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Do video game companies lie/inflate their sales?

I literally do not know a single person who has bought Three Kingdoms and even people who love total war games don't like it. The Total War general on /vg/ hates this game and literally no one is playing it.

Plus the game genre itself is kind of niche with a very niche setting, I just do not believe that a million people bought this game in a week.

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>1 million copies sold
>Peak players 120k

Lel okay

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asia sales

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I refuse to believe a game making feudal warlords look like hero demigods is allowed in Communist China

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You'd be surprised what kind of things normies play. I have a friend who doesn't follow the gaming industry at all and pretty much just plays stuff he finds on Steam. He plays popular stuff like Rocket League, but also a bunch of obscure early access games that might be ungenerously described as shovelware.

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Dude China worships the three kingdoms dudes like gods. It's the one cultural icon they're allowed to like. Don't take it away from them it's all they got.

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I'm really not hyped about the prospect of having to play as Norman Reddit.

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me either

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Is this game any good? What is the best JoJo game overall?

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bros, what's the best soundtrack to have in the background while reading Steel Ball Run?

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This one's a cool 3D tag team fighter(i think you can play solo too) game with almost all the characters all of which have their stand powers and then there's all star battle which is the same basis but 2D and the pacing of the story is worse.Alsoo you got Jojo MUGEN which some people consider the top dog

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I want my videogames with breasts on them, whatever you call them, titties, tatas, boobies, knockers, melons.. THIS IS MY WAR CRY, THIS IS MY SPIRIT ROARING, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE BREASTS, AND NO ONE WILL EVER CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. I CALL UPON YOU BREAST LOVERS, ROAR WITH ME

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I don't understand

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I might be a hips man (dwarf) but I heard your calling breast man (human) I ROAR WITH YOU, TO DEATH

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>game has joke chicken boss that is hard to beat

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Games like this?

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Distant Worlds: Universe

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None, everytime I try to give stellaris another chance I always go back to this.

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How is it that with all the hype and budget that Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV had that Nier Automata still managed to be better than both combined?

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Because it had soul. And why did it have soul? Because the brains behind it was an actual creative person with an idea (Yoko Taro) and not a corporate committee that just determines what kind of game to make based on market research

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More HEART than Kingdom Hearts and more imaginative FANTASY than Final Fantasy.

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Nice way of putting it.

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No one has posted the real reason yet

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2B's sexiness is why it's still more popular. Why it's objectively a better game is a different conversation. But I'm down to discuss 2B's ass.

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Why aren't you playing a Japanese game?

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But I am

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I love this gamer meme

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Rin a shit like every bisexual character every made.


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whay havent you killed yourself yet OP? She's waiting for you on the other side!

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Video games suck

>pay 300 dollars for this
>dont enjoy it at all
>play it for a month
>every time I get on I just slide out of control for half an hour hurt my knee and scream at my tv
>put it in the closet

There is nothing more to life besides laying around in bed and wanting to die

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Maybe if you were playing with the wheel and pedals instead of just a stand.

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Happiness isn't coming to you, you have to find it. If you don't try, then you'll be miserable forever.

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What game are you even trying

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pick up a new a hobby. play an instrument or something i dunno. what do you fucking like retard?

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Nothing I just wanna lay around high and be rich

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Its properly that age of empires II remake from E3. I just want to see age of mythology come back dammit.

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is discord the menace of gaming communities?

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I really have to poop right now.

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Who was in the wrong here?

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>"My new partner, JC Denton. Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses
during a night operation."

>"I do not expect you to perform as well as Agent Hermann, but the mission will
require us to do more than frighten the NSF with our baggy coats that make us
look bigger than we really are."

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Lol in the plane I took out the machine gun and mag dumped her face and raped her itty bitty pieces of lovely corpse

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What games are you playing during this weekend?

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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

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Do you like Tina Armstrong?

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my dick likes her desu

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She only likes black men

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How come porn with her is either rape, futa or snuff.
Mostly all three

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She was never really my favorite, but I don't mind her. Her default hairstyle definitely needs an upgrade, though, just like Hitomi's. I always thought it was pretty ugly and boring. She also deserves to be in Xtreme/Venus Vacation. Her personality mixes so well with the overall tone of the series that it's a shame she's been overlooked because the japs dislike confident women.

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>TGS next month
will they ever see the light of day again?

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I really hope Sony doesn't make another Ape Escape because then I might actually have to buy a PS5

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Prince Maker 3 is on steam
>it's only in chinese
Shit, not even shitty machine translation like Princess Maker.

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>tfw you're stuck with a dumb mofo that don't speak your language and will ruin your life

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How was Sega able to fuck up the Valkyria Chronicles series so consistently?

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animu strategy game with faux-military and highschool social dynamics
it seems kinda stupid even in a world with games like persona 5 or maybe it is more stupid because of games like persona 5
anyway, trails of cold steel did this shit way better and they didn't even have robots or whatever the fuck this garbage is about

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>How was Sega able to fuck up
It's Sega.

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What's the best Star Trek game available and why is it Star Trek 25th Anniversary?

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Worf looking pretty merry there.

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Hey anons. Thread died with no replies.I've been playing Red Ancommie 2 for a while now and the game's been annoying me to hell with always stowing my long arms on the horse. Is there any way I can keep my long weapons on me, or do I have to get off the horse and wait for Arthur to take his long ass fuckin time pulling out the weapons I need every goddamn time? Also, how tf do I stay on horseback while lassoing another horse? It was possible for one mission and then...nope. Another one of those great Rockstar gimmicks that you can't do outside of missions?

Another thing, is this game whitemanbad.jpg the entire time? Honestly, as a foreigner, Dixie feels like the land with the true american spirit and the game shits all over southeners. It's like the writers for the game hate America or something. The only good thing any chara ever said about whitey was Lenny saying his momma was safe as a slave and that emancipation made blacks worse off.

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fuck off and die frogshitter

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Hab seggs

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She's scottish?

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The Galar region is basically the British isles but upside down. Her hometown is on the Scottish part.

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Shut up

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>awesome accent
>can hold their drink
>men get to wear skirts
>known for punching out flaming terrorists
its great being scottish ya daft cunt

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Do YOU like Kirby?

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he's got plenty of personality despite only ever having one line of dialogue.

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I adore pretty much all the pre-Wii era Kirby games. Epic-Yarn and RtD is when it turned into real brain-dead fodder.

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>games are well-made, full of fan service, SOULFUL
>still don't like them

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Lmao no. Kirby is a shit braindead series with a reddit fanbase that thinks hes one punch man levels of OP

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The thing is I don't like that game, some of my friends also didn't like that game but they ended up playing.

I don't understand a single shit of what they are talking about when we are speaking.

Maybe I'm cursed because every human person I meet end up playing LoL.

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Why does Spike Chunsoft systematically censor games that are already rated M for Mature?

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Not only that, why are they such Snoy asskissers that they censor them even on Switch?

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