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genetic is a little thing but if you keep counting your calories you can gain weight and lots of muscle mass in a year if you make the huge effort
Being a twink is so much better than being fat fuck

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come, and we will decide it here, right now

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The story is absolute Garbage and I never read it to end because how stupid and retarded it is. Boichi is a fucking retard with his stories. But he is a god when its about drawing faces and bodies. If you focus on the drawings, then i would recommend it, otherwise no. I am a person who forgives a lot, but this story has driven me into the state were i said "fuck that nigga ass story".
Sorry, my internet died yesterday so I couldnt reply, hope thats okay now for u

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Do it before someone else takes your place instead. You now have the ability to make a change.
Use it. I count on you.

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Play Yasuo but safe, rush PD, splitpush 24h on Top and you won the game

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I hope you will get ripped and prove it to me one day anon

I really believe in you

Best luck and wishes

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