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>he doesn't use God Hand SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0 loli deity edition clippers to build his models

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Every day we stray further from this being a tolerable board

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You're a real faggot, this OP is much closer to a 2008 era /tg/ post than half of the generals we have nowadays.

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Very true, but the current lolifag infestation we have means irony cannot be detected in context with lolis.

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These are genuinely the most superior clippers I've ever used in my life.

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Couple lewdlolis a day keeps the normalshit away~

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So eventually when some braindead phlegm manages to normalize pedophilia, you're gonna stop browsing 4chan and go outside?

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Normalize lmao, don't worry it's not like anons have Clinton tier resources to actually fuck children right in their poopholes.

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Yeah dude I'm sure 4chan is going to be the place to normalize pedophilia. Jesus, the OP isn't even a sexual thing it's just a dumb Japanese mascot gimmick.

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I mean we are contrarian so all it'd mean is that loli posters would vanish overnight, right?

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You sound like Twitter incarnate.

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This is infinitely better than the political tourists and the 5e spam.
You will never belong.

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Why does my autism compel me to enter threads with things I do not like just so I can complain about said things until I eventually realize what I am actually doing?

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I dunno dude but you might want to get your head checked out.

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>Fully clothed child immediately causes you to think of having sex with children
Who's the pedo here?

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Many such cases!

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>God hand clippers
>flat sided clippers that sell for $100+
are nips retarded?

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>are nips retarded?

Yes. Fantastically so.

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No actually it makes me think of headaches.

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They're fucking expensive. I'm still using a 7 or 8 year old pair of mrhobby clippers. They are chipped as fuck and the spring is giving out.
I have to reshrapen the blades every few months.

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You're underestimating just how good these clippers are.

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Are they like the ones that can cut so well that they leave almost no nub or nubmark?

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