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Does Warhammer 40k have a problem with fans who insert politics into it?

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Too obvious, but you'll still get 100 replies, minimum

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40k doesn't have a problem with them, they have a problem with 40k.

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This thread will reach about 100 - 324 replies while better ones will be deleted.
Thank you, mods!

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Thy are only a problem because those political inserts don't have actual balls to go play historicals and just stick to babys first wargame and claim shit it doesn't have.

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Krieg is a jab at a potential Franco-German EU army.

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>German names
>British gas masks
>French uniforms
>Helmet is a mixture between the French Adrian helmet and German Stahlhelm
>Wehraboos play them as nazis in space rather than WW1 dying empires fighting in the mud in space

Makes me absolutely livid it does

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What the fuck, that's my wife!

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Happy fishing, anon!

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Posting in low effort bait thread.

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Pathetic sad thread.

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No, trannies and weak commie faggots have problem with it. Mods delete this shit thread.

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No tabletop gaming does in general because too many retards can't just accept a game for being a game. I was with a friend at a shop 2 weeks ago and this guy came over to our table. We started talking and I mention how I've been wanting to play bolt action. This guy responds with "I'm too busy fighting nazis in real life to fight them on the table top". These retards shouldn't be allowed out of their homes if they can't treat a game as just a game.

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I wish I could play historics. I would love to finally get a game of Bolt Action in or not always have to play Advanced Squad Leader solitaire.

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Is this going to one of those threads where people confuse a broad comment on political movements with specific Current Year social politics?

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Lesbians make me feel bad because the cute girl doesn’t want to date me.

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yes everyone who tries to inject identity politics (both /pol/fags and far left cucks) should be shunned

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someone will inevitable bring up class realism and get banned while everyone screaming about niggers and trannies will be fine!

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shut up and accept your censorship, commie

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That is on you anon, don't prove the fact that right wingers are pathetic pointless joins of people, because let's face it most of them are just that, since the moment there isn't someone making club for them they only complain and sit around being pile of shite.

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it's really really easy to find historicals as long as you get along decently with middle aged+ people.
If you have any charisma and drive you can also start your own community.

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Literally everything does. There is no forum, activity, hobby, or state of existence that isn't a front of memetic warfare in [Current Year.]

There's nothing you can do about it. Just get your catharsis screaming at [enemy] like everyone else. Signal as strong as possible who is [friend.] Don't question whether any of this is having the effect you say you want, because the attack and the signalling is itself the point. There is nothing else, and won't be until the changing of the age. Get used to it.

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This was posted in the LARP thread too.
Is this just copy-pasta or are you really trying to share your boring ass story with as many people as you can get away with?

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