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Death to Nazis. Death to Commies.

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Hello nogames

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Idk, Green Dude will happily forgo his ability if it makes looting centrals easier.

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Either them or the Kamigawa ones.
Those mountains and islands are gorgeous.

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So he didn’t bother searching up anything? It would be excusable to not know about that or how many heroes use their quirk in a supplementary manner to their martial skills if not for the fact that he’s supposedly the biggest hero nerd ever.

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Looks like a Mandrake with tree-legs

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negative comments are intrinsically productive in any environment because they assist in keeping people like you away.

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Not every deck is a build-around-me strat

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I prefer /jc/. So cope.

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Beastmen and mutants never ever ever got the proper models and units for their lore, except for the earliest metal sculpts. In all sources, Beastmen are described as having the features of many different animals, not just goats, and tend to be described with further minor mutations such as extra eyes or bizarre deformities. They also are often accompanied by (hornless) mutant outcasts from Imperial society, whom form their "bray" underclass below even the ungors, and are depicted with even stranger mutations. Indeed, the prominence given to non-beastman mutants as a common threat to travelers in the lore makes it surprising that they never got a box. Further, internal Imperial Chaos Cults, working ruin from within the empire, have never been depicted on the tabletop either, save for Mordheim, which was excellent. For these reasons, I propose the following army concept for your consideration:
>Army is named "Cultists and Outcasts" or similar
>Rules allow this armies' units to be freely integrated into Beastmen and Chaos army lists.
>Main infantry box is called "mutants" and is a conversion candy sprue. Weird heads, tentacle arms, crab legs, things like that. No two models should look the same.
>A sprue of ONLY the mutant's heads and arm replacements is also sold. It's called "Mutation conversion sprue"
>Mutation conversion sprue can be applied to units of Gors, Ungors, Bestigors, Chaos Marauders, or even State Troops and Free Company, to represent mutated versions of each unit.
>Mutated units aren't always strictly better, but roll on a table each turn to determine the efficacy of their mutations
>Lords and heroes are a bit weaker, mostly magic users who's main role is to buff mutant units, and, at their best, perhaps even transform a hostile unit into mutants.
>The army is meant to be played in two ways - either to supplement a traditional Beastmen or Chaos army with extra chaff units, or to create a "traitor" State Troop force, similar to 40Ks Genestealer Cults.

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I once joined a painting class at my lgs and started talking to a rather hefty lady who was a proffesional painter, the E-girl to my right spent more time talking about her twitch streams/simp count and was unbearable, I completely ignored her.
> Quality of the woman joining vs quantity of low quality pussy in hobby

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Let me clarify this for you: No one WANTS to be a slave. People only "choose" slavery when all other options are out of the table. So you only sell yourself and your family when the
situation it's so dire that's the most other options are starving or dying. And that's when you even HAVE a choice (protip: most slaves didn't choose to be slaves)

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I think it's better for the good hits to actually do something for you. My deck tops off with temporal trespass which is actually castable for me.

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There's tons more commanders for "play free stuff off the top" than there is "Hit your opponents with big cmc"

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All of anon’s suggestions apply to named characters as easily as they do to unnamed characters excepting of course those that are outright fucking dead ala Aun’Shi

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Gotcha, anime girls will do

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>Gender in your psycho world is actually personality
Exactly. Transsexuals can change their gender role man/woman, but not their sex male/female.

If someone wants to present themselves as the opposite gender of what they were born as, then go for it.

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Points are what allow good narrative games. They don't have to be even but you should at least know what they are so you can balance the table in more interesting ways.

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Hordes suck to model pretty bad.

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Yeah this shit is good

Mauler is alright. I prefer his video game content, specifically his SOMA vs Amnesia stuff and his breakdown of what he thinks about Outlast. I've no interest in yet another 'why modern Star Wars is bad' video.

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