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>Fire Emblem: Three Houses Resources

>Fire Emblem Heroes Links and Guides

>Other Links and Resources

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It's been a full day, confess. Do you regret your CYL choice?

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GD you and claude fight Edie while Dimitri does shit off screen. You kill edie in church and GD. BL you and Dimitri fight edie and Dimitri kills Edie

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Even old New York was once New Amsterdam
Why they changed it I can't say
People just liked it better that way

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that depends on what resources you have, almost all staffs are pretty useful, and can go on anyone. if you want to use an absorb staff serra might be better as she has better resist, and higher damage. shes a cav staff so grav would be pretty effective with the extra mobility. theres always the pain double savage blow.
if you want her to use an absorb build i would go with atk/spd solo, wrathful upgrade, vantage, and miracle.
what resources do you have to give her that you are willing to spend?

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>removing all culpability from Lonato when he hates the church for framing his son for Duscur and executing him, which they did
The slitherers steal people’s bodies, and considering despite rumors circulating around others surrounding the Duscur massacre, and they are fine, it’s likely to believe there was some proof linking him to Duscur. But it probably wasn’t his son, but a slitherer.

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>Would people still like Male Edel?
(lol no
People only white knight her because she is a waifu

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>does not even come with a healing balm skill, good luck sacrificing Brave Veronica or Bride Fjorm for Windfire Balm
>Atk Tactic 3 on a healer

They really did Camillafags dirty

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I haven't chosen

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Must have be so awkward, a mercenary with no formal training or even training in nobility crap teaching.

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The reason why they used lonato is because they knew he would be vulnerable and emotional due to his son, the conspiracy is still created by the dubsteppers

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bad taste edeltard detected, bernie is one of the only good characters in BE

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Who should I marry in BE? The options are Edelgard, Dorothea, Hubert or Ferdinand.

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>when unfulfilled starts playing

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gotcha, any other differences? different missions/bosses?

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It's nighttime here. I'm going to sleep.
God bless your days, /feg/.

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>They really did Camillafags dirty
by making her the best choice?

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>Byleth the entire time when he first comes to the Monastery

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Whatever one you like most, or the support you like the most. Shamless edeltard here

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His son had nothing to do with Duscur, Christophe was involved in a plot to kill Rhea, Catherine sold him out and they brushed him along those involved with Duscur for the sake of convenience

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E-easy on the smug sothis

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i wish nintendo let us have our save data to play with

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Ferdinand or Hubert.
You aren't gay degenerate, are you, anon?

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Why did she have to go, I wanted her to stay and bully me

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She is quite blatantly the villain

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>He doesn't like Petra

I do not have understanding

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Whenever I get a chance to check on /feg/ there always seems to be a Bernadetta OP. Did I miss something while I was gone?

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Or you can just say he hates the church for executing his son, and sided with people who shared his feelings

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Ashe‘s support with Catherine after their paralogue expands on that.
Cristophe planned to assassinate Rhea under Order of the western church.
The reason they executed him for supposed involvement in the tragedy was to not cause a panic.

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But anon, Ferdie's ending is not so good with Byleth. I'm trying to remember Hubert as well but I can't right now. And I'm only half gay which means I am not.

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>Byleth's ending with Lorenz
>they have a son who looks exactly like him
I thought that was pretty funny.

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Edel is so thirsty for byleth dick. No wonder she went full retardo

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Edelgard or Hubert, why the hell would you not go for the people you can't romance outside of their route?

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A dumb waifufag keeps making early threads with his SHIT waifu.

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>male edel
this is basically male edel, except he's more repentant.

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>Noooow, SURELY her growths are shit to compensate
>50 50 25 40 55 30 30 20 25

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>ignatz didn't grow

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Haven't picked it yet. Was going to choose Miccy because I misread her weapon's effect and thought it was the same as Gunntrha's. Might still get her since all the others are still pretty much worthless and ground orders seems fun. That or I'll get SS4 for my waifu.

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lolibaba butt...

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The answer is obviously Edelgard

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Male Byleth - Edel
Fem Byleth - Hubie

All of Edelgards growth went to her tits.

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Retarded jizzhead pedo on par with annoyance to the spic keeps making them. /feg/ is too stupid to ignore early threads and use better ones.

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>entire army is decked in silver and killer weapons
>still have 75k gold in the bank

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Shes our queen

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>Classic gameplay
Pick one

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