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With upcoming Lux buffs she becomes vible on the middle lane again. Which one of those rune combinations would you suggest? According to my theorycraft all seem pretty great but I can't realistically say which will shine the most:
The current one, Electrocute that will be easy to proc, ult cd reduction, gathering storm and 10% CDR that helps a lot
Here we pass on electrocute and ult cdr, instead we get Comet, 10% CDR and storm from sorcery BUT in return we will get Coup de Grace and Precence of the mind
Here we pass on Gathering Storm and 10% CDR that really hurts, but in return get the biggest burst possible with electrocute and coup de grace

Which one do you think is the best? How big is the difference between comet and electrocute? How reliable is coup with buffed ult and your QER combo where your buffed ult deals damage in the end?

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I have been telling you that Lux support is a shitty meme and everyone who played plays and is going to play lux as a support is ruining the game.

I have never seen a decent human being as a Lux support player because a decent human being would not pick Lux as a support.
>"M-muh Korean winrate!!!"
FUCK YOU. Literally every single pro game where lux support was picked the team with Lux lost because she is fucking garbage piece of shit that deals no damage and provides no utility except some shitty root and a meme shield. Morgana does everything Lux support does but better.
The only Chad choice is to pick her mid and destroy dumb fucks with your 20 sec ult.

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Koreans have a different mentality and they play her absolutely in a different way. They usually drag the laning phase as long as possible without having the clusterfuck with jungler midlaner and toplaner all on the botlane at minute 3.
This completely removes the aftershock advantage which may give you some advantage in laning stage but is a useless meme overall in teamfights where only thing you have is a meme shield while providing zero damage and zero pressure overall.
This passive faggotry is the reason why SKT lost to G2 in first place, just compare passive meme picks against a fucking toplane Pyke.

Expecting to pick Lux support "Just because koreans do this in diamond, ha!" and thinking that it will work out without considering what do you have in your team overall is stupid, because:

>Your adc has no frontline/saves making him useless against all the 100000 assassins
>Your team has no damage
>You have one tank less without getting anything in return

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This is why you are still in gold. Winning/Losing a lane means nothing unless you explicitely start feeding. If you picked a proper champion according to your and their team you will have somebody to bully the entire game and get fed off him even if you get shit on your lane.

For example I main Lux in the mid lane and often get shit like Syndra, Le Blanc and other stuff that counters me in direct fight and guess what? I never engage them and just stay out of their range, instead I just keep bullying their ADC and getting fed just like that.

Picking a champion to win your lane only works well if you want to get slowly into gold, but if you want rush through all ranks into at least diamond you need to think what would make your team dominate the game. Be it bullying their ADC, shutting down the mage, destroying the tank, cheesing the towers or keeping their entire team in check will make you much much more influental.

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revel bag or birdie bag?

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Elementalist; both if you've got the money

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First for best wife and best skin
Lulu and Ahrifags can go fuck themselves

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I have exactly the opposite. I either get champion shards or skinshards of the skins I already own but never proper skins, I am sitting now at over 3k orange essence with nothing to spend on

Pic related to best waifu

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The only good Star Guardian is the original one which is Lux, others belongs in the trashcan.
And since there is elementalist Lux Skin SG is not even her best skin anymore.

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Tell me your main or every role where you absolutely can't play bad
For me its
>Top: Camille
>Jungle: Kayn
>Mid: Lux
>Supp: Brand

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Pic related without hesitation.
Don't let those looloo fags convince you otherwise

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Happens way too often. As a Lux player (who I actually am) you will encounter and abuse this shit all the time.
Basically let's say you hit someone with E and he has 100-200 or something HP left. Depending on your spells (I take usually Electrocute) and your level next autoattack you do which will proc her passive will kill the enemy.
With that knowledge you usually get in Flash-AA range (it works at least up to platinum, even there people don't realize it), do Flash-AA and they flash in response away which still results in their death.
Why can't people just wait the passive off or go base I have no idea, but they still die AND waste flash on top of that.

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>Spams laugh
Most people won't even recognize it properly
If you want to BM someone then spam either your Mastery 7 when you outplay someone
If you want to ultrabm someone and make him tilt so much that he will chase you up to the fountain spam that "Thumbs up" emoji every time he fucks up, this is BMus maximus

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>Played Lux support
Never ever ever. Don't put me together with those Lux "supports", they make me shame for playing the same champion. I have some sence of pride, you know. Everyone who picks Lux support deserves to get permabanned.

For AP mage support I have Brand who comes straight after Cait in mastery and is way better than some Lux "support".

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What are the most cancerous midlaners in current meta?
And how's Veigar with his infinite stacking and 2 sec CD on W ?

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Which champion is for you "Fuck this shit now you better spread your buttcheeks wide because I am going in dry"?
Especially when you lose many games in a row nad need to absolutely obliterate with your destroyer champion you usually pick only in those cases?

For me it's pic related. I usually try to be a metaslut but sometimes enough is enough and enemy is going to have a really bad time.

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>I hate Singed players, especially mains. Like why the fuck are you even playing league of legends you autistic retardismo

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Lux, Jhin, Rhaast

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>With Lux
Please, free this world from the suffering removing you from existence.

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But this girl still kicks butts! With the new thunderlords (Electrocute?) and 15% extra CDR on her ult you turn enemies into hell.

Also Xerath is pretty decent too.

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>Lux support
>both of them used in one sentence
Please do us all a favor and blacklist and report that "support".
It makes real Lux mains ashamed.

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On the other hand you will get extra 15% cdr on your ult.
Already looking forward to have ult as base ability on my Lux.

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I just want the new runes to come out finally so I can get my IP back, buy missing champions, watch some faker streams to understand which runes are most op and never bother choosing them in future anyways because some rune combinations will always be broken.

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Ahrifaggots don't deserve to see the full beauty
You may say it out loud but in reality even you know that Ahri is just a cheap slut and Lux is superior in any way.

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Crabgod for memes, battlecast for tryharding.

Did I miss something? Since when does Veigar's W CD scales with amount of stacks? Having 2sec CD on this shit with 500+ stacks is no fun at all (for the enemy).

Also Ice Lux - Best Lux.

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