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Yes, this is 100% more kino than having lame pseudo-Christian gods.

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Only when they specifically chose to.
Come to think of it, they must mostly use them for sex with elf sluts, since most of the demigods in my setting are from elf kingdoms.

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Some do.

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Endless Celestial Sex?

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They sometimes assume bodily forms to travers hidden among the mortals. The beggar who turns out to be a god is one of my favourite tropes, though I don't think I have ever actually utilized it in one of my games.

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Yes, though as gods they can change their form pretty much at will.

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To provide Jesus with -- the Indians!

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How else do the get lewd?

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>Do the gods in your setting have physical bodies?


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WTF is that my mom?

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Not really.

They have avatars though.

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>Christian God
>Not having a body
Anon, I-

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Well, what are the upsides and downsides of gods that are always physical versus incorporeal gods/gods that reside in a non-physical realm? What about ones that can switch between the two?

In a setting I'm working on, there's a sort of spiritual underlayer to physical reality, and manipulation of this spiritual plane can cause the physical world to change in response, which is what magic is. A being can expand their soul to increase their magical potential, and monsters have their abilities "pre-programmed" into their souls already. Gods are so powerful because their souls are "incredibly" massive compared to most, dwarfing any presence that they have on the physical world. Some don't even bother making a body unless they actively need it

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They don't by default, and need to gain a vessel to manipulate things on a more direct level.

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How else they gonna fuck?

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No, and even if they did, why the fuck would they bother showing up in it? They're busy doing god stuff, and that's what crazy cultists are for.

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>They're busy doing god stuff, and that's what crazy cultists are for.
Wouldn’t most gods prefer their followers to be more organized?

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I believe that's why he >>77703285
>did, why the fuck would they bother showing up in it?
Ask the Greek and Norse gods. Or must ancient mythological gods, they loved showing up and fucking up mortal shit for the hell of it

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Can't rape without a corporeal form

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In the D&D setting I'm developing, yes.
In the custom setting I ran five years ago, yes, but they all died.
In the de facto D&D setting of the Forgotten Realms, sort of. The weaker ones do, the stronger ones don't but can still die.

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So just the Greek gods would be physical then? Especially Zeus.

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I've been tinkering a trinity where each deity represents a different aspect of creation. So, there'd be one for physical reality, governing matter, energy, etc. Then there'd be a metaphysical deity that governs intangible things like time, space, gravity and the like. I was thinking that the third deity would govern over the mental/spiritual, the minds of living things, their souls after death, dreams, that kind of thing. Each deity would only be able to properly manifest on their "slice" of reality. What do you guys think, should I change anything?

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Seems perfectly workable to me.

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Yep. And they're born from seeds of a celestial tree, after two gods spill blood upon them. These seeds are extremely potent sources of power.

If eaten, they can turn a man into a god or devil or monster, increase the power of evil spirits and demons, or be used to fuel extremely power ritual to create things like living weapons

The first living weapon used to be a real problem for the gods, cause she knows she should've been one of them, but because her "seed" was used as a component in a rite so foul it was considered on of the worst atrocities upon the mortal realm because her creator, who also used his own soul as a spark to ignite her intelligence, forged her and filled her with every curse he had learned in his life to get revenge upon a prideful heir to a kingdom who slaughtered a village to try and force the old sage to do what he wanted.

So, she was pretty peeved when the gods started trying to seal her away from simply following her instincts and killing her various wielders via divine intervention or champions sent to end their reigns of terror (caused by them going bugger fuck insane by one of the many curses embedded into the living weapons being)

It got worse when they showed her how to get a human form, and she found, that due to her nature, she was a terrible demonic beast rather than the attractive woman her soul was(and should've been)

Cause, ya know, she had killed thousands of people and drank their blood as a blade.

Which made her rampage, but now she could move on her own.
eventually one of the gods realized they couldn't break her, or seal her away with any certainty she'd stay sealed

So they made the second living weapon, who was a man, in a ploy to at least counter balance the hyper pissed off steel demon goddess that was doing all she could to fuck the gods over/ kill them.

This proved effective buuuut led to the two becoming lovers eventually which wasn't planned, and has caused more problems

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Also should add that all living weapons are technically gods, but few of them can become human like their two progenitors. Mostly because they don't care to learn and train how to.

the first one still tries to kill the gods every now and again, cause they won't stop poking her and trying to screw her over

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>Seems perfectly workable to me.
Alright, I was thinking that the way the gods divide creation would also tie into how magic works, what do you think there?

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Three tiers of gods. Lowest are stuck in their bodies. Middle are experimenting with a new reality where they don't need their bodies, and so are sort of going back and forth with that. Highest have already discarded their bodies and are having orgies in suns or something.

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Do you have an actual setting for these bump-disguises yet?

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>need to gain a vessel to manipulate things on a more direct level.
Can they make one, or do they have to possess people?

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Fuck off.

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>Middle are experimenting with a new reality where they don't need their bodies,
What happens to the old reality when that happens?

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Of course, Gods have physical bodies and can be killed. Anything less is not mythological.

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I have 3 settings, so prepare for some wall of text.

>Sal'taron: Gods are not inhuman and are indeed just "Divines" only in title, despite having extreme powerful levels of magic (here treathed as atom-level-bio-configurated-mindcontrolled Technology of sort... is too long to discuss, anyone interested ask). So gods are not only physical, but are not even godly in the slightest, only more fancy dressed (save for one) and powerful than the avarage Grand Wizards passing by.

>Idresia: There are no gods, to start with. The Idresian gods are just the mystified heroes of The Sorrow, a 10 years old war for survival perpetrated by some very genocidial entities.
So, aside for 1 who died, the others are physical... for the main Idresian religion.
>All other races prays to the Creational Spirits (who, unknown to everyone who prays them, are the same that tried to kill Idresia and, subsequently, the magically sensitive beaings on the world) or follow The Old Way (aka tribalism and other more mundane activities), but no physical gods.

>Nightlong: A try of mine to create something sci-fi.
Here, there were no aliens but bacteria and very simple forms of life before we started to explore our nearby galaxies.
>As humanity was the progenitor of all alien races (which evolved either naturally to adapt to different enviroments, were generation of genetically modified humans or simply vat-born contaminated by external dna, thus mutants), the last two pure living humans in existance can be classified as living, breathing gods of galaxies-spanning domains (as they posses technologies that could potentially delete you from existance, as well for been millenias old and still loking hella fine)

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Its why I'm a Mormon.

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>WTF is that my mom?
Don't ask me. I've only ever seen her from behind.

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They're really aliens, so yeah.

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Yes, kinda. In my game, the only thing left of the god's physical body is a chrystalized heart, BUUUUUT their mind can build an avatar to interact with the world though it's not their "true" body. Despite writing this crap, I have no clue what happens if the avatar reunites with the chrystalized heart. I better figure this out fast because my players are approaching that point in the campaign

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>gods in a setting

No thank you, gods are boring unless they're part of the myth within the world.

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>No thank you, gods are boring unless they're part of the myth within the world.
There's no way to make them interesting?

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bro you replied to the wrong guy bro.

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How did the aliens lose the human technology?

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Fuck off.

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