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Why are angels so underrepresented in video games?

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just play smt

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Not every game is monster girl quest.

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I think we're on different wavelengths here cuz I remember most of my Japanese Angel's to be hot bimbos, with the one anime we all cite being the outlier.

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because they don't exist

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Kill all ang*l pieces of shit.

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>Solar System world
>Can go to various planets
>Multiplayer Bounty hunting, competing with others to catch criminals
>Getting involved in space gang warfare
>Detective elements
>RuneScape like but in space.

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This is literally the best anime ever created prove me wrong you can't

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Dude i'm assuming bait, or you missed the themes the show tried to give you

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there is one and it's shit

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If we include manga then I'd disagree and say Berserk exists, but otherwise true. Fucking soundtrack is still the best in the business

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There's already 2 bepop games

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>sonyfags will defend this

the state of chinese videogame industry

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die teen

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Who do you prefer playing as in DKC2? We all know that Diddy is superior in 1, but this topic is about 2.

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If you’re new to the game, Dixie’s pony tail will help you make tricky jumps. If you’re a grizzled veteran, Diddys faster run speed, better momentum, and his cartwheel are superior for speed running. I like the faster feel of Diddy now but I use to prefer Dixie when I was young.

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Diddy is 2fast4u Dixiebitches

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When the fuck is Dixie going to be in smash. Don’t dare say she’s an echo. At the very least she’s like Villager and Isabelle where she has 2 or 3 similar moves to Diddy.

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Always played Dixie

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Diddy for the faster movement speed, but all levels are designed to be beatable with either kong.

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>defending yourself unironically on the internet
not who you're replying to, but you're a faggot lol

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Quoted By: >>474429236

If you reply to this post, you are taking action to defend yourself

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that's not fair

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But why?

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Respond without a buzzword

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whats his deal, just a worse Miguel?

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whats a good game to play when your high af

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I love getting stoned and playing Pavlov. I get immersed af

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every time you do a stimulant you're shaving a few hours off your life, it makes your heart work much harder than it's supposed to. and i prefer to be high on weed at work because it helps me come up with more creative solutions. you work slower but smarter.

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Quoted By: >>474432018

Weed increases your heart rate too

>> No.474432018

for the first few minutes while it's entering your bloodstream but then it eases up. stims keep your heart beating fast for over an hour.

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>whats a good game to play when your high af
the basic english learning game

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>Buy a gtx 2080 ti
>Only play visual novels and indie games

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>buy 2080
>use it for entry level ML, haven't played one (uno) game with RTX

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good feeling tbqhwy

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literally me

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>old pc could barely run far cry 5 at 50 fps on low settings
>doh well time to upgrade
>get a new pc that plays all new games with a purr
>give far cry 5 another go
That quality ubisoft coding.

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>be bolsonaro
>reduz impostos sobre videogames
>não reduz
quando caralhos isso vai acontecer?

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You know, we’re not rational

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sopa de pitbull

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Brazil is a nation made of slaves and pump&dump kids. We yeeted, we skeeted, we dipped and never returned like the responsible parents we were and observe what it created. For shame lads, for shame.

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(Formerly Ion Maiden(Formerly Ion Sneed's Irons and Maidens(Formerly Chuck's)))

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he's right though

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What did the devs say that has put Retarderatrannies on suicide watch?

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What is it with the American left and being "welcome" on the internet? You are not welcome here, X group makes me feel unwelcome, we should welcome Y, what the fuck? I really don't understand.

It's a fucking video game. If one person is being a tool, mute them, block them, whatever. I don't need to be "welcome" when I can curate my own environment and tailor it as I see fit.

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have sex

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what the fuck is the "R-slur"

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Is this series any good? Looks interesting.

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I see, I'll still suggest them then.

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Play Zwei.
If you don't like it, abandon the series. And kill yourself next.

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He could still play Saga if he doesn't like Zwei

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Orta is the best one, and is available on Xbone through backwards compatibility

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Rise of Sega is upon us. Panzer Dragoon remake that looks fucking gorgeous potentially NiGHTS 3? And that new SEGA teaser site??

It's looking up

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Spears are GOAT. Discuss.

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How good is the Sonocaster?

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Remember, don't dump CON, be a healthy Psion.

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delete this

>> No.474436597

Damn right!

Also, muh dick.

>> No.474436614

Every psi build needs at least 6 CON, i don't know how people are rolling with 3 and without fast metabolism

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It's good now

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There's no such thing as """ infinite""" procedurally generated universe

>> No.474425469

Main feature is the procedural generation and they never managed to push that feature above adequate. It's not good. Long shot off.

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Quoted By: >>474426039

It's great that it only took them three years after launch to release a finished game.

>> No.474425889

lies and slander

>> No.474426039

So they're basically Paradox Interactive?

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What is the best SamSho game and why is it V Special?

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I've only played 2019, what makes V Special special?

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What is your favourite fightan game?

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die teen

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Thinking of emulating some 3DS games. What's good?

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this is just b8

>> No.474436028

You can play it at 60fps

>> No.474436285

Emulation is illegal.

>> No.474436345

Yes, I did it on 3ds (8x exp multiplier for DQ8), I'm sure it can be done in citra too.

>> No.474436375

I emulated it a few months ago and it can be played to completion without any workarounds, unlike the gen 7 games.

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Any games with manlets as the villain?


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>and started going on racist tirades.

>> No.474425054
Quoted By: >>474425397

you'd agree with me punching him if it was a racist tirade against white people.

>> No.474425118


Resident Evil 4

>> No.474425397

I've been told you cant be racist to white people, so no.

>> No.474425456

Fire Emblem 4

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Let's be real, has there ever been a good celebrity performance in a video game? Not counting voice actors of course

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Robert Carlyle in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Gives such a good performance in the second game that it takes you a long while to realise that the plot makes no fucking sense. Apparently he even said he broke down crying during the recording from how much emotional he felt.

>> No.474437262


I don't want see Neo's face in the game it completely ruins the immersion.

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>> No.474437410

My nigga. It's a shame LoS2 overall was a piece of shit and sunk the entire company with it.

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Sam Jackson as Tenpenny in GTA SA

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TWEWY thread

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Quoted By: >>474437285


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Quoted By: >>474437571


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Didn't really make any sense to kill them considering how the game was set up, if they don't erase players they die too.
Beat's logic was that he would become the composer and reinvent the game, which was naive but made sense based on their limited knowledge.

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> Be a bunch of spoiled retards that fly exclusively on business class.
> Get bought by the Korean overlords.
> Korean overlords demand you to actually work on your single succcessful game instead of wasting time and resources on retarded VR games.
> Ignore them and start developing a mobile game.
> Abandon Eve Online to the point that even the in-game chat doesn't work anymore.
> Korean masters get angry. "Fix the game or get the fuck out."
> Panic.jpg
> Disable the in-game chat options in the nullsec, claiming it makes the game more challenging.
> Fuck up all the nullsec mechanics more, making the game far more grindy.
> Thanks to the changes each player will need 4+ accounts to remotely enjoy the game.
> Players get bored and don't play.
> Organize a shitton of events which makes people log into the game each day to claim rewards. In your ginger brain this somehow saves the absolute abortion of the changes you just made.
> Player numbers up!!!!
> Report the results to korean masters, any bad stats can be handwaved by "people play less in summer".
> Brag and boast on streams how the changes are amazing for the game. As proof, bring up a facebook-poll.
> Ignore any opposition, let your reddit lapdogs dismiss any concerns by "lol salty carebears btfo".

The absolute state of internet spaceship game.

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>> No.474433317

the fact that making nullsec a bit more dangerous causes all the rorqs to quit says a lot about nullsecbabbies. I'd rather they just didn't play at all.

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>> No.474433601

Wait what. Did they remove Local in nullsec? So it's like wormholes now?

>> No.474433801

> Disable the in-game chat options in the nullsec, claiming it makes the game more challenging.
> Fuck up all the nullsec mechanics more, making the game far more grindy.
> Thanks to the changes each player will need 4+ accounts to remotely enjoy the game.

Nullbaby mad that he can't make mad dosh in complete safety any more.

>> No.474436721

Remember when eve online wasnt a scam?

Me neither

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>30 y.o
>get outside to buy food
>suddenly a bunch of chicks walking the street in your direction
>you instantly gets sweaty, legs starting to shake, trying to gain control over your body to not look funny or that nobody pain attention to you, or to not touch them by any slightest occasion

Is real life the best horror vidya ever made?

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>say cat's name
>money stolen

>> No.474424879

>name my cat niggerman

>> No.474424892

at 30 you should be able to face them differently, you autistic mentally stunted fuckwit.

>> No.474424907

You can't really be 30?

I'm 30, and don't give a fuck about chicks anymore.

feels good man

>> No.474424908

If the chicks are alone, just take them all and raise them yourself. Pick up a rooster and you'll never have to go out for food again. I don't see what the problem is. You're weird.

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Quoted By: >>474424886

"Hey Faggots,
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It's me and my bitch"

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WHat team ? Where u play football at ... I think i Know you?

>> No.474424850

At least post a decent looking guy with that.

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Quoted By: >>474424937

Too easy lil nerd

>> No.474424886

lol I'd rather be fat than black, nigger.

>> No.474424937

Didn't he die?

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Any good games?

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No unfortunately, there are no good games.

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>Good games not found
>Please try again in november 8 2019

>> No.474424519

This thread is not good.

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