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Rolled 19, 23, 4, 16, 29 = 91 (5d30)

My actual choice would be Spirit but rolling for Genetics is fun

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Similar CYOA, but IMO more interesting.

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No OC, nothing interesting. Time for the Frankenstein CYOA.

We're going to mash together CYOA that have nothing to do with one another, into something not quite as great as the sum of it's parts.

- A source of power.
- A race to be transformed into.
- A world to be sent to.

You may also choose one of three secret boxes:
- A companion to take with you.
- A single special item.
- A mystery gift.

If the CYOA conflict for some reason, the latter CYOA wins out as long as it's specific vs general, or unless you can justify how both can be true.

First choice, your source of power. You can also choose which other sources of power are present in the world you're being sent to.

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Then choose a source of power. As it says, any can grant immortality and all exist in other people too.

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Anyone got any CYOA that lets you get set up as a lower level wizard? Or a more grounded one, in that your powers are like pic related and can be powerful, but need rituals.

Think >>71371601 if the wizard in there had powers you actually wanted or were useful in any way.

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Ki manipulation is primarily in the body so you're probably good. It says agelessness after 20 years but the rest actually need to do something to get youth (enchant stuff, research a spell, make a pact). I think Ki just happens by itself because of the mastery you have over yourself, so after a few years you'd be aging like Keanu Reeves until eventually you just stop. Then you'd probably have the power to shapeshift yourself anyway.


There's not many CYOA in this style, pic related is the only similar one I can think of. I like them for their relative simplicity but I still kinda wish there was an extra *something* to them. Maybe a list of challenges or something?

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Vancian Magic Boys represent.

Ki-chads and psy-niggahs got nothing on my wrinkled wizardly butt.

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Depends heavily on the setting, but I'm a big fan of the classic vancian magic (i.e. D&D style 'a spell is a spell' i.e. it only does things within a set definition, and once you've used it it's gone until you prepare it again). Magic should be like a set science. It can do anything, but it can't do everything at the same time. You need to prepare it ahead of time, and you have a limit to how many spells you can prepare at once.

Let's say a mage wants to cast fireball. He needs to know how, and he needs to prepare a small ritual to ready the spell. Maybe he needs some simple ingredients to burn in a small fire or whatever. Then that spell is set, and when he wants to release it he can. Two fireballs, two rituals. No exceptions.

This might sound obvious especially in /tg/ of all places, but think about how many magical characters in various shit just wave their hands and do things and explain it as magic they're able to do. They can do that shit because the energy is bullshitted as mana (which can't be easily quantified) and the spells aren't given. Writers do this because it's way easier and they're lazy, but it means that it's always pretty fucking difficult to tell how strong a magical character is.

Once you've forced magic to vancian magic, i.e. a strict list of rules it has to follow, then it becomes easier to actually balance against even if your wizards are insanely OP otherwise because a martial character can at least figure out what boundaries a wizard lives in.

These rituals for magic spells don't need to be easy afterall. Or even safe.

Or just say fuck it and make magic entirely cerebral while martial is accessing ki and give them the advantages listed on pic related.

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My big problem with this CYOA is that enchanting 3 is fucking broken. Given you can get any spell level up to two as long as you know someone else with enchanting who's willing to help, it basically means there's no reason to take anything that isn't a level 3 or 4.

Enchanting and time will get you a ring for every other power up to level two. All the utility magics too.

And maybe that wouldn't be a problem but the author designed it to be pretty stingy (which is totally fine as a design decision, but these powers aren't particularly strong to begin with).

It's a real shame because as flavour goes it's right up my fucking tree and into the sky, right from the Song I was picking things that appealed for flavour and not mechanics. But it falls apart at the powers which really are nowhere near as interesting as the rest of the CYOA.

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Thread's kinda boring so I'll throw a pseudo-CYOA at the wall to see what sticks, since I'm too lazy to make my own from scratch yet.

You wake up with a choice.

Pick one of these powersets. Choose between being sent to a new world of your choice (either based on fiction or just 'low magic fantasy world') with that, or staying on an earth where every one in 10,000 people have been given the same choice that morning.

What do you pick and where (if anywhere) do you go?

> Rules:
- Either way your choose, you're allowed to pick a new appearance and cure any health problems etc. you ugly, transgender troglodite. So was everyone else.
- Alternate earths aren't valid choices for Isekai (no going to the Harry Potter world or whatever).
- Being granted the powerset grants you the competence to use it well with moderate hard work. Put your work in and you'll at least be a Tien, instead of a Yamcha.
- As per the CYOA, any powerset can grant a form of immortality via putting the work in.
- If you leave earth you'll be the only person who goes to that world from earth.
- You aren't necessarily going to automatically pick up on any inherent magic or powers in the place you travel to. I.e. Avatar world won't make you a bender. But related powers can interact. I.e. spirits in Avatar are going to be fine with the spirit powerset and might grant bending that way.

> Hard Mode:
Choose a powerset for your enemy. He's a little more skilled with it than you are with yours and you both know the rough location of one another down to the city/town.

He's not a murderous dick or anything, but whichever one of you can kill or subdue the other gets to grant the losers powerset to a friend/ally/made-up anime waifu to be your side-kick or companion. (If they die or become disloyal you can grant it to someone else).

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I'm usually one to call bull on this, but there does seem to have been a bit of a decline recently. I actually only got into these threads about a year ago, maybe a bit less, but there used to be a lot more build discussion and, well, actual discussion.

Wasn't too many threads ago it seemed normal though. Like when people started thinking up ideas for the Dark Entity CYOA or discussing pic related in detail.

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Posting this since it's got a similar theme but is a bit more interesting IMO. Magic vs ki vs psi vs binding.

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This is actually pretty good - i always skipped it over because of how rough it is - but it's really worth a read. It definitely does read like a rough draft. It's got a lot of spelling errors, and there's references to stats like '2 strength' that don't make a lot of sense to me (we talking D&D stats maybe?). The factions mention primary and secondary factions and mention you only get the 'first advantage', but don't list advantages that way etc.

Anyway, I'd go with a mage, then pick up the fae sisters and the super powerd vigilante for my companions. My factions would be the freaks and the fight club.

The mage doesn't seem to be a frontline fighter, but they've clearly got huge flexibility. More importantly, magic items, healing potions and immortality potions (though ive got to be limited with those for them to be effective). One day per magic item is pretty great.

I'll make a deal with NotBatman and offer my services as magic item/potion boy in exchange for money. Once me and the fae girls are comfortable I can start pumping out weapons/potions. Their ability transfer me magic energy should help with that, and blue has knowledge to help too.

Anything NotBatman doesn't want I can offer to my factions. I chose the freaks for their magic water, but the supernatural fight club seems pretty great just to be there. There's no reason I should fight vampires myself when I can just multiply everyone else's force with swords that shoot sunlight or healing potions, and since they're so easily made and I don't need money I can afford to be generous and build up a good relationship with everyone in case i ever need help.

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Rolled 7, 10, 22, 11, 19 = 69 (5d30)

It took a long-ass time but I found it on my own, thanks for not spoon-feeding me.

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