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You niggers creating drama over the existence of mods and whether or not they should be allowed is why this general is a fucking cancer compared to the /v/ threads
There are no falseflags, there are no gay ops, there are just you pathetic faggots arguing over absolutely nothing and shitting up the general. It doesn't fucking matter who's right or wrong, shut the fuck up and let the mod links be

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why are defender zolours so fucking awful
is there an explanation?

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hey senpai don't you dare call it a fucking lie that 6.7 is a giant black hole for them, but usually my running issue is that tanks that are often called the worst tend to be something everyone needs to just get some fucking skill at

bet you if i grind to the conq that won't be shit either

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>Female commentator

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>join match in progress
>four goobers one after another: "you got a mic?"
>still loading, can't use mic or chat
>kicked eight seconds later

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>Tomas doesn't have a support with Byleth
Gee. I wonder why.

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>tfw your waifu tries to use her cornhole to smuggle Skooma but ends up brapping and alerting the guards, which prompts them to search her asshole, but since's it's so well used and gaping it takes every single guard on duty to look in there, and then she ends up anal voring everyone by accident, and then it takes days for her to pass gas since her asshole is stuffed, and since her asshole is filled to the brim with skooma bottles the guards decide that they might as well try it out since they're probably gonna die there, and then she finally lets out a legendary brap which rivals even the mightiest of all of Alduin's shouts and everyone comes out at once, and they try to arrest her for smuggling Skooma, but then she uses persuasion to argue that there is no Skooma to be found in there, and since the guards are still traumatized from the anal voring they just shrug it off and say "you're free to go, next time we won't be so lenient"

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>unlock individual gun pieces

That last event was so fucking shitty. Why is gaijin so fucking obsessed, foaming at the goddamned mouth even, over making sure you absolutely can not get a premium vehicle for free? I can take the fact that the end of the week boxes are rigged to never give you a premium vehicle, but I have to wonder at this point if it's just a mental issue with them.

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>M60 camping on a hill where he can see pretty much the entire map and nobody can effectively engage him
>"gg 2 ez"

Burgers man
bonus: guess the map

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>didnt get it day 1

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Anyone else /natural stam/ here?
I feel like I'm the only one just farming casually, and even then I'm fucking exhausted.

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>bounty keeps targetting enemies with 100% hp when there are 2~3 other enemies at 10% hp on the board

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>give shit rewards, giving people little incentive to like and retweet
>people don't retweet
>dumbasses assume no one cares about the game
>give eren shittier rewards
>rinse and repeat until NA dies
>Nasu says offhandedly later in an interview that he doesn't know why NA bombed

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I could tell, tacos aren't even a thing anymore. Its arks missions now.

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>crutch claw is even more crutch than we thought it would be

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>implying the PvE won't be stale after 2~4 runs like the Pve events

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>we're smarter than /alter/, I swear

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>someone is a discord server asks to play
>respond that I'm free and can
>"you better be good then"
>weird thing to say, but okay
>lose to them
>tell me I'm bad or that I'm trash
>no gg
>tell them that shit is rude
>say it's their life and they'll do what I want
Is a gg so hard?

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>coding a Zavok fight was more important
And people honestly think Sonic will ever be good at again when the people who decided this are still in charge

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Why are there so many body/outfit mods that make women look like someone forgot to turn off the fucking compressor overnight?

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you've just reminded me that CP77 is also gonna be 1st person only
like, haven't these donuts EVER played a Bethesda game?
the ability to switch at any moment makes so much difference it's not even funny

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>there are going to be people in this thread even rolling for kiara

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>5k points each in under a minute
>those perks
>billy with ruin and corrupt intervention in red ranks
I honestly don't know what the worst thing about this image is

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>max unlocked literally every chest in the krypt and only has not even 1/3 of shit unlocked

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