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>W-we're going home lads!
>B-best game since 1997!

The game has turned into shit, the 3 name changes and the steam review should have told you so.

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You don't think the Russian bots are playing both sides? They are both the pro-tranny and anti-tranny camp sewing the seeds of destruction in the west.

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Not very private if every word of it is subject to being publicly displayed on the internet, is it?

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>don't you dare have wrong opinion you cis shit or we will ruin your lifes
chock on your dilation tranny nigger

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What the FUCK

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I'm glad I still live in a country, despite it being a thirdworld shithole, that despite accepting the idea of trannies they still laugh at the idea of them entering women's bathrooms and completely ruining a child's growth period.

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Battlestation thread, post em /v/

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>people are buying unusuals that are just pixels you don't see on screen.
So glad I sold my "glitched" one

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>tf2 thread
>starts with facebook frogshit

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Got to get replies somehow. Everyone knows posts only stay alive if it is a shitpost or a general.

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>He doesn't taunt after every kill

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Should I refund this while I still have time?
The FPS is shit but the game is a total bore so far. Only 74 minutes of playtime though, but I can only play up to 120 to be able to refund. The game is forcing me to build a base but fuck I don't want to basebuild, I want to explore.

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There's a lot of basebuilding, you should refund.

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if you are not playing it on VR, yes, refund it.

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What is the appeal of the Senran Kagura series?

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dead series

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Not surprising considering 99% of the girls in the game are lesbians

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I bet she has sex with horses

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This time First Post truly is Best Post.

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Should more games have healthy girls?

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>he doesn't like a fat uterus

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heres your angle

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its a meme that big boobs cause back pain. Fat is very light compared to other components of your body and any weight on your chest can be offset by having more muscle.

Basically female DYELs slouch and are surprised that they have back problems.

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Imagine creating something like Sam & Max and going bankrupt over licenses and diversity hires

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Yea. I would much rather get a movie than an adventure game.

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How much filth do you think they could cram in there?

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Purcell said he didn't want to do it

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Imagine being so shallow and pedantic that you intentionally misunderstand OP to nitpick and correct him.

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What happened to this?

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In dev hell

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I stuck my dick in that astronaut's butthole causing him to withdraw

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Gee I wonder :^)

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let me guess, jemma fucked pete, aaron found out and got angry, jemma blamed pete for the info leak.
now they hate each other

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Sounds like pretty much every situation like this.

Two sides, and one whore that ruins it for both sides for her own attention seeking whorishness.

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Religious choirs
Nothing today

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use english weeb

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blops 4, sniper elite 4 (game is based af)
baseball and a movie later
youtube shit
shitty poasties
gonna make some minestrone later
coffee now, cheap beer later
regret, always regret

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Three Houses
Good Boys last night
Ninja Sex Party
Bagels with butter (ran out of philly cream cheese)
On the way to work, so fuck that
Debating on quitting my job next summer after working there for 5+ years that I feel like is a dead end after working there for so long. Change my mind, still a long ways ahead, but still, try to change my mind.

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>that dude on the left
i remember seeing him randomly everywhere in my youth...i wonder if hes alive now

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Are fighting games dying?

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Anon, you know he's gonna say:
>fighting game

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Delete this. Capcom are the best gamedevs.

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They don need to as long as they put down the $60 + tip.

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>Fighting game
Take your baby's first button masher later

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>Hey Guys!!
>I just installed [game].
>What am I in for ??

>>Well, why don't you just play it and see?

>nooooo, I need to know what I am in for !!!!
>Also I am about to make the exact same post about [movie] on /tv/ next.

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Maybe you’re excited about the game and want to discuss it on the video games board. I never got the hate for those threads.

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Hmm who are You Talking to ? I dont Understand

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wojakposters are worthless

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>literally making up conversations in your head

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how come most non-whites usually look like monkeys

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dont bother chinese girls are all gold diggers and smell bad.

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That kid never had a chance.

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Good luck and try to make some beautiful African-Asian daughters

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bn is videogames

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anybody have it? found a deal for 200 for the whole thing w move controllers on craigslist. should i buy it?

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why the fuck did they decide to use Snapdragon 835 to power this thing?
That WAS the top-end mobile chipset - TWO YEARS AGO. Why didn't they go with 855?

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Cheaper to produce and with overclocking and active cooling they get a 30+ % performance increase out of the 835.

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99% of the content in Gran Turismo Sport isn't available in VR.

I can't believe they sold that shit in a VR bundle. It's such a joke.

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A steeper price point would have been favorable compared to outdated chipset with lower performance and worse energy efficiency
I guess i'm going to wait for the second generation

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Sure, but to be fair their store curation is pretty good and pretty much all apps run very well. 400$ is pretty essential to be possibily a mass market entertainment product and they are very likely already selling at close to production value.

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Git gud.

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Ez What? 1v1 Me in League Zed Or Yasuo ONLY CoolLegend00 On EuWest

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What are /v/'s thoughts on her?

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>managed to unfuck Blood Omen 2's nonsense story
She's alright in my book. I'm stuck between feeling regret that she never got to finish LoK/SouL Reaver the way she wanted to and thankful that LoK/Soul Reaver never got butchered after she left and that it ended on a hopeful note. It was fitting, I guess, that Kain's gambit didn't end in a resolved story but rather one that has a bright light in a seemingly dark tunnel.

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NEVER EVER thanks to the fucking Spergs at Crystal Dynamics and EIDOS montreal

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Amy Schumer is looking better I see

>> No.474432034

incredibly overrated. made 1 good game 20 years ago and never worked on anything good ever again.

>> No.474434629

nigger just fucking google it, this shit has been common knowledge. But I'll spoonfeed you I guess
>pirates who were already dead in Neil's version were supposed to be alive, but cursed to live on Libertalia forever (think Pirates of the Carribean).
>main pirate honcho wasn't necessarily evil, just corrupted and sick of being leashed to the island, wants a way to die and be free of it all
>Sam, instead of being a lying snake in the grass who gets a happy ending regardless, becomes a full blown villain in the end
>etc etc

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Friendly reminder

>5700 XT beats the 2070 Super and costs $100 less
>5700 XT even beats the 2080 in several games
>5700 beats the 2060 Super and costs $50 less
>5700 almost matches the original 2070

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What about my 2080ti

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But a hero doesn't use a power like the Voice to murder his king and usurp his Elder Scrolls thread.

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Nintenbros on perpetual suicide watch

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Every single 3d Zelda ever released was pure thrash... Im sorry that OoT was your first Zelda game and that it forever ruined your taste.

>> No.474435858

Your opinion, and mine differs a lot : I liked WW,TP & OoT is one of my fav games of all time.

The difference between you & me? I write that -->I<-- like it or -->I<-- think something is trash.

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Just hack the game bro

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this is the Doppelganger she is like Lara Croft with the flaws removed


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Liked her dynamic with Lara, shame her DLC is unique to consoles

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Isn't that choreography ripped from The Matrix?

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I wasn't interested at first, but now I'm genuinly thinking of buying this game. This might be the Cyperpunk 2077 I actuallly wanted. What do you guys think?

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It’s called stylish action now.

>> No.474437021

>Hates police and thinks they're corrupt
>But they should be the only ones to have firearms
How do you pro-control advocates even pretend to be against authority when you advocate for them having the only means to enforce their rule on to others?

>> No.474437035

>This might be the Cyperpunk 2077 I actuallly wanted
I seriously doubt that from what I've seen. I doubt this will even end up as a proper RPG, it'll be more of an action game. It does look good though.

>> No.474437159

>Authority figures are not cool and shouldn't be glamorized.
They should in countries that aren't a police state, like the US

>> No.474437343

Imagine living in America

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Are there any mods that focus Minecraft on the survival aspect? Elaborate building doesn't interest me much, I like mining and crafting for a purpose. But it's too easy now.

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Quoted By: >>474434739

First Aid. It's for 1.14

>> No.474434739

that's the hardest thing, finding mods for the new version

>> No.474435095

try sevtech ages. it's a great pack

>> No.474435172

I think OP's saying he wants mods that add long term goals to work towards.

>> No.474436112

Optifine kinda gives you a zoom, not exactly what you're looking for in terms of survival, but it's mod related.


if you skip to about @1:50 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvHVdEZ4KWc&list=PLx_w4s0n5QxuotCviACVKAHTp1MIvlGRG&index=5

he shows the zoom feature

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ITT: Games that desperately need sequels but will never get them

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dragons dogma

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Jedi Academy was fine (played the shit out of MP), but we need more Kyle Katarn and less fanfic insert Jedi apprentice number 52.
The best/worst part is that since it's a new canon, they can reboot it. All new Kyle adventures.

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File: 42KiB, 316x445, 51yYm1jaSYL._SY445_.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 43KiB, 760x428, Rust-760x428.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 25KiB, 220x255, 220px-Sly_Cooper_-_Thieves_in_Time_Cover_Art.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

dont know if this counts but fuck this game for ending on a cliffhanger again.

File: 1024KiB, 1034x888, dontread.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>beautiful body
>the tail on the side are godlike
>the shadows under her eyes underline his eyes elegantly
>has a good character development
>good unit
>care about her friends

Is she the best waifu in this fucking game ?

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Quoted By: >>474430179

they talked about march 2020 or something like that

>> No.474430179

the fuck? I'm not waiting that long. I'll give it a month. Going to play something else then.

>> No.474430305

how did you guys build Annette? I'm in BE so I'm already overflowing in mages but I wanted the loli. Can I take advantage of her Axe mastery eith bilr axes or is she another mage? I guess she could be a good dancer

>> No.474430635

She looks like she fucks Death Knights

>> No.474430738

ogod she gonna say the enword

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>genofags really think we're getting a bonus dlc character

>> No.474426879

>coming spring 2019
>it's the middle of august

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Quoted By: >>474427109

>Nintendo claimed 2 songs of Super Mario RPG on youtube, the same number Cloud and each Hero got into Smash from their respective games.
>The 2 songs are used for iconic Geno moments in Super Mario RPG.
>Geno Mii costume nowhere in sight even though he’s owned by SE while his spirit is in the game so they already have the rights for him and Joker brought Sonic costumes from the company who has his rights, Hero’s was the perfect time to add the Geno Mii costume.
>Many Sm4sh Mii costumes were upgraded into playable characters in Ultimate.
>The narrative continues with each DLC character reveal.
Geno will be the first and only spirit to become a playable character, he’ll be the star of the show and the final character to be added into Ultimate.
Finally the phrase “everyone is here” will be true.
He’s going to be the final DLC, an extra, not part of the season pass just like Piranha plant that means no spirit board or stage.

Cope, Geno is fucking IN, trannies.

>> No.474427109
Quoted By: >>474427232

>Finally the phrase “everyone is here” will be true.
Why do you hold this wooden doll in such high regard? The same could be said of any character.

>> No.474427232

Lurk more you clearly don’t know enough about Smash culture.

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File: 240KiB, 700x800, n.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

wheres all the trans characters in smash? this is erasure

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