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Why is Teamfight Tactics more popular than Dota Underlords?

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Quoted By: >>474437212

>original concept
>when they just revived it from an old WC3 custom map
fuck off idiot

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Quoted By: >>474437374

Welcome to ASSFAGGOTS in general, then. Might as well say nothing original is ever made ever.

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That has nothing to do with it
I just wanted to call you out for claiming DAC is an original concept from chinks

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but the view is isometric. you're never actually looking at the characters from a 90 degree angle like you would in an FPS.
no, the REAL issue is that skins on some champs fuck with colors/shapes of said champ so much that you have no idea who you're up against until you see them use an ability.

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Riot has some 3000+ employees dude. They are the pinnacle of waste. People who's jobs are so fucking small they are responsible for one small portion of one spell. Some dude for months just worked on the landing curve of draven's axes.

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if you grew up playing this instead of fartnite your childhood was awesome

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Stop tripfagging, retard

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get out

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Yes. Nowadays it's either gacha or third-world shovelware made in India and/or China.

I still don't know how people would see a game called "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" and not only play it after seeing how incredibly stupid the ads are, how ear-grating the voice acting is, how terrible the animation is, and how every single character is a Chinese bootleg version of an anime or vidya character, but also love it.
It's probably one of the worst mobile games to ever "grace" phones.
And on top of that, my brother completely lost his mind due to this game. He is now the definition of a comebrain, but replace porn with MOBAs, and a terribly stupid mobile MOBA at that.

Do you have to be a genius to not like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Or are people turning into comebrains that they eventually think this stupidity is actually good?


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Stuff like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, as well as the retro JRPG ports/remakes, had soul.
While mobile games nowadays are soulless third-world shovelware.

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I blame fags who'd rather sit through ads and play freemium shit than buy mobile games

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Watch video on YouTube, always have a damn ad from this fucking game. Any one actually play this thing?

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cute girls

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Raid: Shadow Legend's developer isn't really western, anon.
If the constant shilling and underhanded gacha shit didn't tip you off, the developer, Plarium, is Israeli.

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>3D turn based gacha

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i played it, it's not terrible but i like typical JRPG/SRPG turn-based combat and gacha. but its really soulless and doesn't have good art so theres no reason to play it over any of the 5000 others with good art, better systems, more content, fairer MTX, etc.

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Use NewPipe.

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>tiny obstacle blocks doorway to important
>character has to navigate half the building to reach the important room because he can't jump/climb over
most embarassing mechanic in 3d action games?

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larda croft haha

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>rpg mechanics
>survival mechanics
would bang

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Bet this slam pig fucks like a maniac.

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Quoted By: >>474424856


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Also the fireplace that’s on a slightly lower part of the ceiling that you can’t step out of.

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Unpopular gaming opinions

I actually like grinding and tediousness. It's relaxing to me.

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Last of us is a masterpiece, /v/ just likes to shit on anything successful

fallout 3 is better than nv and 4 is pretty decent as well

Console gaming is more fun than pc

Vr is actually fun and has a lot of potential

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There is grinding and grinding. For example, I like PoE, very relaxing game. But I absolutely despise modern WoW reward structure with all these daily cd and everything.

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I love walking sims. I think they're all really comfy, The Path being one of my favourites. I revisit it every year.

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My favorite game is ESO

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Symphony of the Night is one of the most overrated games of all time. The game is ok but it really doesn’t deserve the praise it gets

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Why is Undertale so popular?

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This shitty game will succeed just because muh loli waifu and you know it

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I have been thinking about how great a dmc like stylish game would work as a 2D metroidvania. And I am still surprised Valdis Story is the only one game that comes close to this

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Quoted By: >>474430776

She is taller than you.

Lore fags also believe she's older than she looks.

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Anon she is a bug.

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Always saw Hornet as being in her late-teens.
Hollow Knight is a young adult by the time the game takes place, and he was a child when first created to contain the abyss.
Going by this, he still had to be trained to fight before containing the infection, and there was only a need to get the Dreamer's seal after that.
Hornet was born because of the need to get the seal from Herrah, so that places her younger than a young adult

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i didn't like hollow knight too much but i'll buy that game because it has a cute girl

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If Ninja Gaiden is so hard why did I beat it when I was 3.

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Quoted By: >>474423468

Except this thread is a meme

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Tell that to the final bosses.

>> No.474423915

if you know about the spinning slash cheese and take it to the 2nd phase of the final boss, it's cake

>> No.474423960

Because you didn't.

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Fuck the jetpack boys

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I have 800 MB of bandwidth left for the rest of the month
What games should I download?

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Let me guess
United States of Freedomistan?

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Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

great strategy

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Why does america have data caps? Seriously i dont get it. Im in north mexico near the border and my 20 dollar mexican internet is limitless. I downloaded over 300gb so far this month.

>> No.474422795

I can't fucking imagine how fucking awful it must be to have a bandwidth cap on your internet.

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the first Cultures game

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Friendly reminder that Kirby thinks you're amazing.

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Not everything is perfect, you have to accept things as they are.
Kirby may be not real, but at least he "exists".

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Quoted By: >>474430021

Kirby doesn't have any enemies.

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Thanks a lot, kirby, i'm doing my best at being a good husband and father. I make good money but I hope I can earn a bit more so I do all the shit I want (mainly, taking my wife to Japan, she always wanted to go).

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That's fair

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He sees them as friends.

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Edie is for ________

>> No.474430850

They are actually going to die because edelgard declared war on the entire world after centuries of peace

>> No.474430875

facesitting anons

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that was a sudden 180 degree turn into gay

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Is no man's sky the biggest marketing stunt in gaming history? They release a shit game that's so disappointing, everyone on earth hears about it. Then they spend 3 years getting it to what it was supposed to be at launch. Now redditfags are so thankful they put up fucking billboards showing their appreciation. Is this the best way to sell a game? By releasing a crap version so the average one seems amazing in comparison? I am genuinely curious

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Videogames go beyond shitty boards like this reddit and 4chan. The day you understand this, you'll stop posting retarded question out of curiosity

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>>white male
Yeah, and?

>> No.474435607

Those are Russians my friend.

>> No.474435848

Stop posting this disgusting piece of meat already.

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>fool everyone into thinking you had the next revolutionary video game that would shake the industry down to it's core
>game releases as a shell of what was presented in the marketing videos, several features missing, not to mention that it's completly broken
>go silent for months
>gradually add in new content but keep the underlying shit base for a game
>people start sucking it's dick

Wow, I get that most people are sheep and all but are they so easy to forgive scam artists that within 2 years after the game released they just sorta forgot about the bad shit and bought into a game that was still in a shit state? Impressive. And they got away with the whole thing.

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It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made

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If Gothic is, Dark Souls definitely is. Dark Souls is even more of one even.

>> No.474431215

I like how you being so aggressive towards these threads, based retard

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well, with 16GB of ram i don't think having a few tabs open would be the cause of crashes in my case
it's kind of amazing that i'm having more issues running the game now than back in the days on my Pentium III and Geforce 2

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Works on my machine

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Tell me something else i don't know

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Quoted By: >>474429098

>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Hollow Knight
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Indivisible
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Outer Wilds
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Pathfinder: Kingmaker
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Sunless Skies
>Has a higher budget but looks worse than Timespinner
Oh no no no no, Igabros, it wasn't supposed to be this way.

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Hyped indie flavour of the month. Glad I dont do gamer culture

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Threads like this is why people enter hollow knight threads just to stir shit.

>> No.474429686

Who cares? I get to mock a shitty looking game AND somehow form an army against another game I don't care about? Sign me the fuck up.

>> No.474430210

Spoiler: OP isn't a fan of Hollow Knight either.
You're still correct though.

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Quoted By: >>474422010


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Quoted By: >>474422036


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File: 165KiB, 960x640, 13.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Lucina is very tall

>> No.474422434

Tall Lucina is hot

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Does it fuck with my ability to play with others/use the online services? What exactly does it change?

>> No.474431702

it does alot of shit
look it up yourself
and yes the game is still alright
even the first one

>> No.474431772

if the people you play with got the patch, you can play with them.

>> No.474432007

All media is trash if youre hypercritical of everything. Sometimes you need to look past the bad to enjoy the good.
Also it really shows that you dont even know the CONTEXT of the cawfee-gween tea convorsation yet you still flap shit about it.

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File: 484KiB, 200x149, 1480345560745.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Gween tea.

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I can't believe they fucking killed Red Luigi.

>> No.474421915


>> No.474422816

F Randy Solem

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Quoted By: >>474422901

>Game has an anime art style

>> No.474422901

lol based

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This decade is finally over soon, so a game of the decade thread seems appropriate. List your game of the decade choices for the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s.

>> No.474421891

Too much effort.

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Who's the dancer in your class?

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Exquisite taste anon

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Quoted By: >>474436373

>> No.474436373
Quoted By: >>474436708

Jesus, that's a body. I thought only the students could be dancer tho.

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File: 3MiB, 1280x720, sham.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

hacked save

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File: 128KiB, 1280x720, Flayn.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


But Flayn is based and strong

File: 117KiB, 1280x720, driver1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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This game is the fastest at filtering out zoomers and casuals

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thought you meant wes anderson and was intrigued
then i looked up who ws anderson was

>> No.474422431

Hey man, watch paint!

>> No.474422571

This except i had no one to beat the tutorial for me so i never did. what an odd fucking game.

>> No.474422593

I put so many hours in Pursuit mode just to get hilarious glitch-ass replays of cops launching me through buildings n shit.

>> No.474422743

I beat the tutorial with a keyboard when I was 7

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Quoted By: >>474423974

what's the verdict?

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Quoted By: >>474423092

care to elaborate?

>> No.474423092
Quoted By: >>474423174


Watch Ashens' review of it.

>> No.474423174

oh my god this guy still exists
i thought he died of diabetes

>> No.474423292

that joystick looks real shitty

>> No.474423974

Better than you think, worse than you hope. It plays the games fine and is way better than neo geo x gold console they did a while back. I didn't like how they rearrange the button layout. It has a decent monitor which displays the games clearly but lack options. The games selection on the international model lacks variety (mainly due to the overabundance of metal slug, I think they should just keep 1, X and 3.) The gamepad sold separately is absolutely fucking shit. The design of the console is quite nice. However, it's not a true portable console because it's reliance on being needed to stay plugged in thus sort of limiting it's uses to a novelty product that you'll occasionally show to a friend. However, for the price they're selling the unit you might as well get arcade archives of all these games and you will get more display options, button mapping, to play the japanese or international version of the game and if you're buying the games on switch, it's actually portable. 6/10

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File: 335KiB, 1920x1080, recovery-of-an-mmo-junkie-wallpapers-26064-3780745.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>474423037

Give me 1 (one) reason to not play all multiplat games on PC
Poorfags not welcome

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>> No.474422969

There must be some in Japan, there are hundreds of Japanese MMOs that never come to the west

>> No.474423037


>> No.474423164
Quoted By: >>474423308

that's because there are no games on PS4

>> No.474423308

that joke belongs to Xbox this gen

>> No.474424185

>playing souls for the multiplayer

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