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>Hey, how about we take Dune and mix it with standard fantasy? You know, orcs and elves in space.
>Sounds great.
>Yeah! And then 90% of it will be about comically over the top beefcakes in stupid armors kicking ass!
>And they fight super evil mutants with magic powers! And heros have DBZ powerlevels! And everything is so big and awesome and dark and grim!

How do you make 40k not seem like one big joke of a setting?

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Its judge dredd more than it is dune

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How? It takes so much from Dune it's crazy.

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generally you have to not be retarded, so, sorry anon, it's out of your league

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I'm sorry I forgot every op picture needs to be boring so snowflakes don't get butthurt.

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The differences are clearly greater than the commonalities though.

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It takes "god emperor", navigators and a big technologically regressive space empire from dune (and that last bit is arguable since plenty of works have "our tech went evil", like the ABC warriors from 2000AD)

It takes fucking judge dredd has, especially back in ye olde days when marines were just dudes in stupid looking armor.

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>one big joke of a setting
It always was.
That's the whole point of it, from the early Rogue Trader days.
It's over-the-top silly grimdark hilarity.
That's why I love it.

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You can't. The target group is 13-18 testosterone driven autists. But it has its moments.

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40K takes from fucking everything
>Judge Dredd
>2000 AD
>The Terminator
>Starship Troopers
>Mad Max

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Yeah it's a kitchen sink basically.

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Not that much relative to everything else. And even if it was mostly Dune, the result is really nothing like Dune at all.

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40K is a massive stitched together parody of tons of settings and tropes, how can you not realise that? If you take it so seriously of course it's going to sound dumb to you.

>>77695640 has it bang on.

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Empire takes very much from Dune, setting as a whole not that much. Hell Space Marines are basically Sardaukars. On top of that you have God Emperor, Navigators, hate of AI, all female religious sect, etc. It's not a ripoff or anything but inspiration is totally obvious.

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>all female religious sect
>dune invented nuns
Uh okay.
No one is claiming 40k doesn't take a lot of ideas from Dune, just that it takes so much from all over the place it's silly to single Dune out. Like the Emperor who isn't really anything like Leto II beyond the title, or even the AI prohibition given that 40k's "workaround" is servitors rather than mentants.

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>Hey, how about we take Dune and mix it with standard fantasy? You know, orcs and elves in space.
>Sounds great.

The correct response here was


Thanks for the slutty child though.

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And yet again it has almost nothing in common with the 40k equivalent beyond the very basic idea.

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Oh, I'm aware. But I'm also not that anon. I do think 'god emperor created an all-female army to calm down the imperium after the crusades' would be a better reason for them to exist and later contradict, though.

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By focusing on couple of elements. You can't really show off everything 40k has in one coherent whole.

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I don't think that would really fit them being an elite army, and if they aren't that they're surely just the Guard anyway.
I'm not sure they could have really conveyed it well given how little detail they gave about 30k before the HH books either.

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>Like the Emperor who isn't really anything like Leto II beyond the title
Yeah, he's more like Muad'dib.
Stop being a contrarian.

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You're gonna have to explain this one for me anon. Please don't say Mars.

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>complaining about the setting of a game thats older than you are

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>main defining trait is being an ambiguously dead space lighthouse
Not really, no.

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>Like the Emperor who isn't really anything like Leto II

Dude they even had him on a glorious crusade to conquer all mankind. It's literally the same thing.

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It's such a great concept on paper. The problem with 40k is atrocious writing. Setting is wonderful but every time they try to make a story in the setting it's fucking horrible.

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>servitors rather than mentants

The concept is almost the same only minor details are different. Also machine spirits came from ornicopters being part animal.

And holy shit, official 40k anime with designs by Murata would be incredible.

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Nah. They're plenty elite as described.

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Yeah. Warhammer's settings were never meant to be "original" or "good", they were meant to sell metal toy soldiers, magazines, and games. That's why there's so many different factions and "chapters" within factions in Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, and 40k, so you can get away with painting your dude weird colors or slapping toothpicks on his arms.

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And Brides of the Emperor
And Face Dancers (callidus assassins)
And yes, AdMech are absolutely ripped from Ixians, right down to the use of the term "abominable intelligence" and constantly toeing the line of what it means to be human or machine
And the Sisters Dialogis who are literally just Reverend Mothers
And servitors, which are just grimdank mentats
Pretty much everything but hive living is ripped directly from Dune

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You were not supposed to point that out.

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The Foundation books by Isaac Asimov. A good read! To make a long story short: A mathematician predicts the inevitable fall of the Galactic Empire and the dawning of a 29,000 year dark age which follows using a newly developed technique called 'psychohistory'. However, this period can be shortened to a "mere" 1,000 year interregnum through a practical application of that same technique.

Which is to say, he establishes the titular Foundation: an institute dedicated to the preservation and advancement of knowledge located in a distant region of space, a seed from which a Second Galactic Empire can eventually grow. The series then follows the development of the Foundation from academic institution to government and so on, balancing the outside pressures of a collapsing empire and post-Imperial warlords against internal pressures.. All of which was foreseen by that long-dead mathematician, of course.

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How's that related to 40k though?
Also mathematicians can't predict The Mule

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>Hey, how about we take Dune and mix it with standard fantasy?
so, The Fire Died ?

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Also the loss of thinking machines is right out of the Butlerian Jihad. And don't even pretend the gene manipulation isn't eerily similar to the gene manipulation of guild navigators/bene tleilaxu.

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If they knew he would eventually exist, he would have predicted the scenario perfectly. He was an aberration because the psychic powers were a complete and unknown anomaly.

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also Metabarons (which takes from Dune)

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The Foundation is just fall of Rome space edition. I fail to see how it's like 40k.

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40K is just Rome's twilight years dickspikes space fantasy edition

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It was never meant to be super serious, it was inspired by punk rock, heavy metal, fantasy and various pop culture IPs but fucking reddit retards need to use their useless college degrees for something so they try to dissect it.

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>Massive decadent space empire that is barely staying together
>A religious order that controls advanced technology
>A capital planet that is entirely covered in cities
It's more subtle than other sources, but it had some influence

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Didn’t read, just fapped to the little girl.

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40k has always been the meme

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Fun fact: Most of the black library authors have written for 2000AD multiple times.
Basically don't even bother submittin to black library if you ain't got at least one 2000AD series under your belt.

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I wonder if big budget TV show will change that.

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The increasing numbers of Americans in the company have already changed that.
Yanks can't into humour. Or satire. Or just not being retards.

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>How do you make 40k not seem like one big joke of a setting?
40k was intended as a joke setting and taking it seriously is wrong

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You don't because it is.

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Then it got popular and now it's about spess muhreens being badass. Just look at all the fanfilms.

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these pics are very alluring, are you going to tell me what the fuck's the source?

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Joke is a bad word for it because it wasn't directly intended to be hoo hoo ha ha, they just wanted an excuse to also sell sci-fi style miniatures, and made the smart business decision to do it with some generic fantasy models as well to sell it to their existing fantasy audience.

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40k was always satire

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one of the original ideas was imagining humans exporting thatcherism to space, read "what if highly zealous bigots in charge are banking on the abject suffering of the masses to fuel imperialist wars, but in space"
the only thing they got wrong from that idea from the 80's is their lack of corporate overlords. even dune had choam

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dark humor exists tooit's funny because why would being in space change how awful and bleak reality is?

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That's dumb and you're dumb. Warhammer is a game, its lore only exists to make it so you can have cool dudes to sell as miniatures, the original target demographic wasn't you media analyzing pseuds, it was teenage boys and young men. The idea that it had any "deeper meaning" or it was a "thought out nihilistic satire on society we live in" is retarded. They literally had a line of miniatures with names referencing smoking pot at one point.

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it takes setting details from dune, like fantasy concepts and technologies, it takes it's theme and atmosphere from judge dredd

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It is jokey though. Look at Goge Vandire, that whole story is a *joke* and his last words are the punchline.

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>nihilistic satire on society we live in
>thought out
depends on what you mean by "thought out". "zealous imperialism wont end well in space because it didn't end well in reality", that's as "thought out" as it went. brits with dark humor made this game, in the 80's. the fantasy side was taking jabs at Margaret Thatcher, why would 40k not share the same levels of satire?
daww, is someone feeling insecure? the people who made the things you like had political opinions, and instead of being preachy, they were taking the piss

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Yes, because Obi-Wan Sherlock Clessau is the height of comedy.

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Most Brits are 100% apolitical and think labour and wokies are bloody idiots who should just shut up and focus on their own lives. Only middle class uni kids give a shit about politics and a couple decades ago they couldn't even go down to the pub because someone would glass them just to shut them up

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So we live in a society, Mr. Incel that takes children's toys seriously?

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but the source OP

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>not recognizing a decent artist

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It steals a shit ton from Elric too.

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It is a joke, and the punchline is "everything is awful"
The FFG RPGs did a better job at leaning into that though.

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google it

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