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Why aren't noone talking about this? Looks interesting. I didn't know Perfect World also publishes single player games

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>dark souls with guns
Where have I heard that before? Oh, right...

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stop shilling your shit game already

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complete rip off of DS, not even hiding it, everything is the same but
>with guns
>shit world
>shit enemies
>everything is dark red and black
>shit mechanics
>shit movement
>shit shooting
>shit bullet sponges

it's fucking shit dude, next time take easier to shill game

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Dont forget
>spend most of your time rolling

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where is this from? post link please

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based creepy wanker

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China has been generous.

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Why aren't PC games cheaper than console games these days? 10 years ago they were about 2/3rds of the price at launch or less.

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Because devs figured out that instead of having a base value for a digital game and adding the costs for manufacturing physical game on top of it, they can just charge the physical price universally and get an even bigger profit margin on the digital version.

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Dunno what you're talking about, I get my games for free on PC.

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Imagine owning a PC. PC gaming died after half life

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They are cheaper, buy from cd key sites

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>it's a saturday
>not a single video game to play

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do you work at ups

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Quoted By: >>474437157

DHL. It worries me how close you were.

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Quoted By: >>474437576

are you on preload? idk how dhl works but i worked UPS preload for a year
it's a trap
get out

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>its saturday
>no booty call to fuck

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ramp loader. I pretty much do whatever is needed though. Can't wait until winter and get to do the de-icing, spraying whoever I can on the way to the airplane.

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name some good live action movie/tv based on video games

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All RE movies are awful

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Fuck the story

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Ratchet doesn't understand the source though.

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The real answer none

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People say Ezio games are AC at it's best, should I buy it?It's pretty cheap on PS store and the only Ezio game I played is II a long time ago.I

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Definitely. On replay, 2 really shines whereas Brotherhood gets stale almost immediately.

>Just know that close combat is fucking impossible
At least until you buy a 5 gold star heavy weapon that can OHK half the enemies in the game.

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>black flag
Literally the only fun part about the game was the pirating and that got boring once you had to start grinding for shit. The "story" was fucking god awful though.

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i loved the ezio trilogy as a kid, but when i tried to replay it i saw through them so much and realised how shallow they are. If you like easy, simple, casual timewasters sure. but you gain literally nothing from playing them, besides a sort of interesting story.

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Which games have similar multiplayer to Brotherhood? I can remember spending hours playing that just fucking around.

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>giving ubishit money
What this fag meant was pirate it.

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Quoted By: >>474436482

Don't mind me, i'm just the best wii platformer passing through.

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The 2nd phase of the Shake King still greatly confuses me
Maybe if they justified it before by showing Shake King's powers, or maybe him getting posessed, but it just feels weird & out of place.
>Dark & cloudy environment out of nowhere
>Shake King throws lasers & electrical attacks out of nowhere
>Ominous music out of nowhere

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>Wario land

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Well, /v/?

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add me up losers

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what's wrong with screenshots?

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tl;dr normie or bust

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Who the fuck cares about this autistic sperg list?

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based black man poster

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What are your top 3 favorite PC games and why?

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silent hill 4 mgs 2 silent hill 3

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honey select
artificial academy
because I'm a chad

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still the best civ game by a distance, manages an interesting setting and gets its low-key non-retarded sci fi narrative across subtly in a way that doesn't interrupt or contradict gameplay
>dorf fort
autismal levels of detail and player freedom
>m&b: warband
horse archery is fucking great

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Warcraft 3
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars

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battlefield 1942
m&b warband
i had a lot of fun playing them

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do you treat your GMs and Mods with respect at your vidya?

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There're 36 people with that name, they probably didn't do anything with your account.

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B-but its the opposite problem, pants fall down unless you cinch them up with the zip THEN fasten. Perhaps you're the porky one, with that need to wrastle your gut with a button before zipping up.

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It's alternate between the two if you're fat AF and tryna slide into some pants that are too small.

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I know, just don't remember any login details or else I'd start it up again.

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a sad day for <Nagas Must Hang>

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>Left: Sauron in canon, as he should be
>Right: fanfiction bullshit

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I wish we saw more of strawberry Sauron in vidya.

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in your opionion, what's the best football/soccer game ever created? f+ck graphics, we talk about a real simulator here... i have played every fifa, every pes and for me this one is the best : Wining Eleven 9

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This is pes, lol....under its former name

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Lmfao .... what makes u think i dont know that?
they still call it winning eleven in japan .. like it said i played them all , i think this is the best of all

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For me, it's arcueid

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>slut that's used goods
Imagine having this shit of taste

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She's pure!

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What do you do when you hear a gamer girl

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nothing different from what i usually do, and i play fighting games
worrying about gender shit is for highschoolers, who tend to be underage
like most of the posters on this chink ricehatting board

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based gamer rising up against these female trash
get off our hobby sluts

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Visit an arcade

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...to say something nice about the worst game you have ever played.

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Neptunia Rebirth 2
Cave was a cool character

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Blacksite: Area 51 was thankfully so forgettable it doesn't take up any space in my brain

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Good music

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At least it was over quickly.

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>It's another "culture war drama" thread

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Quoted By: >>474437390

which game?

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don't follow any of them on twitter. even derrick is outputting which i didn't expect.

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you can just tell that maverickhunter is a lil boibitch irl

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A Hat in Time. https://www.resetera.com/threads/a-hat-in-time-nintendo-switch-version-getting-physical-release-on-october-18.135065/

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Who wrote this man? A grown man acting like a child, football players especially an MVP doesn't act like that, he should have positive traits, confidence, dominance, assertive, leadership, problem solving, adaptability and strength. For you to be in a sport you would eventually have to develop some of those traits. I don't care how your childhood were.

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Tidus only thought he was that guy though.

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He is just a summoners dream, there is no existence in him. He is just product of some guys imagination inside a fantasy world.

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>Ability is so broken that it cuts the metagame in two

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You can use it on doubles to negate the shit ability of a pokemon you have

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>meta game in a game for children

>> No.474437619

inb4 none of them are in galar

>> No.474437632

Mold Breaker lets you ignore your opponent's ability when attacking them, new Wheezing literally shuts off every other pokemon's ability as long as it's on the field

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>misthios I have run into a little bit of trouble and need you to help
>everybody benefits

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I don't mind the odd fetch quest if they're well done and enjoyable. Having them be 90% of the game quests is a bit much though. 7/10.

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>stop playing for a month
>don't remember anything and have no clue what to do or where to go next

Great game, huh?

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>>stop playing for a month
>>don't remember anything and have no clue what to do or where to go next
That's every game ever.

>> No.474435364

shitty bait thread but ill play
buy the quill and compass faggot

>> No.474435475

>stop playing mario for a month
>how do i jump and which direction to the princess?

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Now go

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Afghanistan is a big place.

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Quoted By: >>474437249

Afghanistan is a big place but i was born in a small village.

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[Owl noises]

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Quoted By: >>474436234

what went wrong?

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They were never right.

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Quoted By: >>474436428

you should try this new thing called google.

>> No.474436428

That works really well if you know her name

>> No.474436453


>Sounds like bullshit
>Google it
>It's true

Neat. How did these get out and what did she say about it?

>> No.474436558

Who's she

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LIPS 106

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Quoted By: >>474437467


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Yesterday is gone foreeever

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