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You have your choice of four DMs, all of which are unwilling to play with each other, all of which are unwilling to play under you. Whose campaign do you play in?

- The guy who wants to run a grim, gritty, and realistic campaign based on medieval history and Game of Thrones.
- The weeb who plays Genshin Impact and watches Hololive and wants to run a quirky "anime fantasy" campaign.
- The one who studies how marginalized minorities and outcasts are represented in fantasy and wants to run a subversive, progressive campaign.
- The dude who has watched every episode of Critical Role to date and promises a campaign that will be exactly like Critical Role, down to every Matt Mercer-ism.

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None of them, they're all god awful.

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None of them. I'm already in a campaign with my brother.

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Difficult. First guy is likely to just kill off characters because he thinks it's good for the story, second guy is a weeb but he sounds like he would be the most fun, third would shove politics into the game (though trying your best to subvert them at every turn could be fun) and CR guy hasn't run a campaign before.

I think I'd go for the weeb. At least, if we're all on the same page, we can go as wild as we want on the anime shit

The answer is none of them if it's D&D 5e

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2 cuz he's the only one who wants to have fun

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Honestly the only off putting parts of the weeb is the fact he watches hololive and everyone who does that has in my own experience been an enormous thorn in my side, genshin is a red flag but completely irrelevant in this case.

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The weeb, it will be completely new territory for me and certainly the most fun out of the two choices.

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Predicting that 2 will be the most popular choice by a margin of at least 20% if not more.

The correct answer is 3 because it will be the most fun to derail

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I genuinely have a player who sounds exactly like number 2. I don't think he'd ever run a game, but if he did I don't doubt it would have anime elements

The thing with anime is that it's only particularly bad if you're caught off guard by it. If you know it's happening and you can play a system that allows it, then you can have a lot of fun

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-5/10 Most likely a red flag but I'd like to play a game like that that's done tastefully
-4/10 Choose the right tropes and it's fun, but concentrate on the wrong things and it's unbearable
-1/10 Sounds like a game put up for the wrong reasons. Doesn't sound fun at all
-4/10 Critical Role-like games are fun in theory but following it religiously is wrong

So the first one

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Honestly the thing that separates the annoying weebs from the tolerable ones isn't the quantity or quality of the jap media they consume, it's if they're able to talk about things that aren't anime. A massive weeb that's able to stop talking about anime for weeks unless it's relevant is a lot better, than someone who watches anime every once in a while but it makes up 84% of their conversational topics.

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New version of the pasta, so you get a new reply.

I still want the progressive campaign. It has the most potential of the four to be interesting

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anime game sounds like something made by someone who actually likes what he does. and after the session we can watch actual good anime together so he can take inspiration from that as well, since it's a highly varried medium.

the other guys just do it for brownie points and / or are just soulless immitators

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>anime game sounds like something made by someone who actually likes what he does.
and? a shitting dicknipples ERP game is also made by someone who likes what he does

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And it is also something that I enjoy to at least some degree, does not disrupt the course of the rest of the game but may instead enhance it and isn't inherently being masturbated to

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and? ERP was never an option here, you are just offended by the word "fun"

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Zombies haunt power fantasy

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Maybe check what’s ignored>>77696052
Comedy undead

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First and it’s not even a contest.

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Whichever one leads to you not posting this thread again. 2. Definitely 2.

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