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Use 522/320/404/137 in doll construction, restart the game.

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Don't throw shit away unless you plan on being a dupe chad.

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Because it looks cool I guess, but obviously the physics of this doesn't actually work.

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exactly. they are well-trained and well-equipped combat androids. with that being said, i want to cum inside of a combat android.

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You do know theyre robots right?

>> No.262804614

I want to fist skorp!

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Quoted By: >>262804803

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I'd try sticking with it for now until you get Jill. If you haven't bought all the combat reports/beer from the shop you can possibly kickstart a replacement doll or two to help you finish the event though.

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Quoted By: >>262804874

60 doesn't take all that long to get, but I understand. I guess you can grind them to level 70 where they get another dummy link, that will probably help a lot. Are you stuck on a mission or are you just apprehensive about leveling your current team? Because that team should be able to get you to Jill despite being suboptimal

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>making complex spatial and velocity calculations
>from a single 2d input device
Sure it would probably work, but maybe if she had both eyes.

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Oh no, quick give her a burger.

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Quoted By: >>262805160

>only having one eye in your eye

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I'm stuck on 1-4 because the robots nuke my team before getting to the heliport, and I can't use firends in that mission

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Quoted By: >>262805160

>this guy has only one eye eye eye
Are you even ascended bro lmao

>> No.262805052

Why do you think she needs both eyes? What part about being a fucking robot do you not understand. AK-12 can see THROUGH her fucking eyelids.

>> No.262805149

fair enough assessment. i just chalk it up to "future robot eyes" and it's likely more due to hyper quick calculation of where the object will be rather than where it is(?)

>> No.262805160

So explain how she can do the calculations needed to back track the trajectory of the bullet path without depth perception, oh and she's doing it from behind a wall.

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Quoted By: >>262805317

Use sniper fairy.

>> No.262805259

Plot holes

>> No.262805264

>he doesn't have eyes on the inside

>> No.262805278

I think getting your dolls to level 70 and dummy-linking them will give you a nice powerspike

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Quoted By: >>262805454

>a fucking robot
Being a robot doesn't mean you can just ignore physics.

>> No.262805291

Youre giving too much thought for some fanfic.
The guy only cared about looking cool, not if it made sense.

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Quoted By: >>262805481

Also, I haven't enhanced MP40 too much, adn AR-15 is lower level than everyone else since she replaced Galil recently
How do you want me to use fairies when I don't have them? I got Anna but I can't equip her yet

>> No.262805337

Nothing can kill 2hu anon, not even themselves.

>> No.262805340

>without depth perception
There it is again. You're assuming one eye means no depth perception when shes a fucking ROBOT. What makes you think she needs two fucking eyes to get a clear picture?

>> No.262805362

Plot. We dont need a better explanation.

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>I care about the application of real life physics in my game about female androids fighting zombies, aliens, and being humans that do human things but they're not really humans but machines but they're not really machines either

>> No.262805427

The franchise will outlive GFL by decades

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Quoted By: >>262805587

>it's not worth discussing logistics in a fictional setting because it's fiction

>> No.262805454

No, it doesn't. But it does mean you don't need two eyes for depth perception like a human does.

>> No.262805463

>from a single 2d input device
I remember m4 scanning the battlefield to produce 3d map so I guess using that they can easily compute trajectories even with one eye.

>> No.262805481
Quoted By: >>262805587

>Almost 4xlinked sguad
>No fairies
Embarrasing. please delete.

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Quoted By: >>262805635



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Shiki on the bed.

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is anyone actually taking this as a derailing conversation? he's not being overly shitty, he's just asking questions that everyone has the same answer for

and i am replying because it's funny

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Quoted By: >>262805908

>It's important to discuss physics in a work of fiction
Don't you need to clear X amount of stages to unlock them?

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What's the fastest way to get lots of ammunition? I may be down to 37, and don't have enough squads yet to continually send people on logistics missions all day (I'm also only just starting chapter 3).

>> No.262805635

Its a planning mode bug family :3.

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ill ignore physics in my fanfiction and write a mary sue

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welcome to every fanfiction ever

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Quoted By: >>262806069

...How the fuck?
Just do dailies and shit, send people on the easier logistics missions. You literally get resources from everything

>> No.262805751

Theres nothing wrong with that, its just not something from content that matters.

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>> No.262805908

WELL GO CLEAR THEM THEN. If you want to beat the level you put effort into things that help you do that . Thats how games work. You cant just come whine to gfg while not doing anything towards your goals.

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When you're that low, pretty much the only thing you can do is wait for logistics and wait for it to passively go up or if you're that impatient you can always buy it with gems but I wouldn't recommend that

>> No.262806029

Play Logistics Frontline while running logistic supports with the highest ammo per hour.

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>He doesn't have a Shiny Five-Seven

>> No.262806069

I may have built too many combat onaholes for my own good, because a friend recommended I just keep building shit to climb out of core hell. This is while doing the highest return logistic missions and flitting through my dailies.

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