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>pool party renekton

is there a bigger redflag for gay furry degenerates?

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>season 2 champs

they really weren't. That was actually when Riot made the jump into Soulless.
when they started copy pasting female body types onto shitty kits (Elise being a thot on high-heels instead of Spider-monster 24/7) and making unga tier champs like Shyvana,Hecarim and Wukong. Really one-dimensional champs with not a whole lot going for em. NEarly all the Season 2 champs were horrible for the game and STILL are.

>the hilariously SAD champ that is VOLIBEAR. because some fedora tipper watched the Golden Compass before coming into work
>Rengar and K6 the cancer assassins
>Monkeydick who only just now is getting his well deserved rework
>P L A Y F U L T R I C K S T E R
>Horsecock who only appears once every blue meta to roll people with superior numbers until he dissapears from due to nerfs because a BRUISER doing 80% of your HP every 16 seconds is cancer as fuck
>Soraka getting changed from decrepit ugly African mystic into generic UWU anime style
>Ranged mage plant Yorick Heimer of RANGED KOG MAW PASSIVE
>the entire reign of Terror that was Lulu because she came into the game overloaded as fuck because balance team sucks cock. probably the most broken top laner for at LEAST the entire rest of the season.
>"you know you're in my lane bro :)"...." SHOCKBLAST!"
>Idiot proof moon-Akali for inbred monkeys.
>>>>> AHRI

as a actual boomer who experienced both S1 and S2 in its entirety it was godawful champ release wise.. 90% of champs released then dont belong in the game and are on the spectrum for reworks.

they got rid of the goofy proportions and started normalizing people with visual updates. It really wasnt that good of a season.

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cosplay thots are cringe desu senpai.
I don't like to see things get appropriated for attention.

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why do you care? why do you think WE care?
you hate the guy so much you stalk his youtube then come scrambling to this forum to try and validate your e-celeb grudge?

Go find something productive to do anon.

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