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What kind of animals would you make sacred/symbolic beings to basic gods like sun, moon, death, harvest, sea?
Do any of the standard dnd gods have any?

Which of our animals would you "sanctify" to the four chaos gods? On what logic? Tzeentch seems to like birds.

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Well,? How know that Hera liked peacocks for some reason, and Poseidon made horses, so they were important to him.

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Yeah I think Zeus got Eagle and Bull, no idea why though.
(but no swan for some reason)

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Or wait, were you asking how we know that hera liked peacocks?

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I really likes stags as forest-kings. I like the idea of sacred forest grooves, where an ageless, intelligent stag keeps the peace by killing any predator larger than a fox.

That's not what they do in real life of course. In real life they fight over pussy, and get their horns tangled together, and die. Stag horns don't exist to repel predators, they exist to reduce the deer population before winter hits, but the imagery is still good.

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Bears fit the theme a lot better in my opinion, they're actually physically capable of guarding things.

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I have a goddess of the sky who is depicted as woman with wings. People who worship her have several sects, one forbids eating of birds, one forbids eating of anything that flies, and the most extreme forbids both. Those animals are kinda sacred.

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I like bears, but they eat meat, and they don't have crowns. It's about the symbolism.

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>they eat meat

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as far as I'm aware, the larger portion of bear's diet often ends up being things other than meat actually.

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Wolfs, Owls,Lynxes and Panthers
Ravens, Eagles, Coyotes, Vultures and Spiders
Bunnies, Bees and Stags
Swordfish, Eels and Killer Whales

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Why are eagles on the death list?

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No, sorry. I didn’t notice that typo.

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Maybe because they’re successful predatory birds?

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Roosters because they greet the Sun
Wolves because they howl at the Moon
Vultures because they eat the Dead
Cats because they protect the harvest from mice
Cephalopods because Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Also the Chaos Gods already have animals sanctified to them. Nurgle likes flies because plague, Khorne dogs because attack attack bite bite, Tzeentch likes ... vultures I think? They're the birds with long-ass necks. And Slaanesh likes horses, or at least weird alien ones with razor-sharp tongues.

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