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Just practice a lot and never assume that you know everything or that anything you think is 100% correct. As soon as you let go of your preconceptions of whats right and wrong and just start taking the advice of everyone the game gets a lot easier (assuming you've practiced enough to be mechanically good).

I play pretty much only Shen and don't seem to have a problem getting master / d1, but only after I stop having an ego and thinking I am good at everything and never wrong with decision making / item builds / strategies.

My other accounts Riddler and RiddlerShen are climbing up there too slowly. If you want to add me we can duo ranked (I got accts in pretty much every elo as long as your NA). We can just play for fun sometime

I solo killed hashinshin at lvl 2 but like I said its because olaf went afk and farmed and did not help his team for the entire game; Its just not very visible at the match results screen. Only reason we won is cuz olaf went afk.

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