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passion, edition

> Demo Day
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> Engines

> Models/art/textures/sprites

> Free audio

> How to Webm

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>but you will have to figure how yourself
i guess you are talking about mesh combination ?

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Can you solve this puzzle game?

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Fuck its hard to help because it feels like I am enabling competition against me. I'd rather teach you to fish than feed you. Start learning how to break down your problems to keywords then searching them, go from there.

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Alright I guess I don't even have to sync the lines and the splash animations then? I can't see if that's happening or not in that gif.

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nigga it's not like everyone is a retard here, I know very well that I can google and I will, it's not inherently bad to discuss this kind of stuff given we are in a game dev general

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I don't think they're synced. It doesn't even look like any of the rain lines disappear until they exit the bottom of the screen. There's so many particles and it's so chaotic that no one will notice that they aren't synced.

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What are some cool god modes / rage mode / come back modes in games? You know for those moments in anime when the protagonist's theme starts playing and he/she starts to reck everything? I want to capture that feeling in my game.

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Do you mean just "protag/op theme starts playing in climactic moment" examples?

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Probably want to give information about the kind of game you're playing. A random example that comes to mind is the comeback mechanics in a lot of fighting games, where getting hit builds a meter for the heavy damaging attack combo.

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So, blender 2.8. Yeah or nah?

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So is Niagara good enough to use now? I've been holding out on anything past UE 4.18.3

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Pretty good except for the very specific use case of needing to bake a texture onto the vertex colors of a model. You can't do that in 2.80 because it required the ancient Blender renderer which has been completely removed.

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What other choices do you actually have? You think Maya is worth that fucking price for a random single game maker?

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+ Player avatar's name now appear on display when an avatar is selected

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Remember: it is YOUR fault.
Little bit of gatekeeping could save us all and our threads.

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Salad fingers.

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Over 2.7? Definitely. Eevee and the UI improvements on their own are enough of an improvement to warrant the upgrade for gamedev.

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If you're a 1MA and you intend to sell your game yes. If you're a hobbyist strictly, then pirate Maya and Max or get a student license. If you have a decent-sized team who aren't all amateurs, buying maya/max may be worth it just because people with degrees are more likely to be familiar with it, but apparently blender 2.8 finally fixed blender's awful UI (I haven't used it yet) and even made its hotkeys match autodesk's, so there's that.

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>did you really make this yourself?!!
it's fucking hilarious how little you have to know have normies think you're a wizard. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this initial reaction.

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It's for a top down pixelshit action game with some light combo system. It was actually fighting games I had in mind, like the ultimates in Street fighter 4, but more like a mode that increases your strength / speed or whatever for a short duration. Makoto had something like that, like in this vid when she turns red https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUpQak8vQ00

Just increasing the stats of the player sounds a bit boring though, preferably you would be able to do stuff you wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Yes that's the spirit.

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It's called flattery, anon. Instead of being hilarious it's supposed to make you feel this feel called 'good'.

I've heard of it before, not sure if I've ever felt it but anyway.

Look, producing ANYTHING that requires any amount of skill or effort to create, whether it be good or mediocre or rubbish, will instantly make your more interesting than a normie. Thinking it's hilarious that people would want to compliment your shit work is going to bite you in the ass and also make you look like an ass if you ever express that opinion instead of just saying thanks

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Are there any decent Android apps for sprite-making? Any at all?

I have a lot of downtime at work, figure I may as well work on my assets then.

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Reminder to encourage the person who made this inaccurate, brainlet graphic to kill themselves!

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Prove the graphic wrong (you literally can't)

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+ GUI now tracks player avatar's name, encryption, and RAM.

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I can tell you're a nodev so I'm going to save my breath. It's common sense.

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Guys, halp, blender/3d question, if i created my model for a character, do i UV him with the mirror modifier still applied or do i first apply the modifier then UV?

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Because the player being positioned on the corner of a step instead of the ground is common sense!

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both parts with share the same UV mappng

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He is saying there are trivial ways of dealing with this, having correct foot placement as well as limiting collider usage
It's just that it requires more work than selecting a character component

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Boot up a (good) 3D platformer, slowly edge off the corner of a box. Do you slip downwards at all before falling off? No. The base of the player collision is flat. It's not using a rounded capsule.

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Hmm you're right but if I want to have light rain it might look weird if they are not connected. I think the rain drops are synced with the splashes in this one https://twitter.com/Trixelized/status/1158724083942678528 ?
I haven't worked with the particle system at all so I don't know how easy it would be to sync those. I guess I wouldn't use actual hit detection? Maybe just have it splash after a while?

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So keep the modifier and apply it after i finish the UVs? thanks

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you realize the visuals and the collision data do not have to match right? do you really think there are foot colliders in games or do you think maybe the leg and foot is just being positioned through IK? you probably don't even know what IK is so I'm going to stop responding to your shit bait now though, good luck with your meaningless life of NEETdom

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Feet IK is just cosmetic placement of an extremity, you can tell the position of the player itself by how the camera moves around. >>262804042

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anyone who can help me here? I mean, I want to use opencv with godot, and need some help doing that.

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yeah. Otherwise you would double you problem with unwrapping. Keep in mind that using the same uvmapping excludes light baking

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>anyone who can help me here? ... I want to use godot, and need some help doing that.
here's some help: don't, run, turn off your computer and rethink your entire life

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honestly, I usually feel uncomfortable in those situations, mostly because I know my creations are nothing too magnificent, but if I said it out loud, I would only come off as arrogant.

I understand and agree with everything you said, but it's just that I have to act along to avoid being a prick.

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Plus you can physically tell the difference between walking up a staircase with resistance from a capsule vs walking up a staircase when ground is treated with special rules. The latter feels way more polished and is what you get in AAA platformers like mario

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Bored of libgdx and java already?

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Godot has better GUI tools.

I figure out I may use opencv with godot since is a c++ library.

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you can achive the image on the right with ray collisions if your engine supports it

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You don't need to post progress every time you tweak a small thing.

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where's your game faggot? don't bully yesdevs are a fucking irrelevant nobody who is going to die without a single person ever loving him

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any idea how it will look? whats the art style

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Speak English retard.

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progress is progress

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>hurrdurr you made a typo because you're not a phoneposting faggot like me

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