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>TL is the strongest
yeah, but they still shit the bed and get btfo by bottom teams
>G2 still the strongest in eu
yeah, they are the best right now, even if they trolling
china is hard to tell because FPX even if they are on first place, they shit the bed in bo5 like GRF, EDG and IG are hit or miss this split and RNG look ok only with UZI .
is a shitshow, 4 teams are fighting for the first place and we don't know who's the best, especially some of them will drop hard in playoff, like GRF/Sandbox.

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Literally happened to me today
>be support
>game is taking longer than usual
>i'm dead, long respawn timer
>mad hungry
>go get some grub from the fridge, shove it in a microwave oven to heat that shut up
>walk back to my pc
> the monent i turn my eyes to the screen my nexus is destroyed

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>Start playing ranked for the first time after /d2g/ told me to
>It's much better, people try to win and dont draft completely retarded
>5 calibrating wins in a row

I'm going to be in over my head soon I think

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