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Why didn't Vault-Tec equip them with a spare water chip?

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So if the vast majority of the vaults failed and killed the inhabitants, and the people who didn't make it into vaults either died or became ghouls, why are there so many people alive in the fallout universe?

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Meanwhile in the /v/ault...

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Even though I ended up not liking Fallout 4 very much, the moment when you're leaving the Vault and this music swells up was fucking hype as hell. It gave me the feeling that Fallout was back.


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The first Fallout is a great game. It's a darker, more gritty vision of the Wasteland but there's still plenty of dark humour. It's a little too easy to become overpowered and there are a few too many pointless skills, as well as the bugs that lock you into bad endings no matter what you do, but other than that it's pretty much flawless.

The thing about Fallout 1 is that it's heavy in atmosphere, but it's concise. There's not much, but what is there is deep and memorable. A very compact game.

Fallout 2 sprung off in a totally different direction, but I don't think it was worse, just different. From a pure gameplay perspective, it's objectively better. It's simply a further expanded and fine tuned version of the first game. From a world, choice and general content perspective there's much,much more to do and many different ways to do them, a real upgrade. Some would say it spread the experience a little bit too thin, but I disagree.

The extreme difference in feeling between the two isn't inferiority or superiority, it's a different approach to tone. Fallout 1 was very much a darker, more atmospheric game that very much felt like it was set in a Wasteland that people were surviving in. Fallout 2, however is set in this new society that has stopped surviving and has begun to rebuild an expand, it's no longer a "Wasteland", it's a frontier. Therefore the atmosphere was much more lighthearted and one of new horizons and re-emerging civilization rather than the theme of sins of the past and survival as in the first game.

If I had summarise it, Fallout 1 is rising out of the ashes, and Fallout 2 is building on them.

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>F4 feels more like fallout than 3 or NV ever did

Fucking hell I really,really hope this just shitposting.

How in God's name does it feel more like Fallout than fucking NV? The game that was developed largely by remnants of the original team and reused most of the concepts and ideas from the original Fallout 3?

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