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What is WoW Classic?
Official Blizzard servers for WoW 1.12 aka Vanilla

>Content Release Plan

>Looking for old friends, guildmates?

Blizzard are expecting massive overcrowding (hour long queues) on Herod NA and Shazzrah EU. They are asking players to reroll to the new servers Stalagg NA and Gehennas EU

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don't forget to sell portals

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>crits you for 1k with 2 second cast lightning bolt
>crits you for 1.5k with instant cast NS CL
>crits you got 800 with ES
uhhh... sweetie...

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Mina-san konnichiwa, <Anime Mafia> H|NA|Herod here looking for new bakas in their ranks, it doesn't matter if you’re old or a new, we don't have many rules as long as you're able to endure a few funposters! Make sure to read the pin when you join in desu~

Server: Herod
Loot Council
Friday/Saturday 7:00 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST

1 — You have to play World of Warcraft Vanilla
2 — No actions or intent to dismantle the server/guild
3 — No serious conflict between users of the server, conflicts outside of the server are encouraged!
4 — Don't shill
5 — Talk about your grievances/problems if you have any
6 — Everything h-here are j-j-just jokes, a-a-anything said h-h-here is not to be taken s-s-seriously, h-haha

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He was always weird, but now his cringe level get close enough to be a school shooter. I couldn't even finish the clip.

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But hes a faggot. I hate swifty. The times he tries to speak in spanish is so fucking lame as well.

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the state of pvefags

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>go into the Big Guys discord
>trannies discussing hrt
>say ">she" ">her"
>they get assmad
>dab on them all
>they shut the server down while seething at incredible levels
My job here is done.

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>consider it
>realize it will never be comfy again
the amount of faggy power levelers and content rushers will kill it, i want months of trying to turn your greens into blues and thinking people who had two epics were amazing
now it will be MC on farm within 2 weeks

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cope harder pussy

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Whats easier for mage to kill in Vanilla, pally or shaman?

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>plays a healslut class
>gets raped every but his wildest dreams
uhhh... tranny...

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is this true?

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killing a pally takes longer due to DS

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this is unironically based

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he's hard to watch for me as well. i can't watch anyone that randomly yells into their mic trying to to hype up a situation that doesn't call for it. so cringy. what makes it worse is that he's 40 or something.

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I've finally decided - I'm rolling a dwarf hunter

goat in solo content, fast leveler and I'm a wagie, scales okay into later phases, solid in PvP, fast and efficient farmer

the irony is I have a hunter on retail and I want to kill myself every time I play it

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I feel the same way desu. I'll give it a try, but I'm scared it's going to be full of zoomers dabbing on people and twitch memes

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what are the absolute most based, white, authentic and pure server choices and why is it the rp-pvp server type?
zandalar tribe & grobbulus chads let me hear you

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Blizzcon 2018 was hell of a ride.

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Mage has too many movement impairing effects and resets for a paladin to handle

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>wahhhh people are better than me now no fair

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>loot council
how will you prove to me this shit isn't going to be corrupt as fuck

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Hating Swifty is on the level of fedora-tipping r/atheism cringe. Swifty is so fucking wholesome, he's like Fellowship of the Ring condensed into a person.

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>oh wow haha he's so based I wanna suck his duck *dab* POG zoom zoom and liking him is totally different from liking all those other e-fags

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>reddit mafia


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if the thing that's keeping you from applying is *loot council* in the sea of red flags that is that post, then I really don't know what to tell you

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yes i will be rolling a gnome rogue on grobbulus and constantly look for erpers and fags so i can interrupt their erp while ganking the shit out of retard horde players how could you tell?

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>no one wants to play shamadin still

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it will be 100% of the time. the type of loser to run a loot council guild is the same type of loser who moderates an anonymous monkey soup recipe forum for fee

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Watch yer back

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i assume we're talking about hpal and rsham? they can both live indefinitely if they are good. you'll probably oom before they do and they'll autoattack you down. you pretty much need to hit a counterspell to kill them.

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doubt it, ive been playing dota for years, ill be ever better at wow than i used to be
just without the mystery and slowburn of it all whats the point, there wont be time to actually enjoy it, it will just be everyone speedfarming shit and using 100 addons

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>not rolling an alliance warlock and killing erpers in goldshire with your unleashed infernal

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we're build from the ground up so no cliques exist.

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/wowg/ is laughing at us again bros...

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2nd head from the right is the warlock

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Quoted By: >>262806038

if you've existed for even a week then cliques exist

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n-no bro he's BASED
i bet you're super cringe bro

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Nice ERP channel in your discord, nonce

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no, i didn't say i hate swifty. he's an iconic part of wow's history. i said he's hard to watch, and he is.

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isn't that considered "griefing roleplayers?"

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So what are the actual guilds from here? Need to know who to camp.

not defending anime retards but lc is the most optimal loot distribution method

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>joining loot council guilds
lmao have fun being passed over for every e-girl, ass kisser and tr*nny who are part of the LC clique.

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if you say so!

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I've also been in your position and realized all the things you have, but in the end the social aspect of classic is what will make me play it

forming a BRD group to do a full clear and getting 4 new friends at the end of it is a feeling you can't replicate anywhere in online games today

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