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why beautiful girls love zelda so much,bros???

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Nice nails.

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gibi makes my dick very happy

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If you were a girl and still were a guy in terms of character, brain etc., you'd also want to be a whore.

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Have sex

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That must be really boring to watch. Do people just jack off to it and move on? I don't think I could with her popping her p's on her shitty mic.

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TY is Back baby.
50,000 until ps4/xbone ports.

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How stupid would you have to be to give money to Krome Studios at this point.

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>an early 2000s ad showed one character beating up others
Wow shame on them

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How long till people realize there's a reason this shit died out it's because NOBODY likes 3D platformer collectathons

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>Hat in time doesn't exist
So how long have you been retarded?

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I platinumed a hat in time
and Yooka-laylee

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Are you excited, /v/?

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I need one of these in the base roster first

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I'm excited and know I'll be ass at the game.

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Yes, but I'm also a little worried.

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>probably won't have a simultaneous arcade and console release
>probably will have big roster cuts

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>probably won't have a simultaneous arcade and console release
I expect it will, the demo at ArcRevo will be on PS4 after all.

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Since we are not allowed to talk about Ion Fury anymore, can we finally talk about the true savior of FPS?

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>stop throwing your own developers under the bus to please people who will NEVER be pleased. Just fucking ignore them.
I don't understand why media companies (or hell, companies in general) keep bending over to cater to the retarded whims of 0.0000001% of the population. My only guess would be that all PR positions are infested with the same people that bitch about people's wrongthink, so they suggest the course of action accordingly.

Doesn't matter that apologizing literally hasn't worked once, it's always "well, you've apologized, but you still have a long way to go to fix your bad behaviour". If the devs or the publisher make an apology this once too, I'll completely lose faith and will stop buying games outright. Fuck these faggots if they're not willing to stand up for their employees.

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>Leave saving the genre to me

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This has nothing to do with "inclusivity." Fuck, the main character of the game is a woman. No, what people are upset about is another developer getting thrown under the bus by a leftist lynch mob for wrongthink.

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>the most eldritch vidya boss of all times
>is in the size of the barn

Why the fuck can't anybody, even froms, make the eldritch creatures properly?

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>developer of a game designed almost exclusively for dudes gets thrown under the bus by liberals

so? the people who would buy this game probably love the fact that libz r triggerd

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Games with this aesthetic?

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Mad Max

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don't make me reinstall it and spend another 20h just riding and enjoying the view

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Is this game _fun?

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Yes, and fucking stunning if you have a PSVR.

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Excellent but challenging. Can't say about ps4 but the PC version has no issues I'm aware of.

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How are the Fast Racing games?
I was considering buying the newest one on the switch if it is fun.

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I really enjoyed it. I'm probably in the minority, but I'd put it up there with the other modern Wipeout games. Obviously Omega Collection gives you better bang for your buck if you don't already own the games being ported though. Base PS4 has some pretty bad framedrops as well.

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No. Play the classics if you want fun.

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Is there any possible way to make a better JRPG?

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They already had

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DQXI can be heavily improved by removing the epilogue.

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music that doesn't make my ears bleed would be a start

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What is SEGA teasing?

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some boring shit

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>Custom character shows up in a cutscene

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The UK populace are the least 'native' of almost any populace in europe. Britain was only inhabited by humans relatively recently, and the vast majority of the current population are either from scandinavia or france. The idea that brits are 'native' to britain is like saying yanks are 'native' to america.

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In which case you'd be wrong, because Blair worked hand in hand with Marxists. Join AntiFa so I can beat the fuck out of you during one of your embarrassing rallies, cunt.

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>what is brexit
a big nothingburger

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>what is brexit
Proof that the desires of the people don't count for shit.

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>a horse thing
you mean a /d/orse?

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I heard this game was released in an unfinished state, is that true?

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What I mean is that whether or not anything was scrapped, the amount of content in there is too small.

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No, it's perfectly playable and shows no signs of content being cut.

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the amount of blue coin filler leads me to think it's compensating for the smaller amount of levels compared to 64

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Developers always make tons of content like drawings, models, textures, assets, levels and mechanics that probably never see the light, game content change a lot during development

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It has 7 stages and they almost never get more complicated than Whomp's Fortress, man.

I could excuse a lack of content if the stuff we got was better. I'm willing to bet that you could sum up all the moving platforms in all of Sunshine's hub stages and it still would be less than the number of moving platforms in Tick Tock Clock alone. In the game with the FULL FIVE FUCKING SECOND HOVER NOZZLE, no less.

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>um... actually anon, I AM getting into smash!

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Quoted By: >>474436763

Not sure their is a character I have heard less about before smash discussions than Klonoa. The single most forgettable and worst marketed character.

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You need more love from papa Namco before you can join smash. Hey Namco! Come love this child you made, it’s sad to see them depressed and alone.

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Glad to hear, friend! I'll see you there!

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Quoted By: >>474436996

He has a small following but it's entirely made of pedophile furries

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the pedo part is a /v/ thing

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Does anyone else unironically want Frisk in Smash Bros?

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Slides are even more unsafe in Smash than in traditional fighters.

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Quoted By: >>474437524

frisk is fictional

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>not Undyne

>> No.474437524

Still a child. You wanna fuck the sun baby from Teletubbies?

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Smash bros you need to get in here NOW




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Dungeon crawlers are still hip and cool, right /v/?

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This series only got popular because of Persona.

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Wish they were anon, only way to get my fix nowadays are games like mary skelter. At least that got a sequel so there will be another one to play down the line

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Quoted By: >>474433805

Now that I think about it, what even makes the genre good? Is is the micromanagement? The movement?

>> No.474433805

Filling in a map is part of it for me, get some weird satisfaction for 100% a map. Other than that I just like the combination of RPG mechanics with puzzles and I do like the first person nature of it all

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only the ones named Wizardry or Elminage.

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Does Fromsoft have what it takes to make another huge hit?

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fromsoft has the best living fantasy writer onboard with them, I think yes they easily have what it takes to come big.
Note that several pseuds who never even read a book, let alone GRRM's great bestselling highest scoring masterpieces WILL reply to my post expressing their seethe, stating opinions about a TV show with independent writing, muh tolgayn, unfinished story (that they never even read), etc etc. Those people can be easily put in place with a single trick; ask them about key story events that happened in the novels but didn't happen in the show. Watch them expose themselves .

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feels like a rehash

>> No.474437112

Not really.
That's why Elden Ring is a Witcher clone.

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Quoted By: >>474437549

While GRRM's involvement is the reason why I will never bother with Elden Ring, it's not due to my personal opinion about his books or TV shows because I've never read or watched either.
Martin's involvement being Elden Ring's main selling point means that the game is aiming towards a mainstream audience and therefore it will be lacking on the gameplay department.

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shit blanket statement, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how shit it is.

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I sacrifice

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Quoted By: >>474434478

>>What kind of retarded logic is that? If your definition of cut content is "player can't do a thing that npc does" then every game in existence has cut content.

Reminder that a literal R* drone said this unironically

Need I remind Rockstardrones, San Andreas let you do everything NPCs could do including dancing, eating, pool playing, boxing at the gym, etc

When did R* gay boys lower their standards this much?

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>> No.474434478

>everything NPCs could do
You couldn't follow an NPC from his house, down to the pub, watch him play pool, leave, go to a strip club, and then go back to his house all in a day.
An NPC only existed to do the animation around you.

>> No.474434912

>make all these moral choices
>all it does is decide which way you die at the end
Wow, so much choice and variation and impact

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ITT: last game you played
Would you recommend it?

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>Baldur's Gate
Pretty underwritten, exploration is unrewarding, encounters vary wildly between "rewards you with half a mouthful of spit's worth of EXP" and "fucks your whole party sideways with no remorse".

When it's good, it's good, otherwise you're slowly clearing the fog of war on your umpteenth map, wrangling your tard party.

>> No.474434143

Melty Blood
Sure, why not? Hope you have empty parking lots in your area.

>> No.474434407

Dead Cells
ehh, maybe if you're into rogue-likes, but there's better

>> No.474436054

>Sonic Mania
Yeah. Playing through Encore Mode right now and it's fun.

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it's actually pretty fun. I watched the movie and the anime so I am invested in the characters. I'm on chapter 5, but spent 20 hours doing every sidequest and hunt I could in chapter 3 like a total autist and now I'm level 53 and just face rolling the story. still fun though.

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Quoted By: >>474437446


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Quoted By: >>474437538

Downvotes don't work here redditor

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>It didn't need to have good combat it's an open world rpg

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Emulation is GOAT and if you still haven't built a powerful PC for at least this purpose you're basically fucking retarded.

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I can't wait to see Nemesis and Jill and Jill's boobs hopefully. R3 will always be my favorite game

>> No.474433236

Hope you read "The End of the Great Dario Rosso" and "Resident Evil: Ménage à Trois"

>> No.474433652

RE2R with more action and intensity.
A dodge move that you can also use while you are getting back up from being hit, so that Nemesis will hit you and then try to hit you again while you are struggling to your feet instead of standing there cracking his knuckles like a retard.
The ability to shoot explosive barrels and knock down scaffolding and shit on Nemesis to slow him down when you need breathing room from his pursuit. The amount and location of of these environmental traps should spawn based on your adaptive difficulty performance.

>> No.474433708

I hope they go all out and change enough shit that it no longer feels like a RE2 expansion.

>> No.474434034

3 is my favorite too OP
I hope the mercenaries mode is fun, I’m really looking forward to how good the opening scene is gonna look. Can’t wait to see the zombies take over. Also I’m wondering how they’re going to handle the machine guns that had a % meter instead of bullets

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Quoted By: >>474433162

medal of honor

>> No.474433162

I must have replayed Allied Assault or whatever it was called dozens of times when I was at school. Unironically taught me a lot about the Western front because my own history classes were mostly focused on the local USSR skirmishes.

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Quoted By: >>474434692

I have fond memories of MoH Underground. That bonus missions with the super dogs always freaked me out.

>> No.474434110
Quoted By: >>474434781


>> No.474434692

Love that game, rock-solid from beginning to end. You had to be absolutely relentless in the bonus chapter - the thundering report of the BAR was fucking orgasmic

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Quoted By: >>474433854

what is it?

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Quoted By: >>474433301

New Trauma Centre?

>> No.474433301
Quoted By: >>474433572

huh, that's a good theory. it would explain why it's gonna be "best on desktop", since you had to use the ds pen to do stuff. it's either that or a 5v5 competitive fps

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File: 161KiB, 422x357, 1545616024634.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>474433658

best on desktop refers to the website you genius

>> No.474433658

fuck, that's what I get for phoneposting

>> No.474433854

They made a trademark for something called Humankind last year iirc.
Would be a clever way of hiding something Aliens related.

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What went wrong?

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Quoted By: >>474434845

animating and voice acting being a shit way of earning money

>> No.474434652

still like the show, but man are they playing it way too safe nowadays; walking on eggshells ruins the comedy
it seems pretty clear that dan does it because he doesn't want social media chimpouts
but arin is a true sjw, puts the pussy on the pedestal with fury

>> No.474434803

His mom and dad are hippies and let him drop out of highschool to be an artist. (Everyone should have a backup just in case, he got really lucky)

>> No.474434845

Was he really ever a voice actor?

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File: 29KiB, 500x318, 1484414073993.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He was one the biggest douches to ever grace new grounds radio chat. The only good that spawned from there were the whores Mary D. and Rachel Z.

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