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For me, it's Marie

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>fell for the marriage meme
>going through a divorce
>about to be truly alone for the first time in 6 years
Games for this feel?

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Life goes on OP. My fiance left me and our kid a few years back, and the hard times sucked, but shit doesn't last forever. Got a new gf now and I'm finally making good money. I played PUBG on Xbox almost the entire last year until this summer.

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>fiance left me
>left without the kid
>got a new gf now
>playing PUBG the last year
Anon why do I get a feeling you're 23 years old and in the military?

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girls are overrated anyway, just play videogames and do acid

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My fiance didn't take the kid. She pays child support and it's great.
I'm 34 and will never sign up to die for Israel, plus I'm too old now.

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No that Ion Maiden has been #cancelled, what game are you playing instead?

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>PC, PS4, XB1
>Not Switch
Lmaooo, how will nintentoddlers even recover

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Easily one of the three best build games.

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what a fucking shitshow, god I hate resetera so much
at least the game's amazing

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Switch version's in the cooks tho. It'll come out later this year.

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The world seems like a dark place sometimes, but the fact that ResetERA's trafic has been steadily declining since 2018 with no sign of abating gives me the strength to go on.
The sooner that shithole burns to the ground, the better. It's a blight.

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*click* *click* *click*



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I used autofire, he didn't know. The problem was the auto button on my shitty third party controller was actually slower than just mashing the button.

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It's piss easy once you realize you can keep pressing the button for a couple seconds after the torture ends. Literally no way to lose.

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I button mashed the whole time. It was very easy.

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you can lose by not pressing the button.

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Can we have a code vein thread going?
The game is out next month.

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Nioh had regular threads here both on both of it's releases though

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>but since then there has been no news
I think the thing is that, while there are news, most of the stuff they show off are things we already knew about since the past 2 years since this game was announced.

Show us some new mechanics and shit or something.

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Really? I thought they were done with this. Now my hype is fully lost.

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Not at all. I bought the game on launch on both PS4 and PC (I never thought it would be released on PC; I expected it to be another NEVER EVER title like Bloodborne) and both times there was only a thread with 150 posts at most before going 404. I wasn't even aware of the DLC being Lost Crowns trilogy-like expansions until the Steam release due to how little /v/ talked about that game.

Even now if you try to have a thread about that game it's nothing but shitposts from both Souls and Sekiro fans.

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How do I join the RIGHT faction?

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not really

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needs to be blacker

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doesnt look like her, which is actually good.

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she will also stand in the face of a special lining up a shot and inevitably get fucking stomped.

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Fan translation when?

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Isn't the script identical to the PC version? Can't someone just copypaste the entire translation and get sniped by SE ninjas?

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Literally the best version of the game too

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Why does the west hate Dragon Quest?

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the opposite, the Arland games target a very distinguished audience, while DQ is for the lowest common denominator

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I've been in at least a dozen threads. Usually about frontier minstrel or TLR. And it's always full of plebs whining about being filtered. /vr/ has some SaGa fans but they're smarter on average than /v/.

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>very distinguished audience
Yeah, the lowest kind of otaku losers

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more like high power level, you sheep

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I skipped them because they look gay as fuck.

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Anyone other than me played this garbage ass "game"?

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>Meanwhile on Atlus USA offices...

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What if they're standing on the roof? Did that thought ever cross your mind you fucking grammar nazi

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That can't be right. It comes out next year in NA, it shouldn't even have a price yet.

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you can count on atlus usa being off schedule as usual and pushing back that release date once or twice. it's not like it matters though with FFVIIR and Cyberpunk 2077 releasing that spring

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it's already set for release in japan this fall and has been confirmed for being a full price game

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I know. I'm wondering why It's not 59.99 then, probably OP is Canadian.

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Why the hell does this game get so much praise?

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Why are people who hate hollow knight so vocal about it? It released 2.5 years ago and was made by two aussies in a basement, it's ok if you don't like it, but it's time to get over it.

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>intended path
I never felt like there was an intended path. I didn't get to the fungal wastes until I'd thoroughly explored most of the eastern part of the map, including crystal peak, resting grounds, city of tears and I think maybe even the waterways. That's what I love about the game, the fact that you can do any of this shit in any order.

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because it's one of the few decent co-op series out there

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When bloodstained came out a bunch of shitposters started using HK to bait them with and start up some kind of shitflinging contest between fanbases
Seems to have worked out pretty well, from the looks of it

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nigga cmon
of course you can technically go to the tomb of giants or the demon ruins as soon as you walk out of the asylum in dks1 but the vast majority of players went to the parish first, as the devs intended
call it firstplayer-intended path or whatever, but you know what i mean

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you didn't even post the worst part of eridanus.

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At least you can tell the rooms apart and which way you're going.

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What if he is? And you're nothing but a cuck?

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Haven't watched the video, but I agree with the title at least. Persona 5's writing is the laziest yet, the last quarter of the game is a fucking mess that reeks of rushed development. The OST is good but noticeably lacking in variety. Rivers in the Desert is good, but over the same endgame span, Persona 4 had New World Fool, The Almighty, Fog, and Genesis as endgame boss themes while Persona 5 used Rivers in the Desert three times and Yaldabaoth once. S. Links are all homogenized and go too hard on the themes of corrupt authority to the point where every rank 8 and 9, for everyone outside of your party, hits the exact same story beats. Persona balance is a mess. The characters are flatter than ever. Every time it looks like the game is going to have a swerve that raises the stakes it turns out to be a fakeout.

3 and 4 weren't perfect, but they were also tighter productions that didn't feel unfinished and were mostly fleshed out and didn't leave you wanting too much more. Persona 5 had a notably troubled development cycle and it shows.

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why arent you playing as a cute girl in the sims this saturday,anons??

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Why did they ever remove Create a Style? What were they thinking?

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How the fuck did you manage to make a sim look creepy?

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What if I am?

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Gave it another shot about a week ago. Made a cyberpunk asian that plays at clubs all night as a source of income. Found it surprisingly fun trying to balance being a celebrity and doing an interactive job. But after a while it got pretty boring. Might download Sims 2 again.

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Im not A Girl so I dont play Girl Characters

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What are some good, comfy couch co-op games to play with the lads? After a rough game of handball and a bro-shower, we seek to play something chill. Hit me with PC or PS4 features.

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last time I invited 3 friends for couch multiplayer Lethal League Blaze stole the show

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Who is your favourite Persona protagonist?

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What's all this shit for
I've sold a couple items and made a whopping 18 cents. What do you do with these other than selling them? What's the purpose of gems? Why do people buy these items?

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I sold $2000 of sticker capsules this week on steam. People are fucking stupid for valuing dumb cosmetic items so highly. Basically paid for my vidya for the next few years off of hoarding csgo items.

>> No.474427567

They are useless. You can give them to me anon

>> No.474427621

Yes. Now tell me.

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wow young little Chang discovered steam and google translator
and even then he by some miracle ended up here asking about steam cards here

>> No.474428118


I sell all my cards. And since the card selling thing started I've easily made over $500

So basically yes, you might only get a couple of cards, but it adds up to a lot more than you expect.

Granted that I have over 2,000 steam games help create a big pool for cards, but the point is you definitely can make money off the cards, then just buy more games with it.

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Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA

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Lurk moar

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How's yläaste treating you?

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vad för någo?

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Hello Ahmed

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Your brown aren't you?

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When are we getting an rpg about Chad Elves of first age?

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>chad elves
>chad MEN
>defeat sauron and morgoth
umm yeahhh...

>> No.474426991

delete this

>> No.474427056

Spotted the fag

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for me it's Boethia

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>its all made up
This is a plebeian understanding of myth.

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Quoted By: >>474437625

Molag Bal
Hates everyone
Loves rape
Fantasizes about domination and other edgy school shooter type things constantly.

>> No.474437551

Why not both?

>> No.474437625

Molag bal is 100% the daedra of incels

>> No.474437628

>Why do people want to learn more about things they like

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I... I think I'm in love...

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Quoted By: >>474428217

just install the sex mod from nexusmods, you nooglet!

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Quoted By: >>474430356

Is this a real thing?

>> No.474430356

if it isnt you got work to do!

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Quoted By: >>474431038

The only reason to ever use the Cyclopse is as a glorified crafting station. Every other thing you can do with it is better done without it. Prove me wrong.

>> No.474431038

>stating the obvious
Yes, it is just your mobile home that you don't ahve to travel as much.

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*destroy your videogames*

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Hey hey hey we have virgin/chad memes too.

>> No.474434086

Blaming zoomers for ruining videogames is like seeing a vulture eating roadkill and blaming it for the death of the animal

>> No.474434376

Gintama is based.

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Why does /v/ love this guy so much?

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Stop sharing leaking our spaceship technology

>> No.474426496

Fuck these white devils, brother. I'm sending you positive ankh energy through my enhanced cornroll configuration as we speak. See you in the stars.

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Jerma's tier list streams will make you hate him.

>> No.474426908

>you're thinking of toodles
Who the fuck it toodles?

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Any conquistador games?

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It'd be one thing if they just wanted to remove columbus from the holiday, but they don't want just that, they want to change the holiday entirely to be about natives

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it's not just the discovery of america but the beginning of turning of the indigenous into victims of imperialism, genocide, rape like in op pic, western diseases and theft of everything they had

>> No.474426975
Quoted By: >>474427215

Columbus doesn't deserve a day, Leif Erikson does.

>> No.474427131

tfw no cute indigenous gf to rape and she likes it

>> No.474427215

he got lost and accidentally found a country. if he hadn't found it, some other European would, like Leifur Eiriksson already did before him

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