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>Joker is in Smash, Switch gets a Persona 5 spinoff
>Luminary is in Smash, Switch gets a DQ11 port
They're coming home full force

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>Smash 4's development ended in 2015
>Ultimate's roster was finalized in 2015
>Persona 5 released in 2016, gameplay revealed 2015
>Dragon Quest 11 released in 2017, gameplay revealed 2015
>Rare Replay released and revealed in 2015

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I realize I'm hardly the first to say it, but man oh man would an N. Sane Trilogy-style remake of the N64 games be rad as hell.

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Why though? They've aged poorly. Something like Spyro, Mario 64 or even Rayman aged much better.

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Switch gets a Persona 5 spinoff?


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Disagree. I played through B-K shortly after the reveal, and found it just fine.

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Its just a Rare Replay port minus the Xbox games

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>They've aged poorly.
No they haven’t. I literally just played through both after the reveal and they’re still a blast.

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While PS4 is getting The Royal, aka P5R, Switch is getting a musou called Scramble, aka P5S.

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>Dark souls 3 revealed in 2015
>Doom revealed in 2015

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Isn't Scramble on ps4 too?

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all falseflags and trolling aside, it would be really great to replay bk/bt again after all these years

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No, just like how Persona Q and Q2 weren't on Vita.

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I’m just really happy Banjo and Pac Man are in the same game together. Loved Pac Man World 2 and GBTG on Xbox

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not in this thread, but seemingly every smash thread has been a hot mess lately

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>minus xbox games
>throw in grunty's revenge, diddy kong racing and banjo pilot.

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>No Kameo or Viva Pinata
Forget that noise

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Jill is next.

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Was it better than people made it out to be?

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she better have her RE3 outfit.

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Nice try.

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>not believing box theory 2.0
just accept it
cross your fingers that the capcom rep is good and the namco rep is dark souls

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FOURTH IS actually Chris REDFIELD with HATSUNE Miku as the final DLC character

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picking mario 64 as an example when it's been argued that BK improved on what mario64 originally brought to the table

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Yikes. It’s actually gonna be Jill plus the Chosen Undead.

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>Hatsune Miku
BASED! I Unironically want Miku in.

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Fucking hell

Can we get our squirrel, Conker, some love?

I love this little furry bastard

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>Represents Dark Souls through his swordplay
Extremely clunky, lethargic, unbalanced, and worthless outside light one-two-roll, and projectiles?

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100% gonna be resident evil and dark souls, I am convinced

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Quoted By: >>470081695

git gud

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Xbox Gamepass comes to Switch and with the the MCC.

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Souls would be worth it for the stage and music tbqh

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Is it the "jane" codename? I might believe it, but I don't know

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What does any of that have to do with gitting gud?
Dark Souls 2's dust hitboxes don't get better by playing better. Dark Souls 3's shitty weapon balance doesn't magically go away.
Dark Souls' pvp doesn't stop being laggy and heavily hacked.

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No, that was a scrapped Joker alt
I'm going by mii costume theory

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Do you know where the virtua fighter costumes are for joker then?

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Honestly its up there with Jet Force Gemini as Rare games that are good but nobody really talks about

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Insomniac's games were good, don't be contrarian.

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>They're coming home full force
ports of 20 year old games aren't important. Also their home is the xbox you idiot.

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Enjoy Nuts 'n Bolts on the Switch, because you god damn know that's coming with the xbox live shit.

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>thinking the switch won't get the eventual new banjo game
they care more about making money than consolewars, banjo would sell the best on switch

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>Simon, Richter, Alucard and Dracula are in smash!

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they'll get a crust game just like contra
just wait

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No they're not.
Rare is barely even a developer anymore and Playtonic is too busy playing with unfunny knockoffs.

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the dlc was decided after ultimate got released

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Quoted By: >>470088042

Wouldn't that be a good reason to remake them, then? Because by your logic only games that aged better should be remade while games that aged poorly be left behind. Those should be the games that need the N. Sane treatment the most. And banjo aged better then most n64 games

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Quoted By: >>470086156

How likely is a Souls rep?

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Joker cant have been since he had a trailer ready for even before the games release. The rest probably were though.

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unironically the highest chances of any Bamco character, assuming Bamco gets another fighter

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Rare has no interest in making Banjo games anymore, just like how there are no more Mother games because Itoi isn't interested in doing so.

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Yes, it is. Both of the others who replied to you need to check their fucking facts.

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Quoted By: >>470088630

Video games don't age.

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Oh yes, Jill is next. Not that Jill, though.

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didn't buy the mii costume pattern shit at first but i've come to realize that it is very sakurai

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nah ageing isn't a thing you're just a faggot

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I've never been a Crash fan, honestly. I heard the N Sane remakes aren't as good as the originals. I agree, I guess. I wasn't big on Banjo's combat. I felt like Spyro and Mario were just way better in that department. Spyro is inferior to Banjo when it comes to platforming though.

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i have a way of dealing with contrarian faggots where i come from
i shoot them

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>Chosen Undead
Would you be satisfied?

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Quoted By: >>470091152

Tell that to Namco and their dad mascots.

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Leon, yes

Chosen Undead, meh

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banjo doesn't have parallel universes u cuck

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I don't really see how RE could work in Smash without taking a ton of liberties and offering almost no music but CU would be great

>> No.470089351

Leon would be a fucking snooze but Chosen Undead would be great

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Quoted By: >>470093602

Mmm... I disagree with you there. Mario 64 is more dated than this, this game expanded on that. Afterall, if Mario 64 can be rereleased over and over and people still praise it, then Rare can rerelease it via XBLA. Not to mention, most 3D platformers use BK as a starting point rather than Mario 64 (I.E Hat in Time.)

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Quoted By: >>470090070

>RE has no music

>> No.470089524

>banjo doesn't have a programming quirk that is useful for literally one person on the planet

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That's right, throw away the crap (I do like Kameo and Viva Pinata though, and I got a kick outta Ghoulies from time to time) and give us the goods. Like maybe the DKC series.

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Real talk, why the fuck is Banjo playable? He's an irrelevant character from a dead franchise

Actual iconic characters like Bomberman, who has over 70 games mind you is only an assist trophy, but this ugly bear who has only 5 games, 2 of which weren't even in Japan gets to be playable?

Unfucking acceptable, you can't seriously defend this

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Well, now that the Stevoids (thank god) and the Soracucks are gone, along with no rumours (aside from the based DOOM), Smash threads are a little boring at the moment... But maybe that's a blessing right now.

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What the fuck is a HATSUNE Miku?

>> No.470089847

Fuck that, just give me DK64

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>how to spot somebody that hasn't played RE

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I love this man... but holy fuck, Microsoft really butchered him... funny how NINTENDO understands Rare characters more than the actual company that owns them... Why do they even own Rare?

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RE has a fuckload of music that would be kino

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Because he's... home. An honorary Nintendo character. And that's good enough for me. Also, I'm also glad we can dab on people like the Stevefags and the relevancyfags... like you!

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>zoomers thinking RE is just boring gun man rep with barely any music

If Snake was never in you retards would be saying the exact same shit

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I wish there was more Kameo porn.

>> No.470090389

Let's be real here. If the DLC doesn't have this theme. I ain't buying!

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If I had to imagine a likely scenario, I'd say that the dlc characters were loosely decided along with the base roster. By loosely, I mean stuff like "a Square character" and "an Atlus character". And then the characters were decided on later in development.

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I will as I continue to enjoy their games from the 80s and 90s.

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smashlets don't play m-rated games

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>rereleased over and over

Nintendo doesnt go that into their virtual console timeline since they keep resetting every console generation

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i can and i will you cuck

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Why rosterfag for a boomer tier character when you can advocate for someone who's actually VIABLE?

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