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My party (two Elves, one Human) are going to Feywild. And while I'm really good with Material plane and Shadowfell ... I REALLY suck with goofy/silly/Alice-In-Wonderland/Fey stuff.

I'm currently reading a lot on Feywild and yeah, it can be goofy and it can be cruel, but I'm SO lost on how to capture "the vibe" of the place.

Concretely, the party will encounter a huge hedge maze-city, guarded by some ... guards. How should I roleplay these guards? (its eladrin + some Feybeasts). Then, the party may enter the city, which is basically a massive marketplace. I'd really need a few npc ideas, that fit this setting. And not just "they are mischevious and want to trick people", but like actual "this guy wants to do this to them/with them/for them".

The CN stuff, I guess. I'm bad at it. Can anyone help me with some ideas, please?

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