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Have some.

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I like the headcanon I read somewhere that vayne is a femcel but mostly because she's busy hunting monsters but quinn is an even bigger femcel who can't get a bf despite desperately trying and even vayne gets one before her.
Really makes you think.

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He's not getting killed but the indirect nerf to his lategame is a bit unjust. Thing is he's actually pretty damn good right now - the condition for that to happen is having lulu picked with him. It's an issue vayne and kaisa don't have.
The pen being flat now might actually be pretty neat for him (and for varus) and lategame he shouldn't lack damage anyway.
It's not easy to make kogmaw good but balanced when kog + lulu exists. Buffing him to the point of being good with other supports will always result in him being ridiculously broken with lulu so unless a lot of things change he's bound to be in a "have a lulu ardent egirl with you 24/7 or you're half a champion". Kalista suffers from a very similar issue except it's nowhere near as specific in her case, you just need a good duo support of any kind - doesn't matter what they play, you can win kalista + anything vs most lanes with just raw power and good decisionmaking.
Now that I think about it riot really did a good job with xayah + rakan, both of them were perfectly viable as standalone champions. Their lv1/lv2 cheese was very strong but a lot of that power was in the surprise factor and it got nerfed, it's not mandatory in any way. Vastayan penis lenght Q range aside rakan didn't struggle either, the short E range was increased later but he had the power of sheer base stats that has not been stripped from him yet at that point and was only given back to him recently.
Also there's nothing wrong with finding vayne hot anon, don't lie to yourself.
Flavor of the month bandwagoner vaynes are sóyboys indeed. I play her regardless whether she's good or not because she's just fun.

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Is that you again?
Can I have some more?

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>those ashe pics
Good taste, please post more.

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Swift is serbian not croatian btw.
And I'm not exactly a huge fan of trannies - I just don't mind them - but inside your binary "us vs them" mentality that puts me in "them" I guess.
Speaking of which...

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Not sure now whether it was 42 or 43, as vayne in season 3.

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>caring about just thighs
How about you appreciate the entire legs from top to bottom, anons. This doesn't necessaily make you footfags, damnit.

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People are sleeping on hail of blades on champions without auto resets.
Because you're not playing with me.

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I guess that's another thing we share, huh?

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Vayne has been my most played champion every season since season 2.
No amount of gutting stops me from playing her.
I used to be like you but my perspective changed when I stopped NEETing.

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Knowing classic riot schedule probably a month from now.
She was already good before the last buff she got.
I don't think I'd have counting on my mind in a situation like that.
It's not the right thing to do (for climbing) but I do it anyway.
Eternum nocturne made me spam him for a while years ago. His ult is absolutely nut inducing.
BROJEGD vayne made me return to her after spamming xayah and healsluts during summer-autumn 2017 but vayne has been my most played champion since 2012 so that hardly counts.

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>cleaver is always for the shred
>botrk is always for %HP damage
>morellos is always for healing reduction
What's next, anon?

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