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I made it into my series for diamond 1 on another one of my accounts.

I was solo top as Shen vs Jax. Jax tried fighting me lvl 1 so I fought as long as I could and killed him lvl 1. Its important to fight Jax lvl 1 because you win as long as you put the spirit sword close to his turret before the minions spawn.

When you fight Jax its important to not shadow dash onto him and just keep poking with Q and blocking his W with your W. When Jax counterstrikes your auto attacks run into him and shadow dash backwards into your turret to avoid the stun, and get an extra bit of poke too. Unless he wants to take a ton of harass and fight under your minion wave Jax generally has to Q away.

We slowly won the game over time because Xayah and Rakan were doing pretty good and pushed in the game.

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