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>inting to get demoted
>when you can simply quit during the loading screen and force a remake to get the same result faster, with less effort and with zero risk of punishment
Based fucking retard.

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Lads I have to confess something, S*bzstance is unironically one of the best player I have ever played against. I have faced off against pros and ppl player but none have matched up to him. There's a certain aura when you're up against him, the match just feels different. You never know where he's gonna strike you from. One second you're alive and performing your role, but then you realize, no one has seen Subzstance for a while then BAM! you're entire team is falling 1 by 1. This is nothing like I've ever seen before, he can literally single handedly change the outcome of a Game. And BTW it's completely true what he says, every time I would face him, our entire team would focus our ults on him but he still survives no matter what we throw at him. He's earned a fan in me.

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Protip: not Exec Calling

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revert this abomination of a rework

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>get fed
>ally zilean still only ults his e-girl 2/6 vayne duo

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>1 level under
>prob fed him a kill
>has no flash to follow him up
>bar that shows you your enemy is halfway from recovering 1/4 his health
>still goes in
as expected of riven pickers, if thats you consider suicide

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does anyone else use face paint on every soldier and have a shitload of face paint mods

i think something's wrong with me but it just looks so fucking cool and gives everyone a bit of flair

my roster looks like the ultimate warrior went maori

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