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>Shadowbringers Landing
>5.05 Patch Notes

>Moonfire Faire (until August 26th)
>Free Fantasia with purchase of 60 day timecard (Until August 31st)
>Free login campaign (until August 16th)

>Resources, Free Companies, Linkshells

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I love big dick

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What are some decent glams for ladyc@s?

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You and the rest of this general...

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>not having your mentor crown, Heart of the Party title, and UCOB weapon equipped at all times

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What's a good outfit for a lalafell?

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fantasia potion in mouth slot

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you can click the wheel multiple times before it settles to set your wheel attribute and it only consumes one charge. i thought it was you spend 1 charge moving the wheel one time as well.

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Lala onahole maid that I can wear!

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Whichever one shows the most tummy.
Also who and where is this pump?

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Heh, not me, I love biiiiiiiiiiig pussy. Wait. That doesn't sound right.

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Why the fuck is Qitana Ravel so much easier to heal than Dhon Mheg? when tanks did big pulls in Mheg i'd have to pop thin air and prescence of mind and just spam the fuck out of cure 2 and OGCDs just to hang on but in Ravel shit doesn't hit nearly as hard.

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Tell that to someone who equips it.

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Don't lewd Lalafell.

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Probably because your don mheg tanks didnt interrupt frogs

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Same, can't get enough of the big, hard, veiny, throbbing pussies...

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>be male xaela
>the only people that have ever hit on me are female lalafell
can someone explain this shit
i understand size_difference but this is just a bit too much

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mechanics fuck you up baddddd
if you have to move you are fucked

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I like how it's literally a showcase for the new interrupt style and people still fuck it up.

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How much is enough?

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>the virgin xaela bull vs the chad cat barbs

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Should have gone Raen master race

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bro, cover that jimmy neutron shit up

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rate this glam on my squadron member

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I want to cuck Tenzen and make Suzaku my wife!

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Lot nicer than the Au Ras that I see, owing to the combination of the face and skin tone.


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don't be gross
cream scales are hard to work with

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The last custom delivery questline had canon Lala x Xaela lust and probably awakened the latent desire of a few lalas

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Enemy Target Practice/10

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Lionesses when?

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>squadron member
nigga did you even read?

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Same time as we get jacked rabbits.

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Queue for mahjong on crystal

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>squadron member
Sorry, I haven't been introduced to that before.

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if only...

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>gook poker

no thanks

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I saw her first!

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level 1 alts are so unsexy

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She's pretty into the WoL by the end of it, if you can deal with being a replacement for Ten-cent.

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One furry race is more than enough.

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Name and single?

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and there would still be one furry race if fem hrothgar were added

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My FC house is too smol for meetups and Very Cute is not interested in hosting I guess.

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Name: Not telling
Single: Yes

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Nice ty, gonna throw up some other losers

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>make cute flat chested girl
>call it a boy

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>Very Cute
I honestly would feel uncomfortable around those guys.

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Do I RP as a cute catslut to be fucked by stinky anons or do I RP as a normal self insert for the slim chance of meeting a mentally ill girl

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