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What smash bros representative would you want or think deserves to be added

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Master Hand, Sandbag, or Fighting Polygon

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You can only pick one

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Sandbag, would've been a way better joke character than PP

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Smash bros you need to get in here NOW.




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>best mapset
>best mod

Going Down
Dusted's Pandemonia

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Fun. It’s the worst thing on paper but it works.

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I only played the shareware levels.

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you kidding m8 its one of the most impressive and fleshed out mods out there

not your cup of tea if you dont enjoy classic Rainbow Six or Arma though

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Going Down

>> No.474434698

Smooth Doom

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Well, /v/? Can video games be an art form on par with other media?

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>too bad games are either story-focused or gameplay-focused. There's not a single game that can be considered the best of both worlds.

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Shadow of Collosus, Ghost Trick, TWEWY, Undertale
Gameplay integrates tothe story, and the stories are good, no side overstays its welcome more than it should.

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>Ghost Trick and Danganronpa are better mystery stories than any Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie story
I should kick this nigger's ass and force read him Ten little niggers goddamn.

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In the context of law, it's art. I will argue that it's art until I'm blue in the face.
In the context of "muh culture" and other vapid shit discussed by literally whos on the dregs of the internet, I couldn't care less.

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I'm more excited about this overpriced port than the ovepriced Link's Awakening remake.

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That's nice, dear

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Good, enjoy it fren

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And as you can see, it looks beautiful...but it has a few scratches on it...how do I go about spray painting the scratched area of paint?

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is it glossy like the piano black PS3 or textured?
if it's glossy you're better off polishing it

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It's exactly like the pic I put up, so I'd say textured...it doesn't have a shine to it

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>here your definitive edition, bro

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>better graphics vs. more content and better music
I know which one I'm going to pic.

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Shock and awe. A less powerful system makes the game look worse! It's as if everyone saw this fucking coming you mong

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>2d mode
>Extra story content
>A proper orchestrated soundtrack instead of MIDI ear-cancer
Yup, sounds definitive to me.
If you care about graphics then the PC version is an acceptable second choice. Either way PS4 owners got fucked.

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>better music
>more content
>qol improvements
Imagine being cucked by having the ps4 version.

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>3ds version never

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Face it /v/ros fortnite is the greatest vidya game in the world, why aren't you playing it right now?

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t. buildlet

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God I wish that were me

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>free to play minecraft shooter
>greatest game in the world

You win, I think it's time for me to find a new hobby .

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That fucking dab at the end

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What I'm gonna say might sound controversial, but I honestly think Second Life has potential for fun.


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third time's the charm

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This one is a space colony not a space sim though.
Could be fun

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>We need a love interest for beta males
Gotchu fampai

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yeah not in her route where the MC is there to tard wrangle her

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Don't do supports with others after S ranking, stupid. otherwise you will end up with surprise pairings.

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Only as a tactical game. FE is first and foremost a waifu simulator.

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There's dozens of different female personality tropes, the one motherly girl bothers you that much?

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Hey, I'm not complaining. I S ranked Felix because everyone was S ranking Dimitri, so I wanted something different. I just found it amusing.

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>play video game
>none of the characters judge me because of my weight

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I love seeing fatties run with their gut swaying from side to side

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losing weight is way more about diet than exercise, lardass.

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If you start exercising in earnest to build muscle (bulking up) you will actually GAIN weight, because muscle is denser and heavier than fat.
It's considerably harder to go from butterball to powerlifter than slimming down then bulking back up though and not necessarily any healthier.

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Is it just me or do old JRPGs age Better than old WRPGs.
JRPGs are more about mechanics and being tongue in cheek light hearted stories while still having good core gameplay with replayability, while TES Baldurs Fallout etc is clunky and dialogue-heavy.

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>resetting your router to samefag this hard
you are pathetic, wrpg-kun

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>i am too stupid and lazy to read the thread
ftfy shithead

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who that

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t. beepzorz

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I'm gonna copy paste this and shut down every thread about this shitty topic.

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It means you should be filtering all one-word template replies like "cope", "based", and "seething". You gain nothing by seeing them.

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it means cope

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>muh reddit spacing

>muh reddit post

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I have the Logitech F710, and it would be really nice, but the shape of the triggers is kinda uncomfortable.

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Simple, humble, unbeatable. 360 for games that need sticks.

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Are there any games about economical collapses?

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I ate it :^)
Mmmmmm yummy yum :)

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Canada got btfo hard.

>> No.474430825

There was a blizzard so they bought it all.

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Quoted By: >>474432126

that's all carbs you fool you're gonna get fat

>> No.474432126

>*my bulbous mass towers over the largest supermarkets*
>*the rumbling of my tummy is so powerful that it causes fissures in the earth and houses to crumble*
>"I need to make a stinky"
>*everybody's house is melted by the extreme powers of my foetid ass crack*
Clean it up, Janny :)

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>Teacher quotes the "Insanity is doing the same thing" shit
>am autistic and immeditely spurt out the thing that comes to mind first
>Ah, i see someone has played fallout 3 ;)"
>teacher looks confused and everyone in class stares at me

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Kill yourself

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based autisticposter

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Gamers don't want games with ugly wome-

Huh... guess they don't care

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Vote with your bullets

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It must have completely shit itself in that case. It's 100% dead man. Total War is filled with servers and people playing. I tried total Chink until I realised how fucking lame and samey the fights felt. It's incredibly boring compared to the varied fights of Warhammer. Dragons, trolls, magic, halberds, undead cannons, walking abombinations with heads of whales. So much creativity compared to total Chinks. Chinks is basically peasants, archers and horses. Shit is creatively bankrupt.

>> No.474437491

rofl, the endless cope on these boys

>> No.474437564

>one side will try to limit it in the ways the founders intended
>the other side will try to limit it in brand new ways, mostly by transforming the constitutional republic into a socialist dictatorship
bet yoy never thought the difference between "conservative" and "liberal" would matter that much

>> No.474437569

Yeah, because racist stereotypes with a dash of unoriginal fantasy from the 80's is soooo much more creative.

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Switch is nothing but watered down ports and indie games.

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And? Those plus the exclusives make for a decent library, they've gotten better games than PS4 this year that for sure. That's coming from someone who owns both systems

>> No.474433457
Quoted By: >>474433617

*timed excusives, enhanced ports, and exclusive shovelware

>> No.474433617

Whether you like them or not does not stop them from being exclusives anon. Without shitty emulation can you play shit like luigis mansion 3, fire emblem three houses or astral chain on another console?

>> No.474433727

I just want a release date for european version of RF4S. That's the one thing I want from this

>> No.474434071

Read my post again

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What's the Equilibrium of video games?

>> No.474430254

A game that's awful but has a great final battle? Fuck, I don't know.


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>> No.474430675

In terms of the Gun-kata?

I know one party member in Shadow Hearts: From the New World uses that as their fighting style.

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wanted weapons of fate

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>India is on course to becoming the leading superpower by 2020
>still no major contributions to the videogame industry

Explain this shit, /v/.

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lmao that is some intense poo in loo delusion you've got going on there pahjeet

>> No.474434829

I'm sure the police will go arrest some guy in another country for you, spoiled roastie.

>> No.474434847

I thought it does give jail time?

>> No.474434908

Countries where boys are outnumbering girls more and more are going to get really ugly in the future.

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big if true

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BOI Repentance Mines alt

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BOI means binding of Isaac dummy

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Are you serious?

>> No.474435174

antibirth has a ton of cool items, so yeah thers gonna be actually good items for once

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You have been visited by gamer vixen Laura.

This Laura is about to die (just like this thread).

Press 'B' to bump!

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Guys melee is the best smash. The gameplay is just so much better.. See?
*fails 10 times in a row to do a wave dash
W-well break the targets is awesome!
*shows tas video of break the targets
B-but it has the best competitive scene! It's not all jigglypuff and fox!
*shows the one video of amsa beating m2k with yoshi

How come the biggest melee dicksuckers can't even play their own game?

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Quoted By: >>474430654

Busty girl. Meme question to justify an off topic thread having loosely to do with video games.

Sexual comment about the girl in the pic to reveal what the thread is actually about.[/spoiler:lit]

>> No.474430654
Quoted By: >>474430732

You posted Gaz just because the movie came out, didn't you?

>> No.474430732

Yeah. Also gamerrrrs

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Can you recommend some real strategy games? Real - in the sense that the challenge of the game is that you have to think carefully about your choises.
Games like Warcraft or Total War have never really felt like strategy games to me, because it's always kind of obvious what you should do, so you don't have to think too much, and victory is ultimately determined by how well you handle battles.

>> No.474430096

>what are grand strategy games
Play HoI3 to really tickle your melon. but im willing to bet you won't get far in any grand strategy game because you're a brainlet frogposter

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Bearer of the Curse...
Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls...
Seek the King. That is the only way.
Lest this land swallow you whole, as it has done so many others...

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riggity rollan

>> No.474437117

bonfire best lvlup girl

>> No.474437164
Quoted By: >>474437442

I'm not gonna play this tranny shit

>> No.474437267


>> No.474437442

Obsessed lmao

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