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They really hate Wiggums for some reason.


It's not a professional cast so you can't judge it too harshly. At least the beeping is gone!

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They will then complain about how OP Kled is instead of backing off.

Teemo is the perfect combination of cute and evil.

I know someone that blames having multiple banned accounts on his teammates.

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>>Favorite skin
Celestine Soraka
>>Favorite skinline
Star Guardian
>>Skin you regret buying
>>Skin you wish existed
Galaxy Slayer Bard

Pyke since it's basically Nautilus but not boring.

It's disappointing that RIot stopped the Traditional skins.

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Mordekaiser encountering the golden pengu:

A lot of champions dont' fully match their lore. Thresh is also fairly old so his kit doesn't go 1 for 1 with his lore since it changed.

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People are desperate enough to pay for it?


They're separate skin lines, anon.

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Bad games happen!

New Swain is a complete step up from old Swain.

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Until they outscale you.

Find one, anon! I believe in you!

You could ban Hecarim as well, anon. It's not up to the jungler to ban everything you don't wish to play.

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I played attack speed Braum and we won!

I've always said that Bard is fun. Try out different builds on him!

Take a break if you feel it is affecting your gameplay negatively. The game is always here to come back to after you've calmed down.

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TRIVIA! (Last one for tonight!)

What pack animal is known to prey upon lone people about the docks of Bilgewater?

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>Favorite champ
>First champion that was introduced when you started playing
Tahm Kench I think.
>Something you would say to the you from the past when you started playing this game.
Dump him.
>Last quote.

The adorable little kick he does on crits is so cute. I want to play a match as attack speed/crit scion just to spam it.

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>Playing Kindred
>Chasing with my ADC, see the !
>He jumps, I just throw my ult down instantly
>Wait why isn't Vayne dead?
>He dies like a bitch
>Spam Ctrl-4

But yeah, ADCs never had a surefire way to directly deal with lategame Rengar if there wasn't someone sitting with a pink ward and a stun primed right next to them.
>If he gets on someone, they die
>Guaranteed way to get on someone

>Eren = Olaf
>Motoko = Ashe

u wot m8

Yes. There are like 10 people total that play this game and can handle banter. Everyone else goes off to cry to Riot, even if you don't say anything direct.

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