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Games for this feel

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destiny 2

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super mario 64

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icarly 2 ijoin the click, is what real niggas play

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This game is fun.

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darkside chronicles was pretty fun too

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My biggest gaming related regret is not getting this while I still had a Wii.

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Hitting someone with the Wii nunchuk by mistake is more fun.

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theyre on ps3 if you feel like paying for the motion control thing for that
or you can play without it, but its alot more fun with it

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underrated games. rail shooters are a dead genre, but I still love em.

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So are the Grandia games good?
The HD collection just came out on the Switch. Is it worth the 40 eurobucks?

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Who ported this shit?
I need to know the bugmen responsible.

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the guys who made teppen, so stinky chinkies

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Kind of makes you wish Grandia 1 got the eventual FF4 treatment and let you choose your endgame party freely.

A Sue end would be nice too.

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Who developed the new SNK games? I thought the chinks were good developers now.

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Holy shit. That sounds like a god damn MESS. How in the world does something like this get the OK to be released? Shit like broken menu elements should have been found fucking immediately and there is no good reason why it slipped through.

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Boss time what is your plan of attack?
Buff your party
Debuff the boss
Status effects hoping it hits
Or just attack and heal?

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Buffs mostly with defense debuffs against the boss.

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Just do whatever you've been doing to the regular enemies, but spend 10-times longer doing it.

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What do we think about Judgment / Judge Eyes? I know there was threads in the past, but I was afraid of spoilers.
Just finished it today, 49 hours, still got some sidequests to do. Personally I loved it, best story since Yakuza 0, great new fighting style and detective gimmick work really well. Also liked new characters, everyone was great.
Only thing that annoy me was that Korei (Kohrei?) gang, just let me exlore town in peace without having to fight group of enemies every 5 steps. Everytime it pop out I focus on story, so I don't have to fight leaders. Now in premium adventure at it pisses me of even more.

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how can a company make the exact same game for over ten years using the exact same assets but somehow make the combat even worse as they go on

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I cried when I was cabaret dressing screen, what a great moment

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I don't know if I have the patience to sit through yet another Yakuza movie game.

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How much waifu stuff is there to do in this series? I'm a pretty lonely guy so that stuff really appeals to me. Kind of the main attraction to videogames at this point, don't really care about the other stuff

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You can have 4 (four) girlfriends in Judgment

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Post some classic E3 waifus

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Soccer mom nights...

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god she sucks. She is a charisma black hole

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>was supposed to host this years horrible EA conference again
>had to drop out last minute due to medical problem
>gets replaced by this rat piece of shit

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He looks like a kiddy diddler lmao

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You'll only get this meme if your parents bought you a PS3.

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Or if you brought an xbone

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Or if you bought a Switch

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Switch stall just has games from other platforms on it LOL

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why couldn't the ps3 pick up a girl at a bar? it has no game

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my parents never bought anything vidya related for me

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I want to get into this, but not the physical card game, because I have no friends.

Where should I start?
Which games are the best?

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If you have a switch get the game that releases soon, if you're mobile trash get duel links.
If you like wierd shit emulate duelists of the roses.
If you like tag duels emulate the tag force series and finally if you want a shitty story play the world championship ds games.

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World Championship 2008 would be a great place to start to learn the basics since its the last game without synchro summoning that I know of.

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World Championship 2008
Dungeondice Monsters
Capsule Monster Colosseum
Duelists of the Roses

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Tag Force Special if you don't care about a bunch of recapped padded story and just want the basic framework split between each dueling era.

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When will /ourboy/ be as viable as his Gary Stu counterpart?

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he already is because he isnt a dead man offstage without his second jump unlike a certain hat wearing spam machine

git gud

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Ness is weird. You see a ton of them at tournaments but they rarely ever make it to top 32.

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When he has nearly as much range and power as Ness.

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It's not fair that Lucas is so neglected compared to Ness.

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Can Lucas do that cool combo where Ness leads you on a forward air chain off the stage, does one frame of down b leading into a spike?

If not, he's got a long way to go.

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>servers are getting "massively overpopulated" before the game even launches
>not even the full population, just people who showed up to reserve their names

BFA kiddies and FF14 trannies on suicide watch

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This is going to be the next ToRtanic.

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All of these games have shut down or are going to

>Driveclub (Closing March, 2020. A fucking PS4 game.)
>Blacklight: Retribution
>Just Survive
>Evolve Stage 2
>Marvel Heroes
>Drawn to Death
>Deformers (remember when that faggot Dunkey shilled this?)
>Ghost in the Shell
>Super Monday Night Combat
>Radical Heights
>Demon Souls
>Age of Empires Online
>Ace of Spades
>Batman Arkham Origins online (online on PS3 and 360 still work)
>A lot of PS3 games like MAG, PSABR and Twisted Metal
>Literally anything powered by Gamespy like older Battlefield games


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Every game is going to shut down at some point

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I 100% agree.
Even if most of those games are mediocre, they'd have been okay single-player games.

You can still play Demon's Souls just fine, by the by. It's just the shit multiplayer that's been disabled.

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Not games with dedicated servers, they'll stay active as long as a few remain interested. Letting a company have complete control over the servers is fucking retarded.

>> No.474434981

Demon’s has a private server that works just as well as the original

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you didnt list a single game worth my time

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>meh or bad gameplay
>amazing soundtrack
Post em

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One of the comfiest songs i've heard

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Apparently tthe link from my bookmarks was removed

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Very chill, ty

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Hammer and anvil, forge and fire, chase away the hoofed liar.

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You should probably stop spamming this retarded shit.

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Hey Professor, a buddy of mine saw Saint Cichol take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Saint Cichol had an eight-pack. That Saint Cichol was shredded.

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I heard a rumor about Saint Chicol and flayn
Maybe they are dating who knows, right Sethet?

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What does /v/ think of this pure angel?

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Looks like she needs to be ravaged

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Hachikuji clone

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I think i'm going to say the word.

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Cute, but first to get pregnant due to pure stupidity.

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Name a better ending in a 2019 game

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There's not one. My friend played through Black Eagles and didn't like the ending. I told him blue lions story was better but he's too burnt out to play it all again.

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Visual novels are not video games

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Neither are twitter screencap threads, but those are on /v/ aswell.

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why that pikachu so fat?

>> No.474435262

haha the pokemone creature is obese

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hope the mods give you a 3 day timeout for trying to start shit

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In awe at the size of that lad.

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>Wins Female beauty contest

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>wins male beauty contest

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How about now you Trannyfaggot.

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>Yu & Kanji fuck this
Why theres no Naoto gf in real life, anons

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obligatory post

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When was it first established that Tails loves mint?

>> No.474432025

>tails sitting on a bench.jpg

>> No.474432704
Quoted By: >>474432814

One of the instruction booklets, maybe? They always had little bits of trivia that never came up in the game proper.

>> No.474432814

Yeah. It's how we know Knuckles likes grapes.

>> No.474434547

After the first time he needed to get the taste of baby dick out of his mouth.

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Which arcade-games do/did you enjoy ?

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Were you still buying 3DS games in its last years?

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>buying 3DS games

>> No.474432727

makes me kinda sad that there won't be a true successor to the gameboy/ds line.

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Quoted By: >>474433036

Only WarioWare and Dillon's DHB to support those series.
Dillon flopped anyway RIP.

>> No.474432904

I got superstar saga dx the other day

>> No.474433036

They both did

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