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What happened here? Did they realise nobody was going to buy it?

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Feel bad for all the fags who pre-ordered, dumbasses the lot of them.

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Also, gWoD is fucking trash. Knowing Paracuck, Hardsuit Labs probably weren't "progressive" enough.

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Anyone who pre-orders games deserves to lose their money, be publicly shamed, and then beaten.

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Why would you pre-order a downloadable game? At least when they might sell out pre-orders make sense.

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Getting a discount (sometimes in a "it's actually cheaper" fashion, sometimes in a "get later DLC for free" fashion) is a pretty normal bribe.

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They're refunding preorders.

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Nowadays games aren't even finished by the time they get released, and the 99% of the blame is on the retards who preorder, companies don't need to release a finished product, why would they? retards will buy anything even before the deadline.

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>Why would you pre-order a downloadable game?
Retardation, virtue signalling, poor impulse control, consoomerism, take your pick.

People that pre-order these days are the scum of the earth, really.

Fuck off.

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hope they redo it from the ground up, this time without all the woke crap that the feminist journalist who got hotline Miami 2 banned in Australia removed

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That thing is embedded into gWoD. You can't expect them to make a game in the gWoD setting without all that trash.

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You fags really think that's why this game has ended up in development hell?

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Wow. How often do publishers change developer mid production? Sounds like somebody fucked up pretty badly.

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Jesus christ, this is the nail in the coffin for this. I was so willing to be excited but everyone was getting sacked and replaced, and now this?

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It looks like they realized they had a fucking stinker on their hands. Nothing about this looks anything less than a disaster.

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It is obvious that Paradox tried to save a trainwreck and failed. It must be really bad.

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It's not the first time Paradox has pulled the plug on a publisher. They tend to give long leashes sometimes, for whatever reason.

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>Removed Chris Avallone
>Tried to be woke
It was a trainwreck way before this cancellation/delay.

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Probably for the best, the demo game looked awful and everyone was appalled by how sterile it was.

Isn't this the second time that a WoD vidya has crashed and burned with no survivors? Didn't the previous crash basically destroy White Wolf Studios?

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They fired the semi-competent woke people and replaced them with incompetent woke assholes. We were never going to get Fat Larry. Just 3rd person gymkata bullshit.

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Why would you not pre-order a downloadable game? You get all the bonuses from pre-ordering, show your support and if the game is shit you can just freely refund it

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Wait, you can refund downloadable games?

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Steam guarantees all refunds under 2 hours of play and at least in europe all other platforms legally have to within a certain timeframe (I think 2 weeks?)

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Glassdoor reviews of the studio working on it apparently desribed a really bad and disorganised working environment. I wouldn't be surprised if Paradox pulled the plug because the studio were unable to deliver on time.

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Good on them for that.

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Only after it releases on Steam and within a two week window if you haven't played it.

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I preordered Rome 2: Total War.
Dumbest thing I ever did.

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In today's SJW environment creating a fun story that didn't offend somebody out there is impossible anyway, so we'd never get something as cool and politically-correct as the original Bloodlines.

It would have been a boring hackjob even if the game successfully launched.

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It was dead the second they decided to use gWoD instead of oWoD, and it was deadert han dead when they removed Chris Avellone's contributions due to the obviously fake "rape" allegations.

And before even that, it really had no claim to being a sequel. It's as much of a dishonest label-swap cash-grab as Larian's """Baldur's Gate""" """3""".

Polite sage due to off-topic.

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That wording makes it seem like the studio fucked around and couldn’t meet deadlines while biting off more than they could chew.

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>mfw I preordered D2 Resurrected
I don't care if I'm a cuck I just want to throw lightning bolts like Zeus' angry daughter

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no one has cared about gamer gate since 2015

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I'm betting they're trying to one up CDPR by shovelling a game out 3 years before it's ready.

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Nobody except you mentioned it.

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>pre-order a couple hours before release
>get the bonus stuff/reduced price
>wait a day or two after release for reviews for a first impression
>put in my 2 hours
>if i like it, i keep it and got the bonus stuff/paid less
>if i don't like it, i refund and lose absolutely nothing
Give me one good, rational reason as to why this is not the most optimal and only correct choice from my perspective as a consumer.

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This game is absolutely fucked. Nothing about it looks good. I've heard of rats fleeing a sinking ship, but in this case even the fucking Captain has jumped overboard.

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The amount of poltards in here is literally cancer.

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It's not really surprising is it? The game looked rather bad, especially compared to the original. Cyberpunk 2077 had the benefit of showing lots of in engine stuff that was very polished. Bloodlines only had a cinematic, a few cartoons and a rather unpolished gameplay trailer. I'm not holding out hope, especially since all I know about paradox are their grand strategies (I don't imagine that portfolio translates well into horror RPGs), though it would be nice to play a video game that makes you feel like a vampire, other than Skyrim with mods.
>polite sage because this is off topic

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Jesus, this game is doomed, isn't it?

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They're releasing it on GoG. Just pirate it if you're not sure

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Werewolf also bombing probably scared them as well.

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Yes, they look for anything that confirms their biases

Removed the original writer of the first game midway into production and scrubbed all his work

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Game journalists still publish articles about it.

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According to leaks your character is a prostitute that was embraced by a male vamp to act as his concubine. Meaning if you play as a male, you're a gay tranny. SJWs will stop at nothing to ruin games for straight white men.

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