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I'm looking for a system where a cleric who can move mountains/can work miracles is still balanced with an action girl who dances like Uma Thurman.
I can't get it out of my head.

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Hello there, sir, might I introduce you to GURPS?

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Balanced how? If you want to have them fight against each other then that's obviously impossible. If on the other hand they are working together then what you need is a system where character's niches are cleanly separated and the gm remembers to present appropriate challenges for each.

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>cleric who can move mountains/can work miracles
What sort of power-level are you looking for here? I'm going to assume you don't mean literally moving mountains.

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Cleric requires time and prayer to move mountains. He might also require disciples to pray with him, and he certainly requires thugs to defend him while he does it.

Uma Thurman can swim through thugs like a fish in the sea.

Cleric cannot move mountains if you disable his hand.

It's a basic Conan/sorcerer dynamic. The sorcerer is obscenely powerful if all his schemes work out and he's able to manipulate people, but Conan's power is in his own hands.

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My first thought is Exalted, given the words you used in OP.

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Indie system, but try Warp Lords. Priests have access to skills that let them shape the earth and also call their gods for favors. Meanwhile, you can have a dancing action girl with bard or martial artist (or a combo of them two). System uses XP to upgrade stats and buy skills, so action girl can get cheap dance moves or crank her stats while the cleric can buy expensive miracle skills.

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Narrative stuff like Fate usually makes it work.

GURPS mechanically gives 0 shits about balance. Point costs as a balancing factor are a joke, it rests all on the players to balance themselves.

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>GURPS mechanically gives 0 shits about balance
It also depends massively on the type of campaign.

A priest with nothing but nonmagical social control powers is dead weight in a wilderness adventure, but could outshine the rest of the party in an urban intrigue campaign. Vice versa for a combat monster.

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This ain't a thread, it's a god damn bait post.

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