77877866

But the point is to turn flat area into ring/donut shaped area

>> No.77877866


>> No.77878325
Quoted By: >>77878384

>GURPS Discord
holy cringe

>> No.77878384

Little girl pls send nudies

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Quoted By: >>77865472

Does the creation of npcs and antagonists count as worldbuilding?

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>> No.77859898

If they have any backstory then yes

>> No.77861897

I'm not being antagonistic when I ask this, why does it matter?

>> No.77861910

hmm where do you think these npcs and antagonists exist?

>> No.77863261

Depends on how they fit in the world. If they reflect the culture, system, politics, or religion of a area, they are reflective of the world. some loner who lives out in the woods by choice has less chance of doing that.

>> No.77865472

If you're populating a location you've created, then yes, they're part of your world. I'd argue that making NPC's isn't directly a part of world building, especially if its just for a random encounter table or an offshoot idea like "What if there was a human king who allied with chromatic dragons to protect his people, but all the other kingdoms are being ransacked by these dragons?". I feel like character creation is more of a part of creating the story and quests for your world and campaign since they're the vehicle that lets players progress and interract with the world you've made.

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Halfling chef edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms

>Official AoS website
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database
>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
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>Thread question
What's a neglected army you like and how would you improve it?

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Bitch the ENTIRE concept of the STC is that there is NO POINT in NEW technology admech wants to stick to the OLD technology.
If you can't even recognize THAT basic concept, I HIGHLY doubt you are can be right about anything else
> ... reads your post
Oh great so you really don't know anything.
Show me the Ynnead models and faction in pre 7th 40k. Oh? Its not there?
Show me Daemon Prinarch rules and models, IN A FUCKING CODEX, not Angrons one off rules from a white dwarf, and how they have been used in 40k before the end of 7th.
EVERY FUCKING ELDAR CODEX has been with blurbs stating the ekdar are a dying race. Since literally 3rd ed. But now we have an entire Ynnead faction.
As for Tyranids, they are a side show are best at this point. Oh noes Devestation of Baal... yet the entire threat of Leviathan attacking from beneath the galaxies plane is forgotten. Ghaz is now this super ork and the reincarnation of "the Beast" which has been ginned up out of nowhere.
The traditional 40 "teb minutes to midnight" has been thrown in the garbage. The Eye of terror is broken. The imperium is split. Primaris and Carl, which you even ADMIT you can't account for, are here.
There is zero point trying to say "oh this is still traditional warhammer."
They dont give a shit about lore when it comes to making money (see 40k, the fucking birth of Age of Sigmar).
There is no reason to say oh well its always like this when they PLAINLY have changed things as needed and as desired.
So there is no reason why they MUST keep some retarded "the LRL are brainwashing people!!!!" Subplot because "oh its grimdark and thats warhammer"

>> No.77864464

Anyone know good paint schemes for the current daemonettes.

Alternatively a good place for recasts of the classic ones.

or extra alternatively a good (reasonably priced) 3rd party daemonettes? (the only ones I can think of are raging heroes which look nice imo but are $25 for 5...)

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Kill all aelves

>> No.77864531

Never said you said that I said people in general

>> No.77864966


based mummy foreteller

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