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i don't even want to play this game anymore
>work 103 hour weeks but still manage to play league with uppers, alcohol and weed because I won't be a workbot
>"dude play shaco lol play shaco support dude hahaha"
>ivernbro bought me THREE skins
>play shaco support in silver
>retarded top laners talking about "i hate playing against trynd" and "what do you think of the nerfs" in the middle of the fucking game full on discussion about the game and tips for the enemies champs in the middle of a FUCKING game they are playing
>useless fucking adc that keeps saying "people make mistakes"
>diana mid who suddenly realizes we can lose because me and the TRIC2G DIVE EVERYONE retard voli is 90% of the team spam pinging my adc
>spam pinging MY ADC
>run it down and tell her she's the kind of person I would literally murder irl
and go to jail for it
to tell everyone she was a pedophile to be hailed as a hero while i secretly know i am a hero for killing it
>tell her i don't play this game to take lip from low elo
>get permabanned, 1 game as proof

i'll be playing this game until i shout daily, looking for things to shout at, just to get angry enough for a daily workout
i DO NOT play a VIDEO GAME to TAKE LIP from a retarded LOW ELO "person"

also the klepto teemo support video in 2 days,
AFK TF (10 minute headstart for enemy in silver) video 5 days after.

runescape is more fun than this game
real life is more fun than this game
i'm going to cambridge with a harness and some rope the moment i hear a word about my friends being in town to climb some fucking buildings again

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