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>Goro trailer
>Mona Report #4

>Mona report #5 in September!
>Dengeki PS Vol. 679 (releasing on August 28), will feature new information on P5R.
>P5R will be included in Sega's TGS 2019 lineup
>P5S announced for PS4 and Switch
>P5R Releasing for PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019
>P5R Releasing in the West in 2020

>P5S Trailer

>Persona 5: The Animation:http://p5a.jp
>Atlus' online shop:https://shop.atlus.com/


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Time for your check up, /pg/
I had to post master1200 because the full image was 7 MB

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Fuck off Mystic

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Yeah friend chemistry, they did not even talked to each other since middle school before the game happened

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Not at all
You’ve probably never had a female friend

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Makoto has a mic and she's talking to Ren most likely.

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>One of P5R's main themes is dreams
>A nightmare is a bad dream
Mystic knew all along.

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Futaba belongs to her Onii-chan

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I am almost sure that will happen, she saving him in Casino, that cutscene of he looking at her dancing, she yelling for him to stop running to the final boss

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>Mystic is actually living in a dream world

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That works with everyone, even with Joker if i am not mistaken

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Everyone has the mic.
Goro has a similar animation even, so I don't know what you're trying to prove.

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first time knowing they had mics

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And boy it was, it killed leaks Mystic

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Merry X'mas /pg/!!~

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Really gotta keep it going going
Deep down yeah knowing knowing
What's gonna happen next? Don't know
Can't keep my eyes closed oh man it's gone
Looked everywhere for my identity
Hooked everywhere did I belong to an entity?
I don't know where have I gone wrong?
Wanna try me but you only got hate
Only interested in my fate
And insincerity's not my way
Any interference dodge them away
Let there be light
In the dark night
Gotta get it back it's time I get it back
I wanna bring it back to the good old days

Times I get sick and tired of the whole situation
But I'll never let them hold me down
Cause I know I got faith and courage to go on now

Both moonlight shines
And sun shines down on us
Two is one and I can't lie no more oh
I can't heal
If I keep on running away from my own fate

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How did you think they could communicate with Joker while he was drawing police attention?

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im too bored

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Through Futaba.

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Merry Christmas!

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Are you one of the retards who think shitting on=chemistry? They are literally oposites of what their ideal partner is

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Futaba is different from Rise, she can't communicate through her persona.

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Reminder Mario Odyssey was robbed of GOTY

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Come anon, don't be bored! Find yourself some cool activity!!

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Please don't tell me you watched that thing.
He probably hasn't even played the game and yet you're giving him money listening to his analysis.

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Quoted By: >>262804521

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yes she can

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Shitpost on /pg/

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Anon, it's five hours long. It would have to be older than this thread.

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Peak comfy.

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Its obviously love at first sight.

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I don't Ann is being comfy here.

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>he doesn't set his videos to x2

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>I don't Ann
Yeah, you don't because I do Ann.

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The most comfy is Casino one

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Isn't P4R a PS4 exclusive, anyway? They don't interested in Persona games on Nintendo consoles outside of spinoffs and PS3 is a little old for it.

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Yes, they said they have no plans to release P5R on anything else

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She's so best.

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i should be playing Mother 3 but i feel the pacing kinda dipped with Chapter 7

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what the fuck, /pg/ said Kamoshida was one of the most evil characters in Persona. This guy is next level

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P4R is vita exclusive though

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Every few weeks I have a moment where I remember P5S exists, only to immediately forget about it minutes later.

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Sorry. I've meant P5R, I know P4G is Vita exclusive.

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Reminder that Ginji is loosely based on Komuro Tetsuya, and Muses is based of a group he produced called D&D (a trio that also featured a halfblood singing some english).

Yet he remixed “Signs of Love” for DAN, he's the TK in "TK Remix".

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I liked how some Switch owners complained about not getting Royal but just vanilla yet in the end they ended up getting nothing.

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Maybe something more productive..?

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