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>Do the gods in your setting have physical bodies?


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>OP here, I'm back again. Damn, US guys are active when I have to sleep.

Nice, I could use a professional opinion.

In my setting I simultaneously have a 'pantheon' of Gods, but everyone is more or less monotheist and exclusively worships one God for life.
My reasoning is thus: The Gods actually physically and spiritually exist, of this there isn't any doubt (you can occasionally even met them in person in prominent/busy/important religious places), and instead of being extremely specific with their spectrum or blessings, they instead try to provide a 'range' of benefits to their worshippers while remaining consistent and without contradicting their own personal cosmic goals.

I'd like to know if that 'reads' or sounds lived in.

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>What does your setting say about you?

I guess I've noticed a few things:
>Cosmos is constantly beset over the struggle between Order and Chaos: excessive Order gives into stagnation and kills vibrancy, beauty, and stifles creation, but excessive Chaos causes restless anxiety and things to enter into a smeared state of constant upheaval.
>Civilizations exists in waxing and waning points of light: both fantastical and mundane species constantly joining together to form ornate, immaculate, and spectacular self-contained city-states that always fall when their decadence and bureaucracy become too sluggish to deal with the expedience and adaptability of outside threats.
>"Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy."
>Evil beings are weak, always weaker than Good beings, while 'Neutral' beings remain the strongest due to their simplicity and earnesty, but very susceptible to subterfuge due to naivete. Evil, however, holds the ultimate power to corrupt, and they always do so by making extremely compelling appeals to ones emotions, 'personal' values, goals, and aspirations. The flaw of Good is always bad publicity.
>While extremely subjective, beings become more powerful and beautiful when they are 'true' to their natures. Things that deny their nature become "less of themselves" and actively wither away both physically and spiritually.

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>Why do droods suck?

I wana say people are too narrow minded about them or how to roleplay them.
They see or read about Druids and think they need to be this modern stereotypical hippy who got rewarded magic for being such a good hippy.

People don't realize you can be a Desert Druid, Swamp Druid, Fungal Druid, Coral Druid, Grassland Druid...A Druid who's only invested and interested in spreading one specific environment... Or for that matter an 'evil' Druid who wants to cause natural cataclysms: VOLCANIC DRUID or FLOOD THE WORLD DRUID. Literally go full Team Magma or Team Aqua on the world.

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>Does your pantheon of gods in your setting know the metaphysical origins of themselves and the universe?

The personable, lower-case, 'pagan-tier', gods all know where they came from and can answer the question of their metaphysical origins, but capital G, God, doesn't know where they came from, and no one knows where or how the universe came into existence. Actual God basically created -almost- everything in an effort to try and put things into context and hopefully create something that 'could' answer their questions.

The only exceptions are the entities wot live in the dark, deep, black waters of the primordial nothingness, but they don't seem interested in divulging anything to the gods or God- much to their annoyance.
Every once in a while they rise out of the formless depths and start whispering secrets to mortals. They like mortals.

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The tension slowly starts to subside as Death calms down: the darkness lingers, but it takes on a kind of warmth, comfort, being immersed and covered in a blanket that shrouds all distractions.
Emily turns to face death; falling into her arms as she's held, slowly, gently- for what feels like an eternity before she's seemingly spirited away.

"Thank you for choosing the kind route. I'm going to tell you something; a sort of secret: I'm not allowed to bring up reincarnation." Death sits down, becoming more humanoid, more physically present and humble in both presentation and atmosphere.
"In the beginning there was soul, matter and the 'mind'.." Death very briefly glances over to something behind the Technician before continuing, "and with these three aspects separate my existence was sad and solemn: I was to end all of existence; permanently. Every sun, every black hole, down to energy, down to matter, 'till the warmth and every spark of soul had been smothered."

The area shrinks into itself, getting more confined, enclosed- Death slowly contorting the space within the are so she's within the center. She begins to unshroud herself, exposing a gleaming, twinkling, platinum flesh- her body a beautiful mural of stars, the endless expansion of creation."
"Life was a breathtaking agent of chaos: a wild card that perpetuates an eternal cycle through combining all aspects of reality.. and to give me further purpose." Lilith and The Technician feel hands softly brush against them.

"I have shown you the ugly truth, now let me show you the beautiful lie."

>Death Happy ending Achieved.
>Moving onto the Confrontation of Baba Koschei.

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