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>play poorly, lose
>play well, also lose

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I am going green this year, I swear.

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>when gwyns theme hits

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At what lvl do you stop getting rewards/loot boxes?

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I need more rape in my eroges

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>as if vampires could get any worse
It's almost like they acknowledge the problem

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>another shitty nu noir with no shigeo
>at least five more months for the lazy maggot baits translation

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>no hammer

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then go do brimhaven you whiny cunt. but you probably won't because it's not as easy or it doesn't give marks for your precious graceful even though that set is next to worthless because of staminas. quit ruining the game with your shitty ideas of what it should be.

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>feminine tomboy

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you know what vote however you want to
it doesnt matter

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>Brave Ike but not Tiki to fodder Steady Breath too
Spent 260 orbs. Guess I'm not going to have an easy next season.

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>Please can we add empty buckets packs to one of the shops in Runescape maybe the Farmining shop? this would help a lot when you want a lot of buckets for making super or ultra compost.
>Yes. We answered this one last week and it will be in a poll in the near future :)

Its over. They won.

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>This pit is for hollows, and the occasional madman piling up victims. You have better things to do, I hope...
Why does it hit so close to home?

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>wasting three hours a week to mantain bonds
>wasting your precious free time to mantain bonds

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>200 Orbs spent
+1 Leif and 13% pity rate. I'm spent.

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ah... those weeks full of cthun attempts. good memories.

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Brilliant, the only time in her life where she decides to eat a cake. Does that automatically make pizza hut her favorite restaurant?

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>Panzer Dragoon (Dead)
>Ecco the Dolphin (Dead)
>Skies of Arcadia (Dead)
>Shining Force (Butchered to the point that it's now a Tales ripoff instead of a SRPG)
>Phantasy Star (Turned into a MMO that is nothing like the classic games)
>Puyo Puyo

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>tfw been playing for 5 weeks now and still can't get that last explosive kill for week 2 let alone the trap kill from week 4

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>tfw level 3 armor is fucking garbage
>tfw level 4 armor is very time consuming to unlock via trader without relying on the shitty player-trading

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>have no friends
>hated by my guild mates
>want to lead people but have no leadership skills
sigh.... its hard being me

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nobody proved me wrong
>mfw one of my favorite games had a shit tier fanbase

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mfw most people that hate dark souls 2 hate it because some dumbfuck youtuber said so

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>Kokoro Goro

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