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I still see a lot of people who extol the virtues of DnD 1st/2nd edition (if not even basic) but where the hell is the 3e grognards?

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who the fuck likes 3e?

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Even the 3e grognards prefer 3.5e.

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3e was, and I'm swear I honestly believe this, the best edition of D&D
It had everything I wanted and nothing more

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Fucking this

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wait are these ages normal in us/whatever shithole because in europe it's perfectly normal to be a virgin while 20

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bro where are my wizard powers its been six months

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Fuck, I am almost a wizard.

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I need to start playing wow.

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3e was the worst fucking edition that ruined gaming forever

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Never even jacked off once in my life 22 years,
what do you say to that?

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It’s not anon. You are just lonely virgin. Everyone sane enough loses it’s virginity about 15-17. The most unlucky ones get it done by 18. Are you becoming a wizard?

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I sure am.

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25 years old and going strong, ye fool unbathed in power arcane.

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Holy fuck. Why? I am curious, how did you get to this point? By 25 you should find at least one slut drunk enough to fuck anything at a party

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The munchkins and powergamers it was geared toward loved it.

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You go to parties? Really Anon? I expected more from you.

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They suffered extreme brain damage from playing 3e and convincing themselves it was good for years and are now mostly found in mental hospitals or working the night shift at gas stations.

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But I don't want to fuck a slut drunk enough to fuck anything at a party. I've been propositioned before, but both women were batshit crazy and another was an escort so God knows what she carried.
I've been trying to date, but nothing's really worked out so far, and it just never really became a priority for me to get laid for the sake of being laid.

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NAYRT but as an actual wizard I just never really treated losing it as a big deal and ended up passing long periods of time without pursuing opportunities. In my early 20s I was too self conscious and I eventually adjusted to a life where dating/fucking wasn't on the radar.

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It’s beyond me why TTRPGs and a healthy social life have to be exclusive. Especially since this is a hobby that requires human interaction, usually with friends. I can understand vidya gamers to be socially awkward..but why ttrpg players?

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Blessed and Christpilled

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Of course I go to small scale bro parties with close friends and such. but actual parties? Absolutely not, I don't find anything about them appealing unless you're looking to get hammered which in this case I'm not.

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Anon, fucking sluts is good for your mental health. And use condoms. The fact that she was batshit crazy makes no difference. And about dating..don’t you feel the need for sex? Or at that point you became immune to the desire?

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Ok, no parties. But other activities? Hobbies? Work place? University? Online? I mean man I saw some chicks that would go for anything.

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I don't think you can understand the outlook of the other anon.

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I don't think there's any problem with my libido, it's just that I can find the same pleasure that you get through non romantic sexual encounters by just masturbating, so unless I'm romantically interested in someone I wouldn't have sex with them, I don't think this is a very uncommon point of view either.

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This is legit sad for me. I hope all of you get to fuck everyday in the future. God bless you all

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This isn’t a very healthy point of view. But you do you man. Hope you are at least happy with yourself and at peace

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Thanks anon.

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And I find your own outlook on this to be quite cynical and depressing to be all honest, I hope things get better for you Anon.

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Anon, many people don't have any sex until marriage, in fact it was considered the norm for a large period of history.

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Fundamentally it's the same thing since it's strictly physical stimulation leading to orgasm but yeah it's not the same thing, maybe a better way to put it is that I'm just not interested in flings?

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>Anon, fucking sluts is good for your mental health
I sincerely doubt that, but whatever.
>And about dating..don’t you feel the need for sex?
I have a perfectly functional right hand.
Look, whenever I talk to someone who is surprised that I'm not constantly interested in fucking women, I think of one horndog I used to work with who went and joined the military to (no shit) torture people. Like specifically to torture people. He didn't get assigned a role that would put him in such a position, thankfully, but it's always made me wonder whether I'm better off simply containing my autism, because there was something clearly wrong with that guy.
It was said to me in confidence, so I haven't told anyone other than a few people who either couldn't identify who I was talking about or are required not to talk or both.

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To be fair, you can't exactly judge whether or not it's good for your mental health because you haven't experienced it. I would give more credit to the other anon, who has been fucking sluts and has found it good for his mental health, than to you, who merely assumes it would not be.

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Anon, I was just curious about you and gave you an advice. I don’t think you are subhuman or deserve to be treated bad because you are a virgin.

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Yeah but most people didn’t mention this. If you want to practice it..good for you I guess? You have a level of commitent that I could never achive

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Most of the good stuff from 3e either got put into Pathfinder (there's a reason it's called 3.pf) or 5e, if not both, so the vast majority of people who really liked 3e have no reason not to move to one of the two 3e-similar systems that are currently in print.
Not everybody likes sex. Different people enjoy different things, and that's okay.

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People who got into tabletop before stranger things.

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I mean this as a positive, but literally nobody cares. Just live your life senpai

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Virgin and sex addict argue over which one is less fucked in the head

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This thread makes me look at myself a little. I am a very horny dude, but I never wanted to have meaningless sex. And when I finally got the chance to fuck a random chick, it felt hollow and I felt like trash afterwards. It didn't feel good to have a purely physical relation with someone.
Ever since I got a girlfriend, and one that is just as horny and open about her sexuality as I am, and that supports me and loves me for who I am, the sex is just another facet of my affection for her, not the point of the relation. And all that at 26 years old.
I'll basically say what some other anons were saying: you do you, my dudes.
There's no need to rush.

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>Going to parties
dumb normalfag

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Yes. Doesn’t every neckbeard spend his life wishing he was a normalfag just for a day? To see what is like on the normal side? Have a good one, anon.

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>Doesn’t every neckbeard spend his life wishing he was a normalfag just for a day?
No. You're projecting.

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But if the answer is no, then why does it bother you?

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>don’t you feel the need for sex? Or at that point you became immune to the desire?
ntayrt but another wizard here. No, I have basically never experienced desire the way other men appear too. I have some vague interest in sex as a thing that could theoretically happen, but no drive at all to pursue it as a goal. The interest simply isn't there.
I got into roleplaying mostly through 3.5 (though my first game ever was a decrepit boxset of the FASA startrek RPG). I dunno if my experience is common, but I just slid off of it after a while and become more interested in other games. While I might arguably be considered a 3.5 grog, and own way too many books for it, I stan almost exclusively for GURPS these days.

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What about the emotional connection?

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Actual slave to social pressure trying to pass on the damage dealt to him by living only for the expectations of his peer circle.

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I get all of my emotional catharsis from close friendships, and it's never really crossed my mind much. I do occasionally feel some frustration that most of those are long distance, but it's a minor thing that doesn't register fully.

Nonzero I'm on the spectrum somewhere, but never seen a psych that's said as much.

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off my fucking board right now

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>tfw 25

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>talks about sex
>anon that’s peer pressure and damaging

Can’t make this shit up

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The closest thing I know to a 3e grognard is someone I play DnD 3.5 with. He has the 3.0 phb and is mostly used to Neverwinter Nights. He tries to cast multiple spells per turn with haste, uses spring attack as complete freedom of movement, and constantly references the 3.0 rules. It's fine with me cause whatever it's all for fun anyway but if I was the dm I'd probably be a bit stricter with the rules.

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You know anon some people consider sex important enough that they'll only do it with people they actually care about.

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>but where the hell is the 3e grognards?
They moved on to Pathfinder, which if it was released now would be called a Retroclone of 3.5e I suppose. Other than that, 3rd edition's d20 system was so widespread that there are hundreds of modules and games based on it to satisfy any itch well into the future.
Or maybe not enough time has passed for nostalgia to set in for it I dunno.
(Also, are there 2e fans around? They seem to be a very small minority. Most OSR play is done with B/X and very rarely 1e. The only retro clone of 2e I know of is For Gold and Glory and rarely does anyone mention it.)

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I run a 2e game but I strip out a lot of the rules. Most of the stuff introduced in complete books slow the game down. I'm working on 2e retro clone sense Gold and Glory has spell errors and other things. Mostly want to include all the new classes released down the line (Assassin, Monk, Shaman, Chronomancer etc.) and including some stuff from Players/DM Options

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Why would I fuck some whorthless slut when I can wait to find someone I actually love?

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i'm convinced that the ease of searching the PFSRD is literally the only thing that let pathfinder supplant 3e

if you look outside the anglosphere you see a lot more 3e grogs, because the quality of Pathfinder reference material in those languages is nowhere near as high, at which point why bother making the switch? paizo devs are fucking retarded

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Oh hey, you wrote Gold and Glory? Nice.

>> No.77699560

No anon, He's saying he's gonna write a retroclone to compete against Gold and Glory.

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You need to lay off the old man braps.

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Quoted By: >>77700916

This is what normalfags actually believe.

I don't want to be like other people. I want other people to be like me.

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>first level wizard
>tell myself love can still exist, because to give up hope leads down a very bitter path
>though casting magic missile from time to time is fun I guess
maybe if another few years I'll get some more practical spells too...

this is true I think, or they switched to pathfinder

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>I want everybody to be socially inept and borderline autistic

This is what 20+years of no contact with a female does to your brain.

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does it count if you are 5 your first time?

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