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>LEC is comprised entirely of literal who?'s
>LCS is comprised entirely of recognisable and respected names

uhhh lolbabs?

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Why do people still talk like retards with the exact same diction and same meme images years after years in this general?

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>Nar Shaddaa's Stronghold is unaccessible for f2p players
Only place that seems interesting so far for my level 35 ass.

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>another week
>no whispers in the dark
I share your pain. Ill probably end up spending all rolls there this week and still wont get it

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help me feel motivated please

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guild is doing heroic EN and won't invite me

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i bet they'll delete HC just to make more money

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i can only play minecraft for a few minutes before i get a headache and feel nauseous

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just tried to play HC minecraft and died after twenty minutes and i don't feel like trying again

i REALLY need a game to play until the next race

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>tfw your self theorycrafted build turns out to be super shit

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how do i untilt myself lolg?

i've had a few matches with some complete shitters that really pissed me off

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i guess i need to solo merc lab to complete the unbearable whispers prophecy chain

i was hoping i could buy a carry

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just because you're autistic enough to recognize my posts doesn't make me an avatarfag

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don't feel like playing atm

should i force myself to log in and grind angst?

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