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I like the Jap take on Western armor as well as what you said. There's something charming about it.

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Items that disable the main components of spellcasting, verbal, somatic, and material.
Bind there hands, throat punches, steal their focus/book/component pouches that should be visibly availible, and nobody ever tries to normally so ask your dm.
The trouble is unless you are talking with your dm you need a lot of magic items or magic to stop spellcasting, which is stupid imo but that's all we have atm.

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This, honestly. They can work as a Mulan/Brienne of Tarth archetype in a more grounded game and can add variety to a more heroic game.

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Good question. I don't know what the objectively "most reasonable excuse" is but I have a solution that I think most people will be happy to use at their own table.

In my campaign setting (as is, I might add, explicitly supported by the rules for most TTRPGs I can think of, including Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition), women are simply as strong as men. There you have it.

I acknowledge that this is not accurate to real life. But very few RPG physics are accurate to real life, and I don't think it's inherently virtuous for RPG physics to emulate real life. The square cube law doesn't exist in DnD. Subatomic particle physics don't exist in DnD. There are very good reasons for both of these. They allow dragons and magic to exist. Similarly to how these entities' existence is allowed by the force of narratively convenient abstractions, the combat competence of women in my setting is equal to that of men's, and one's strength is more determined by how much they train, how much the gods favor them and how neat I think it would be for the story at any given moment, than it has to do with testosterone levels, mechanical leverage, or burning adenosine triphosphate in order to mobilize muscle fibers.

Now mind you, lady knights are still rare in my setting; I believe there would still differences between male and female jobs even in a society in which they were equally physically capable across all dimensions. This is mainly due to reproductive capacity but also nursing etc. So in your setting, a lady knight can be rare, perhaps even exceedingly rare, but, unlike real life, still be perfectly capable of existing and of adventuring with the best of the men. Who are ripping the heads off of dragons, by the way. This is a good thing unless you just hate lady knights on principle; I happen to quite like them. I think the loss in realism is worth the payoff.

tl;dr No it isn't "realistic" but I don't care, I want my god damn paladin waifu in heavy armor

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It is. The art direction in the most recent games took a turn for the worst, but the middle series-ish ones looked lovely.

The early games were all poofy 90s anime hair, capes and wide pauldrons. In a good way.

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Stat her, /tg/


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I'm looking for some art, and since this is essentially a Character Art thread, I'mm make my request here

I need someone who looks roughly Mediterranean, Olive-ish skin and short wavy black hair.
He needs to be weilding a polearm of some kind and/or a tower shield, and dressed as either a noble or at least well off person, or in simple armor.

Also, any images with him wearing a scarf of somekind are also preferable

In exchange, I shall donate this pic, and try to fulfill any requests someone else may have, especially those who fulfill my request.

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It's why I like it.

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Blaming Rich for the entire clusterfuck isn't really fair. There were a lot of contributors. I'm sure Rich is currently looking back at the decisions he made and realizing which ones were really bad ones.

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