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          Z    r、、 ㌦
          イrヘ<,_ `゙フ
           }以 ー  r/       I am the 1000 of my GET.
         rくト、ヽ‐/        VIP is my body, and kopipe is my blood.
       r<\_〕lニニ〕スー- _     I have created over 999 posts.
      f⌒ヽ N\_人`Y>ト、 lハ    Unaware of /b/.
      |   ヽ、    〉 l  l  Y l    Nor aware of fchan.
      |    リ   / .人_ V }lイ    Waiting for one's arrival.
      l    イ  /ノィ⌒ヽトイ {   I have no regrets, this was the only path.
      |    r<(  ( ッ、ノ } l|   My whole life was Unlimited Troll Works.
      ト、  ∧` ーt-<⌒>-イ l
      lハヽ 〈 〕、_ノ>(__ノイー l|
      〈  ゝl /      〕-―lュ ハ
      l    lイフフ>イ二ニ =「ト〈l
       | V.│  / !|八イ l| ヽ  
       !  V.! /    lイ〈ノ/ノ  l
       lハ ヽ      トノ∠  l  l
       l V l      l〕\  ∧ ',
       l⌒ヽ人     lー----。l  ',
       ト、_丿 「〕     lー―‐〆l   !
       `ヘヘヘj       l  //l  !

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